Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 12th April 2013 Written Update

Shyama takes Meera in her room and she says she wanted to leave.Nupur taunts her why she did not leave when she’s not compel to obey Balraj.Shyama stops Nupur.
Balraj has flashback how he stopped Meera from leaving and says that Meera is only medium to have his heir and he’s only using her.Now he needs to know if the unborn child is a boy… he’s so happy his plan worked.
Meera is still thinking about Balraj words and is crying.
Agasthya comes to meet him and she asked if she’s wrong he says not to ask him as she should have thought well before taken the decision to stay back.

Akhil brings back Nandini and says Meera should have left.He asks Shyama to bring breakfast for Nandini everyone are feeling a bit awkward and Pallavi says Meera breakfast is ready which shocked both Akhil and Nandini.
Taijee tells what happened in their absence to Akhil and Nandini that it is Balraj order that Meera will stay in the house for some few days more.

Nandini goes to confront Balraj who acts so innocently, He says he can’t understand what she wants to say..
Nandini asks about why he kept Meera in the house till now, Balraj says that she herself brought her in the house…
Nandini says She’s Anirudh Lover and how can she lives under the same roof?
Balraj says she’s preggy and can’t sent her away on the road Nandini is shocked…
Nandini says Meera is preggy because anirudh cheated her and was having an affair with Meera she’s the DIL of Asthana’s and they don’t have any responsibility towards her. she’s Ani wife’s, why is he so unfair.Balraj says she was not able to give Birth to his heir and Meera will be giving Birth to Asthana’s heir…
Nandini decides she’ll not live under one roof with Meera, so Balraj chooses Meera over Nandini and tells her she may leave if she wants but Meera will stay here.

Nandini is devastated with Balraj decision and she Leaves his study.. She comes out of Balraj study and Balraj words is echoing in her mind that she was not able to give Birth to Ani child and Balraj chooses Meera over her.
Everyone tries to talk to her but she goes in her room.
Pallavi is not happy with Neerunjun , the latter says that Balraj is so tough and above all he has a problem he has only two shirts and he asks her to choose the shirt he will wear for the meeting. Neerunjun tells Pallavi to bring the after shave from Akhil room.

Nandini is in her room still thinking about Balraj and Biji comes to meet her, she tells Nandini , Balraj is extremely wrong .
Balraj never thinks about Others and she must be very courageous right now, Nandini asks Biji to leave her alone she has nothing to say.Biji says everyone in the house loves her a lots the house belongs to her and not for someone else. Biji Leaves.nandini has flashback about Balraj telling her to leave the house.
Nandini thinks she has noone in this world she must leave but again thinks where will she go?
Meera comes to meet Nandini but the latter closes the door on Meera face.

Balraj asks Meera to put the garland on Anirudh picture as she’ll be the mother of his child Nandini sees it and is angry she throws the Garland she brought and begins to throw everything around her. She calls someone to come and take her, he promises he’ll come and will also take revenge from the Asthana.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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