Bad Boys Girl- RagSan Story ( Prologue)

“One Two Three” , i counted the remaining pizza slices on my table. I sighed as i look at the mess i have made infront of me. Empty Tissue box was lying near my feet while two empty coldrink bottles was lying on the floor near  my sofa while one with half is placed on the table with a pile of used tissues. I look around to find the remote in the mess i have made. I munch the bread of pizza as i get up from my place and found the remote beneath my favourite teddy. I instantly pick up the remote shutting the television off. I sighed as i put my hair in a messy bun and ready to clean the mess i have made. Within 10 minutes my small living room goes back to how it was. I smiled as i put the remaining food in my fridge and look at the neat living room in front of me. My comfy sofa was complementing my peach color living room with a small table in centre placed in between the soft carpet, just at a few distance placed my television on a trolley. The dim lights compliments the woody wallpapers and makes my small beautiful living room my favourite cinema. I have placed some beautiful wall decorations which makes it complete. Now its time to go back to my room to have a good sleep.

I smiled as i entred my not so small cozy beautiful room, my room is in white and light pink color with colourful wallpapers on one wall while on one wall i have personally painted a colorful tree and birds. While the remaining wall have some handmade decor made by me from my school life to now .I have a small dressing and a single bed with two sides in white color in which i have placed a small lamp with my frame . A light pink color furry mat in front of my bed and a small study table near the colorful wall with a piles of my favourite books and my closet on the other with my all things. I don’t have much makeup so my dressing don’t have much things. I am 22 years old but still my room looks like some 15 16 pinky color girl , what to do i like my room that way. I don’t have a big house but atleast i have a roof on my head. One living room with one bedroom with attached balcony and washroom and a small kitchen, what else do you need when you are alone in this world. I sighed as i placed my teddy “chim” on my bed and sit taking my book from the side table. Oh i forget to introduce myself my name is Ragini Blah Blah as i don’t have any surname or other cuz i have born orphan so i introduce myself like this only. It’s been 6 months since i moved here Mumbai  from shimla in search of job and atlast i got it after 2 weeks of struggle. I now work as a sales girl and a waitress in a cafe. As today was sunday my off day i spent a day with myself and chim my teddy chilling in our apartment. I woke up late and finish all the household chores and then i go for a small walk at the park near my apartment to get some fresh air. I painted my flower pot and bought a chime for my room. I took a long shower and read some books and after a long day i watch my favourite emotional cartoon movie with chim and treat myself a pizza and drinks just like my all Sundays. I read until my eyelids become heavy, i blink my eyes as i closed the book keeping it in on the side, i turned off the remaining lights except the lamp as i don’t like sleeping with all lights off. I sighed as i cover myself with a quilt.

“Good Night Chim, have a sweet dreams”, i hugged my teddy and soon sleep overtook me.
The sound of chimes reached my ears disturbing my peaceful sleep, i kept my eyes closed as i love the warmth of my bed and quilt, i buried my face under the soft furr of my teddy. The sound of alarm reached my ears destroying my sleep completely.  I sighed as i pull of the quilt and sits up stretching my arms. I am not a morning person but for food and money i have to do this daily. I hugged my teddy wishing him a good morning and go to have a good shower leaving my bed behind.

After having a singing session while brushing my teeth in the shower, i wear the robe and cover my head with a towel to stop the water dripping from it.

My eyes run over at a few piles of clothes hanged in my closet. As i don’t have much savings i don’t buy new clothes often. I took out my uniform along with my other uniform and a pair of jeans with a knee length white half sleeves shirt with a colorful flower imprinted on it. I changed into my sales girl uniform which is in black and white color and put the two clothes in my purse along with my other necessary things.

I quickly dried my hair and put it into a loose ponytail, i put minimun makeup as i don’t like much on my skin it feels heavy. My stomach growls in hunger i quickly settled my room and rushed towards kitchen to have my breakfast.

I quickly ate the remaining pizza slices from last night with freshly made juice.

“Damnn”, i stuffed the pizza in my mouth and quickly gathered my things to leave for work.

I walk faster and faster digesting the breakfast i just had,i wish i could afford a car so that daily bus train traveling could get an end.

After 20 minutes of travelling and walking i reached my destination, i quickly entered the shop greeting the owner who greets me back in a glare as i am late today. We are having sales in our shop so the work load doubles on these days. I quickly went at my place and starts doing my job, as time passed the place become more n more crowded making me tired and uncomfortable at a same time, that’s one of a reason i am not into shopping and sales but i had to do it for my poor stomach.

I had to plaster a fake smile to treat the customer’s throughout the day. Some customers were good while some were rude but i have to treat them equally it’s my job afterall. After continuous working for few hours without getting a break as result of my late arriving i worked. I sighed as i glanced at the clock , 10 minutes left. My heart screeched with happiness as it time of my leave. I quickly finished with the last customer guiding her about the product and walks towards the rest room to only collapsed on the sofa.

