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Hello my dear sissies and friends…….. How’s u all…… Thank u everyone for ur comments and lovely support and also a big thank to the silent readers.. Chal lets start…..

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Recap: engagement….

It was evening!?

Now today was mehndi and sangeet ceremony…. N basically it was just ladies function and no gents were allowed….

Whole Gadodia house was decorated and the ladies were coming.. Shomi n dadi were welcoming them… …

Shekhar, dadaji and ram were at MM discussing about the marriage preparations…. Laksh has gone out with his friends and sanskaar was at Gadodia house only coz ragini has asked him to stay….


Sanskaar was sitting on the bed doing something in his laptop while ragini was adoring herself in the mirror…

Ragini: sanskyy how am I looking??

Ragini was wearing a simple light green sleeveless anarkali suit with leggings…. Her hair tied in side fish tail and flower ornaments looking so simple yet beautiful!!!!!

Sanskaar ( politely): ginni… Ur asking this for the 100th time now… N I’m now telling u for the 100th time that u r looking very beautiful as always…..

Sanskaar is wearing simple blue kurta and and dhoti pants which ragini made him wear forcefully….

He said still looking in his laptop…

Ragini, irritated came nad closed his laptop.. And stood there. sanskaar closed his eyes and then relaxed… He took a deep breath and looked upwards towards her…

Sanskaar: ginni… I was doing some imp work..

Ragini: was that more imp that me??

Sanskaar held her wrist and made her sit beside her.

Sanskaar: nothing is more important for me than u… Don’t u ever say like that…

Ragini: then y r u…..

She was cut off by sanskaar…

Sanskaar: ginni today is ur mehndi n sangeet… U need to look happy ?… so just smile and smile…

Ragini: on one condition…

Sanskaar: now what’s ur condition??

Ragini: you’ll hv to come outside…

Sanskaar: what?? No ways… I’ll never come outside… Those aunties will eat me raw seeing me in ladies function…. U know right now I’m the only male person in ur house…

Ragini ( making a puppy face): won’t u do this much for your ginni?? N u know na that I… I.. Have told suji aunty and maa that u r here… So y r u scared??

Sanskaar ( standing n turning his face): no ways… Now ur emotional atyachar won’t work on me …. Already bcoz of u I’m stuck here…. N for ur kind information I’m not scared….

Ragini: so u r stuck here haan?? Okay fine bye.. U go n i’ll also go… Don’t come back then … katti….

N she went from there…

Sanskaar turned, his eyes filled with tears.

Sanskar: u don’t even know ginni that what all I can do for u?? Ur happiness is everything for me… N. I’ll never let that smile fade….. Until I’m here…..

He closed his eyes and fist ✊…. He sat down on bed and started working on the laptop again.


Everyone has came.. Ap has also come with her relatives with the shagun ki mehndi…

Everyone is dancing and singing…..

The ladies were singing songs….

Shomi: ap ji.. Lets start… U apply the shagun ki mehndi then the girls will complete it…

Ap nods and puts a Lil mehndi on RAGINI’S hands…

Ragini smiles….

Kala Shah Kala
Kala Shah Kala mera kala hai sardar
Gorean nu dafa karo
Main aap tiley di taar
Gorean nu dafa karo

( now the girls started applying mehndi on her hands and legs…. Full length mehndi on her arms from above the elbow and till ankles on the feet…..

Ap and shomi also started singing with others while the young girls were dancing….. )

Sas sariye tere panj puter
Do ilbi Do sharabi
Jera mere haan da
Oh khilya phool gulabi

( ragini was looking towards her room’s door to see whether sanskaar is coming or not…. But no… He was no where to be seen…… She got disappointed…… )

Kala Shah Kala
Kala Shah Kala mera kala hai sardar
Gorean nu dafa karo
Main aap tileydi taar
Gorean nu dafa karo

( shomi and ap too danced along with other ladies….. Ragini was sitting n enjoying their dance…. … Swara was making her eat snacks…. )

Sas sariye tere panj puter
Do teen te do kanaster
Jera mere haan da
Oh gaye hoya ai dafter

( ap comes and takes ragini with her to dance…. Ragini dances with ap and shomi… Everyone hoots….. )

Kala Shah Kala
Kala Shah Kala mera kala hai sardar
Gorean nu dafa karo
Mein aap tiley di taar
Gorean nu dafa karo

( ragini is dancing round and round when her leg gets stuck in the carpet and she’s about to fall when someone holds her…. The ladies stop the music and looks on shocked… …. )

Shomi: sanskaar…..

