Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 18th March 2013 Written Update

The show starts in a beautiful place with Nandini calling for Annirudh,he says he’s here by touching her shoulder and she hugs him,she keeps on searching for him again but cannot find him amidst the white rocks and then he again comes and they hug Annirudh promises never to leave her never again.
It is all Nandini dream and she’s talking to annirudh picture explaining all her grief she tells him to see what happened to her she’s a widow now.she says before their marriage he promised to be always with her but they were not able to maintain their promise.

A lady(Nandini SIL) is doing the prayer and her daughter(Rimi) hiding is looking at her she calls Rimi and gives her the offerings she asks whether she has completed her homeworks Rimi says she’ll complete it afterwhile.
Some euneuchs singing and dancing arrive at Balraj mansion and annirudh sister asks what is happening what if Nandini sees it while Nandini and the others come to see what is going on.Balraj younger bro wife’s stops them from singing and they say a beautiful boy will take birth and they continue when Balraj sis in law says again to stop as they are mourning Anirudh death.Balraj says no more he tells Nandini is preggy and they need to celebrate to welcome his heir enough of crying…his grandchild will be welcome amidst happiness and asks them to continue to sing.He throws money on the euneuchs and Nandini all sad continues to watch helplessly.

Balraj sister in law goes to meet him and tells him only two months passed since Annirudh left them though Nandini is preggy all these celebrations is not fair what will the people say…Balraj says that she does not want him to have his own heir so that he’ll give all his property to her two sons as she can’t bears his happiness.
Biji comes and stops Balraj and tells him what is he saying to his own sil as her two sons are his sons also.Balraj refuses saying they are Kailash sons.Biji tells Balraj he’s mourning while he asked everyone to celebrate outside.Balraj says Annirudh was his only son and Biji adds Nandini hubby also.
Balraj adds Nandini will give birth to his grandson and he does not wants anyone to cry in front of Nandini he’s only waiting Nandini to give birth to his heir.Biji asks what if it a girl he says no she must give birth to a son.Biji says if he has forgotten what happened he wants a son to prove himself and she says this family has a lot of hidden secret.they commited lots of sins…Biji leaves.
The scene moves on the road some guys are in a jeep with aghastya and Akhil asks the constable to ask the licence of the jeep driver he fails to produce it and Akhil asks to arrest Aghastya.Akhil says one night behind the bars is enough..Aghastya tries to bribe the constable also.

The SIL of Nandini brings tea for Balraj SIL and her annirudh sis asks her about Nandini she says Nandini is fine.Balraj sis in law is not happy about Nandini pregnancy info being spread before time.Annirudh sis says why Nandini should give birth to the child may be she’ll want to get marry afterwhile.Balraj sis in law stops her and says what is she rubbishing.Annirudh sis does not agree and Balraj SIL suggests to get the girl married soon.TNandini another sis in law wants to have a dozen children and she says it to her another Sis in law and she tells her she forgot how to woo her hubby and they laugh.Biji goes in Nandini room and offers her the offerings and tells her to be happy for her unborn child.Nandini cries and asks how can she be happy w/o Annirudh.Biji tells her she’ll be happy the day she’ll have her baby in her lap as she’s not alone to take care of the baby.Nandini tells Biji to leave.
At the dining table the Son in law of the family is firstly sitting with his plate and Balraj says to him he’s always first.His Son in law says but he eats always after him.Akhil arrives and asks Aghastya about his program of dining outside,The others asks where?Akhil says in jail and Aghastya gets angry he’s leaving Balraj stops him.Akhil asks how come he’s out Balraj says he bailed him out as he can’t bears anyone of his family member behind the bars.Balraj also leaves asking Akhil why is he so honest.Akhil and his brother in law keep on eating…

Nandini thinks about Biji words and says how can she forget Anirrudh?
Annirudh is shown romancing Meera and she also keeps searching for him,she also holds his picture and says she loves him lots and how will she live w/o him.
Nandini also is crying and the screen splits into three with Annirudh picture in between of crying Meera and Nandini.

Precap: Balraj says to her daughter girls in her family should make it home by 7 o’clock.Nandini asks for whom will she dress up.
meera telling her mom she’s going to annirudh place in Delhi not to London with her.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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