“Ragini”, my not so good time got disturbed by the owner voice and i quickly opens my eyes to look at her who by now become calm without a trance of glare.

“Your salary”, she forward the envelope and my eyes popped out as i remember it’s 1 of the month and it’s time to get my salary, how did i even forget it? I shake my head and put on a smile before taking my salary gently.

“Thank You”, i smiled gratefully while she nods ,” you done a good job today make sure you don’t come late again otherwise I’ll surely deduct your money from next time”, she warns me while i instantly nods no and stands.

“Sorry mam I’ll not do that again”, she nods as she left. She is a good lady but sometimes she seems rude to me even though she don’t show it maybe it’s because of the shop as she is new here maybe she is having problem being an owner. Anyways she don’t know i live in a not so known area nor she knows about my living as the previous owner do. Yes she is my new boss after my previous owner sells this shop to her, the previous one was shifting from here so she sold out this place. I looked at the envelop in my hand and smiles , every single penny matters to live.

My phone rings and i know who it was because there is total 10 contacts in my phonebook and from the 10 only 1 calls.

“Ragi?”, i smilled as i heard my only friend anaya voice but wait her voice doesn’t sound as usual.

“Anu? Are you okay?”, i instantly asked as soon i felt difference in her voice, why wouldn’t i? Afterall she is the only friend i have from my childhood and because of her i am here only. We both studied at the same school,collage and now when she moves here to live a life she wants she calls me here too. The apartment i live didn’t belong to solely, it belongs to her too but the only difference is she only pays the half of everything and don’t live with me as she have another friend in which house she stays. Yes i felt bad and i tried to stop her but no she is so adamant that she does what she wants, oh yes we both work in a same cafe too and she is the best best thing ever happened to me. She is my only family afterall.

“Can you please work for my shift today?”, she says with a pause ignoring my question. I sensed that she battles alot while saying this.

“Ofcourse anu”, before i can complete i heard a long beep sound. I sighed as i saw the call end. What the hell wrong have happened to her? I shouts angrily at her behaviour and ofcourse with worry too. I have to talk to her once reaching cafe. I quickly changed into my other uniform and pick up my stuff , gently put my salary in my badg and left to my other work place which is far from here.

I need to save money to buy a scooty for myself till how long I’ll travel in bus and trains.

After minutes of travelling i finally reached my place, i entered the place already feeling exhausted after thinking about the double shifts till late. My frown turns into a smile as soon the owner greets me with her sweet smile. She is a lady in her 50s with a sweet nature , i love how she took care of everything and everyone around her. I smiled as she pulls me in a small hug which i like alot since i don’t get much of hugs from people. If i ever had a mother she’ll be like her only.

“Long day hun?”, owner aaliya says while i sadly sighs she smiles as she pats my cheeks.

“Quickly have a nap and join”, she says as she gives me a glass of hot coffee. I smiled gratefully at her that’s the best thing about working here, coffee and nap enough to make my all tiredness vanish. The aroma of freshly baked items hit my nostrils making mt stomach growled in hunger. I quickly entered the kitchen keeping my stuff in the staff room.

“Can i?”, i looked at lady aaliya who nods as she put the baked item in a plate and hands over to me. I smiled brightly while i closed my eyes inhaling the sweet smell. I quickly went to the staff room and i finished the food as i was hungry. After satisfying my hunger i washed the plate and went back to the staff room to have a small nap.

Cafe become crowded as it’s past evening usually it’s time to my leave but as i am doing anu shift too so i am going to work a little longer with other coworkers. Anu, i have tried to call her several times in between the work but that madam didn’t pick up even once, i have asked others too but they also dont know. I sighed as i continue working from here to there, from taking orders to cleaning the table. The cafe is small but yet is so beautiful. From interior to food everything was on point so that’s why it is quite famous for it.

“It’s time for closing”, these four words felt like a music to ears. I smiled in gratitude, i quickly finished placing things back at it’s place, i didn’t have much energy to change my clothes so i just wore the uniform.

“Come i shall drop you”, lady says as puts the lock on the cafe. I instantly shakes my head with a extremely exhausted smile i pull up in my face,” no thank you I’ll manage”, i replied politely, i know how far her home from here is and how far mine i can’t worry her at this late time of night.

“It’s okay child i can”, she insist while i stay adamant.

“No actually I’ll go to meet anu then I’ll go home you don’t worry”, i said while the lady looks on and nods after few seconds.

“Good Night”, she smiles as i smiled back. I started walking on the lonely streets, it’s late night so, not many people are fond of roaming in the streets in week days. The place seems quite and scary at a same time. I walked over the bus station to wait for my bus. I quickly clutched onto my purse as i cant risk my money in it, i got my both salaries today while waiting for bus. If i have known before i would have brought pepper spray with me incase of emergency but i only have my purse, my nails and my shoes which doesn’t have any heel unfortunately. I put the full stop at my thoughts as i see the bus arriving. I smiled thankfully at GOD and quickly went inside the bus. There were total 5 people in bus 2 lady and 3 man. There were two seats occupied by the couple and there was one man sitting at the end of the bus. I covered myself with my purse and sits on the first seat.