Yup he’s sanskaar holding ragini is his hands….. Ragini slowly opens her eyes and looks at sanskaar who’s holding her.

Sanskaar makes her stand..

Sujata : beta.. What r u doing here?? U had went with shekhar bhaisaab na??

Sanskaar looks at ragini n she bows down her head. Sanskaar nods his head in disbelief. Ragini pleads him not ro say anything.

Sanskaar: voh ma I just came to…. Came to…… ( he’s not getting words…)

Ragini: he came here bcoz… Bcoz I called him…

She screamed suddenly shocking and scaring everyone.. All looked at her surprised!

Shomi: but y beta?? This is ladies function…

Ragini: so what ma… ?? He’s also ______

She bites her tongue as sanskaar glares at her n the ladies giggles.

Ragini: I… I mean to say that he’s my best friend so he has right to come in every function…

Sanskaar ( embarrassed): I think I should… Leave now….

Ragini: no ways… How can u go..!? No.. Now u r here so u hv to stay. . Thats it.. Kyun ma??

Sujata: but beta what will he do here alone??

Ragini: he’s not alone aunty … I’m there na with her… I mean with him….

Sanskaar.: ginni stop being so stubborn n let me go please…..

All the ladies r giggling seeing his helplessness….

Ragini: sanskyy u will not go anywhere… Thats my order…. No one says no to a bride… Okay??? Mumma ( ap) I hope u don’t hv any problem…

Ap: no no beta its okay… He’s ur friend as u wish…

All smiled while sanskaar helplessly scolded himself for coming inside…. …..

Everyone sits down and ladies start playing the dholak…… Ragini stands in the middle and starts singing…

Yeh galiyan yeh chaubara
Yahan aana na dobara
Yeh galiyan yeh chaubara
Yahan aana na dobara
Ab hum to bhaye pardesi
Ke tera yahan koi nahi
Ke tera yahan koi nahi

(( ragini dances while singing….. She looks happy…… Sanskaar stares at her with lots of emotions…..))

Le ja rang birangi yaadein
Hansne rone ki buniyadein
Ab hum to bhaye pardesi
Ke tera yahan koi nahi
Ke tera yahan koi nahi

(( she comes behind sujata and back hugs her who in turn keeps her palm on her cheeks and kisses her…..))

Mere haathon mein bhari bhari choodiyan..
Mujhe bhaa gayi hari hari choodiyan..
Dekh milti hain teri meri choodiyan
Tere jaisi saheli meri choodiyan
Toone peesi woh mehandi rang laayi
Meri gori hatheli rachaayi
Teri aankh kyon laado bhar aayi
Tere ghar bhi bajegi shehnaai
Sawan mein badal se kehna
Pardes mein hain meri behna
Ab hum to bhaye pardesi
Ke tera yahan koi nahi
Ke tera yahan koi nahi

(( she hits her hands slightly making the noise of her green bangles……. She then shows her mehndi and dances gracefully……. She dances with her sisters who are almost crying as she’ll go away after few days…….. Sanskaar looks on……..))

Kaam aaye mil le gale
Chale hum sasural chale
Tere aangan mein apna
Bas bachpan chhod chale
Kal bhi sooraj niklega
Kal bhi panchhi gaayenge
Sab tujhko dikhaayi denge
Par hum na nazar aayenge
Aanchal mein sanjo lena humko
Sapnon mein bula lena humko
Ab hum to bhaye pardesi
Ke tera yahan koi nahi
Ke tera yahan koi nahi

(( she goes and sits in shomi’s feet and keeps her head on her lap….. Shomi caresses her hair….. Ragini stands and dances like a bird……… Sanskaar looks on sadly at her as she talks abt leaving…….))

