Badalte rishte _ #mishaan fs part 1

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Hey  guys …

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So lets start

Mishti  couldn’t speak further seeing pari’s condition .. She never knew what all she blurted out while she was angry.. And she hated this habit of hers ..
She  ended up hurting her loved once ..

She felt guilty seeing the tears trickling down her sisters eyes ..  it pinched her heart..
She felt that she failed in being a perfect sister ..

She couldn’t control her feelings anymore and ran to her room and sat on the edge of the bed ..

She didnt want these things to happen in her life .. She never wanted to spoil the happy family moment they had.. But the confusions and turmoil she is going through is making it difficult for her to control herself and  mainly  to control her anger..

She closed her eyes trying to calm   her restless mind and pari’s tear stricken face flashed before her making her feel more guilty..
She remembered when her mom made her promise to make everyone in the family happy before she left for the trip .

That was the last time she spoke to her mom..

” I shouldn’t have done this.. I had promised maa to keep the family happy forever and now because of me my whole family is distressed … She never wanted me to become the reason of anyone’s tears and now i have become one. That too my own sisters .. Im sorry maa..Pls forgive me  ” she spoke to herself with tears tracing her cheeks and unaware of the fact that someone was listening to her ..

She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to find pari …
She immediately hugged her …
” im really sorry pari..  mai sach mai wo sab nahi bolna chahta tha.. jaane anjaane muh se nikal gaya wo sab jaan booch kar nahi tha.. ” she said cupping pari’s face ..

Pari keep her hands on top of hers ..

” I know  Mishti ki tumhare dil me ye sab cheeze sochkar bohot dard hoga.. And I am really sorry that the reason for your misery is my mom.. “

” pari..  can we just forget it and not talk about it anymore..I dont want anything wrong to happen between us sisters because of our past ..”

” even if we don’t talk about it .. The past will still keep haunting us Mishti ….But I promise you ki I will never let it to come  between us.. “

” mai bhi bas wohi chahti hoon.. And I promise I will see to it that such a situation neve rises again…”

Pari hugged her and left the room..

Mishti still wasn’t feeling good.. She had never shared her feelings to anyone much. She kept everything to herself..
But today she felt so miserable thinking of the last and her parents story that she badly wanted to open up her heart ..

And she knew saying it to pari or dadi would make them more sad..

The only person she could rely now was her mom….

.        .        ·       ·       .       .       .     ·     ·         .       .

Her tear stricken face was still flashing before his eyes..  The pain behind those divine eyes that struck him at the first sight itself was disturbing him…

He so badly wanted to console her .. to hug her .. to be a support for her.. But he couldn’t …

He knew she hated him.. And he didnt even know what to tell her..
What was the reason for that immense pain..
He wondered ..
Even though he heard her talk about their past he couldn’t understand much about it..

He closed his eyes trying to get her teary and angry face out of his mind ..  But the more he tried ..The more she was haunting his heart..

The fashion photographer ruhaan.. who has friend zoned  every girl who came to him has now finally fallen for a girl.. But destiny wanted to play with him so much that she turned out  to be his best friends fiance …And she hated even the sight of him…

He so badly wanted to chill his mind..

And fizz was the solution ..

As he got out of the room he saw Mishti going into the room where her parents photos were kept..

Should I go behind her.. no.. I should give her privacy. And I shouldn’t be more close to especially with these feelings that I have for her and when she is my best friend ‘s fiance ..
Common ruhaan..  you need to have a control over your feelings for her. .. He thought and turned to go ..

That is when he heard Mishtis’ cries ..
He felt as if his heart was being  ripped .
He couldn’t see her so weak..
Mishti was a fighter ..
He is a fashion photographer..And communicates with many girls .. And all of them try flirting with him or try gaining his attention. ..
But she was the first one who gained his attention.. He was the only girl who fought with him instead of flirting ..
She was the only one whom he loved even when she fought with him or was rude to him ..

She was his angry bird …

He couldn’t see her so week and sad.

He followed her and stood at the doorway of the room only to witness her breaking down in front of her mothers portrait..

….     ……       …..       …….      . … …..    ….

So thats it for today..

Pls do give ur reviews and support ..

Pls do tell me of you dont like it…

Have a good day ..


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