Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 17th April 2013 Written Update
The show starts with a discussion between Biji and Balraj and he says this is his final decision and everyone must take care of Meera.Biji says that he must think well if Nandini Leaves he says if she wants she may go,Biji says Nandini is the only medium to reach her dad to give it a thought.
Shyama is worried for Meera as Aloka is mistreating Meera.Akhil asks her why is she worried and she says what happened is not good as Meera is preggy.
Nandini overhears their convo and she says enough she keeps thinking at least Shyama is sided by her but no everyone in the house is only worried for Meera. shyama tries to explain but in vain.
Anuja and Deepika run to talk with Nupur and Pallavi who’s having a chit chat…Pallavi tells Anuja to leave and says

Nandini is at fault that Ani was having an extra marital affair with Meera.Nupur tries to defend Nandini but Pallavi continues to accuse Nandini for her state. Nupur says who may know where’s Neerunjun? Pallavi says any women know the movement of their hubbies.Some just ignore it and Nandini is one.Nandini is too naive she just believe anyone likes she believed Meera.

Biji is sitting by the side of Meera who’s sleeping and says she ruins everything and mostly Nandini life’s.But she’s compel as she’s bearing Ani child and the day the baby will born she’ll be happy to embrace him.But unfortunately it should be Nandini who should have given Birth to Ani child. Nandini sees Biji and is devastated and she has flashback of everyone liking Meera.Nandini decides to leave and writes a note before leaving and says Meera already took her place.

Nandini is slowly leaving during the night and as she opens the main door she has flashback of her coming as the bride in the house with Ani.She has flashback of Balraj telling her to leave if she wants and Meera putting the Garland on Ani picture…her father asking her never to leave the house as its not Balraj but her house.She says that enough she can’t live in this house as she steps out Shyama calls her and tells her she’ll not let her leave the house.Shyama says what will happen to them if she Leaves?
Biji overhears some noise and comes downstairs and tries to stop Nandini. Shyama tells her that Nandini wants to go in a widow ashram but Akhil asks why when this house belongs to her. Biji tells her to come inside she refuses and Meera also comes downstairs Nandini sees her and stops talking.Meera tells her this is her world her house if someone should leave… Nandini makes the stops sign with her hand and Meera stops talking.

Balraj saying he’ll take Meera to the doc and Biji says this is surprising and she knows well why he’s taking her to the doctor.

Update Credit to: AlUJNA21

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