The bus stopped at my stop and i walks down the bus, my phone rings and i instantly picks up the phone. The next few minutes took me to overcome the shock i just landed in.

“I am coming”, i whispers as i put the phone back in bag and hurriedly starts walking to the other side ignoring the fact someone was following me.

“Ahhh”, i fall in the ground with the thud. I didn’t know how it happened because it happens so fast. I get up only to froze at my spot as realization struck me.

“No No No this cant happen” i shake my head ignoring the blood oozing out from my elbow. It’s gone the only way of my survival of gone. Money. My bag is stolen and that to within a second that it seems like a mystery. My vision becomes blurry and tears starts flowing.

“Now what will i do? How will i go back home”, i look around the deserted place only to find myself and my shadow. I look around hoping to find some kind of help. My money phone everything was on the purse and now it’s all gone. I feel so helpless on the moment. My friend needs me and here i am struck at the deserted place thinking how to reach her, she is at home waiting for me and here i am lost so lost. My destiny always play such kind of games with me. Why me? Tears helplessly falls out my eyes while i fight to push them back.

I walked and walked not knowing where i am heading to lost. I stopped as i was some steps away from a gigantic park. I have never visited this city in these 6 months. Anu tried to take me with her several times but i always denied, because at that time i need to find a job for securing myself other than exploring the city. I know some place but not the whole city, the park infront of me seems beautiful but a bit scary i don’t know but i didn’t give me a good feeling but again i am all alone at this time of night and i need help maybe if someone was inside i could get some. I saw two cars parked near it, so i guess there is someone.

Leaving all the feelings behind i took huge steps towards the park in hope of some help. I ignored my red eyes , bleeding elbow and dusty clothes.

I walked and stand at some distance when i found someone’s shadow, i tried to get the clear view but couldn’t because it was dark. Curiosity hits me and i walked further to have a clear view.

“You should haven’t double cross me”, a husky yet dangerous manly voice reached my ears and i felt uneasy.

“I… S…or…ry”, weak shaky voice says. My eyes froze at the scene in front of me. One man was sitting on his knees with two man holding her from shoulders while two mans besides the other side of man holding gun in their hands and one man in front of the person pointing gun towards his head. Everyone was wearing black 3 piece suit except the one pointing gun at the kneeling one. I couldn’t see his face but i could see the other man shaking in fear seeing him. Maybe he is a bad boy or police or someone else or …..

“I hate pleadings”

My mind froze at the spot as the gunshot banged through my ears. My legs felt like jelly unable to move. The scene infront i just witnessed was unbelievable. He killed him.

“What the-“, i shouts absent mindly inviting my own death.

“Whose there? Catch him”, i heard them looking at my direction. My eyes popped out as i realize what blunder i did and without wasting a time i started running praying for my life.

“I want the person alive”, the husky voice shouts as i runs towards other side. Coming here was the second biggest mistake i have ever made.

I dont know till how long i kept running until i felt out of breathe. I stopped and look behind to find no trace of any person. I put my hands on knees resting and grab some air thinking they lost track of me. After i got my breathe back i started running again thinking they might be near.

I stumbled as i hit on something hard and fall on ground.

I instantly look up only to find honey color orbs looking at me coldly. Those hypnotizing eyes captured mine hazel ones. He was wearing a maroon shirt with rolled up sleeves with black pant and shoes complementing him. His hairs falling on his face while sweat beads were clearly visible on his face and his thumping chest too, thinks like he runs in a marathon. What caught my attention was the tattoo on his shoulder which was hiding under his rolled up sleeves. I have seen this tattoo before but where? I tried to think ignoring what was he saying as i couldn’t heard him properly. I think i know. My eyes widen and anger over took me.

“Where the hell do you think you were running honey?”,he says as he glares at her who seems checking him out. Her unexpected moves startled him for a second.

“You creeeep how dare you to hurt my friend”, ragini shouts enrage as she gets and lands a slap across his face making startled for a second.

I slapped him twice while he seems shocked for a moment , i was about to slap him again when he hold my hand in the air seems like he overcome it. I looked up at him and found his blazing red eyes piercing mine with his dark cold gaze. The sign doesn’t seem right my mind states and with other second i was on ground kneeling infront of him.

“You did a very  very bad mistake MS”, he stopped his dangerous voice and his cold eyes stopped at my name badge ,” Ragini”. Fear gushed through my veins and knots formed in my stomach as he pressed the cold gun at my temple. This isn’t end. This isn’t.

Tear flows from my eyes as my eyelids become heavy, blood falls covering my face in all red. My heart stopped at the voice of gunshot. I fight keeping my eyes open but soon everything blacks out.

Aisi aag hon mai jo jala degi tujhko,
Mat ana paas raakh banadonga tujhko,
Ishq aisa paani hai jo bhujadegi tujhko,
Waqt aisa saathi hai jo sanwardegi humko.


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