Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 11th April 2013 Written Update

Okay so todays’ episode was very drama filled! Especially Balraj & his words. So it turns out Meera is staying (like everyone knew, lol) and because of Balraj she is staying. Balraj did some awesome acting.. lol but he can act really good & will do anything for his benefit. Funny how he was so strict outside near the taxi and then inside with Meera he was alll nice and soft -__-

Meera has fallen for his words.. I wonder what new drama will come after this. Balrajs’ face when Beeji said it’s Nandini’s house Balraj is kind of like .. don’t know what to call it.. like emotionally blackmailing Meera & the family? To show how he doesn’t want to lose his son’s child and his “waris”. Only Agasthaya knows the reason whyBalraj wants Meera there, only cuz of the baby.

Balraj was calling Meera an awara larki, etc. and when he found out he had Ani’s kid.. he went all “goo goo ga ga” LOL Agasthaya seems like a nice person? Maybe just mean? I don’t really find him to be such a negative character at the moment.. He seems okay and nice to help Meera a bit (like when she had to pick up her suit case, she had to put the clothes in so Agasthaya and Shama helped her).

Shama is a very good charcter also. She is very sweet and does things calmly than just blowing things to people. I like her 🙂 The character’s I have been liking reallly are Beeji (very cute & her character just makes me melt, so sweet), Shama (no words for this cutie, such a sweetheart), Nandini & Meera are just too good and Agasthaya.

I didn’t think I’d ever like Agasthaya after he was Shyam in IPKKND. But seriously… he is an awesome character. You can’t hate his acting skills or him! It’s like Agasthaya was made for him! 😛

I think Ani will come back in the show sometime.. you know how in other shows how they show the person was actually saved by some villagers and the person had lost his/her memory and then one day they remmeber everything or someone sees him/her and then they’re like omg he’s alive!! AH Yea I think something like that may happen 🙂 I reallly want him to come back one day!

The ammaji and Nupur and the other Bahu.. forgot her name sorry.. Yeah they just full on hate Meera..Ammaji should just shutup… like she told Shama how she was happy Nandini had lost her kid (she said that in words.. not sure if exact as these.. but she had said she was happy about it when Shama was pressing her feet). Ammaji shouldn’t even try to be like omg I feel for Nandini -_- But then again.. there may be a reason as to why Ammaji is like this. Who knows. The bahu, the girl whos the wife of the guy who loves food, yeah her, she just doesn’t want to understand anything.. or anyone. She just wants Meera to leave, and thats the same thing as Nupur.

Like I do get that they are very hurt.. But It is firstly Ani’s fault and they should try to understand that Meera & Nandini both have been betrayed. I hope one day they actually get that. Lol 🙂 I don’t hate them.. I like everyone on the show.. just saying how they are acting like at the moment. 🙂 Every character is really good in their own way. Last character I haven’t talked about yet is the policeman guy. Forgot his name sorry, I think its Akhiel?? I think.. yea I like him too, he’s very supportive and nice 🙂 Like the way he’s handling Nandini and being with her and helping her out!

Overall, very drama filled nice episode 🙂

Update Credit to: fariiee12

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