Dekh tu na hamein bhulana
Mana door hamein hai jana
Meri alhad si athkheliyaan
Sada palkon beech basana
Jab bajne lage baaje gaaje
Jab lagne lage khaali khaali
Us dum tu itna samajhana
Meri doli uthi hai phoolon wali..
Thode din the yeh naate the
Kabhi hanste the gaate the
Ab hum to bhaye pardesi
Ke tera yahan koi nahi
Ke tera yahan koi nahi

Yeh galiyan yeh chaubara
Yahan aana na dobara
Ab hum to bhaye pardesi..
Ke tera yahan koi nahi
Ke tera yahan koi nahi

(( ragini then comes near sanskaar, who’s on the verge of crying and holds his hand and makes him stand…… He tries to go but she stops him….. She dances around him and pulls her pinky finger forward and ask for the promise that he’ll never forget her…… Sanskaar tilts his head and entangling his finger with her’s……… They both have tears in their eyes……. The girls surround them and dances….. Ragini too dances with them…… Sanskaar goes from there to her room……… Ragini looks on…….))

Ragini follows him and sees him wiping his tears…. She keeps her hand on his shoulder. He turns back and tries to smile.

Ragini: sanskyy…… Y r u crying??? I’m just going a few kms away…. I’m not gonna die tha u r crying like a baby…..

Sanskaar ( angry): shut up ginni….. Everything is not a joke…… At least think before u speak…..

Ragini. ( pouts and holds her ears.): sorry baba ‘!!!!! Now pls stop crying and come out……

Sanskaar turns his face.

Ragini: sorry na…… If u won’t come then I’ll also not go….

Sanskaar: pls ginni….

Ragini: come na….

She holds his hand and pulls him out. … He wipes his tears from the other hand and pastes a fake smile on his face………

Ragini ; okay now…. Ladies and…… Ladies….. Sanskaar will sing song now… U guys know na he’s a reknowned singer…. So common sanskyy……. Sanskyy sanskyy…..

She sat down with her friends and cheered for her. he looked at shomi for help but she shrugged and told him to continue now……

Ragini: common sanskyy…..

Sanskaar: okay okay fine…. Let me think…..

The ladies too get excited seeing a hot n handsome man in front of them, alone… ?… It looked like he’s krishna and all the ladies there are the gopis!!!!

Music plays…..

Maahi Ve Maahi Ve 
That’s The Way Maahi Ve

Tere Maathe Jhumar Damke 
Tere Kanno Baali Chamke Hai Re

( sanskaar came from behind ragini and touched her maang teeka and her earings with his fingers…. Ragini smiles as everyone claps….)

Maahi Ve

Tere Haatho Kangana Khanke
Tere Pairo Payal Chanke Hai Re

( he then dances like SRK bringing his hands forward like shaking bangles and then his feet….)

Maahi Ve

Naino Se Bole Rabba Rabba
Mann Mein Dole Rabba Rabba
Amrit Ghole Rabba Rabba
Tu Soniye

( Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve )…(2)

( he dances like SRK and few girls joins him while the ladies laugh…… Ragini smiles seeing all this…….. Her hands and feet are booked with the girls who are applying her mehndi……)

That’s The Way Maahi Ve

O Tere Aankhen Kali Kali 
Tera Gora Gora Mukhdha, Hai Re

( sanskaar brings his fingers near his eyes and then his face…. Ragini blushes…..)

Maahi Ve

Teri Rangat Jaise Sona
Tu Chaand Ka Jaise Tukda Hai Re 

( he dances and comes to ragini and pinches her cheeks then goes back…..)

Maahi Ve

Tere Gaal Gulabi Rabba Rabba
Chaal Sharabi Rabba Rabba 
Dil Ki Kharabi Rabba Rabba
Tu Soniye

( he does some bhangra steps with the girls ? and some ladies join him while shomi waves the money around him…..)

Jind Maahi Ve … Aaja Mahi Ve …(2) 

( sanskaar takes shomi and sujata and dances with them ……. Ragini laughs seeing her mother dancing…. Shomi gets emotional….)

Barse Rangini Kaliyan Hai Mehki Bhini Bhini
Baje Mann Mein Halke Halke Shehnai Re
Jitne Hai Taare Aanchal Mein Aa Gaye Sare
Dil Ne Jaise Hi Li Angdayee Re

( ragini too gets emotional seeing sanskaar and shomi… She stands and comes towards them…… They both hug her and sanskaar wipes her tears…. )

Tu Jo Aayee Sajhke Mehndi Rachke
Chal Bachke Oh Soniye
Dil Kitno Ka Khaye Dhajke Oh Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve … Aaja Mahi Ve …(2)

( sanskaar rotates ragini and shomi and the trio dances while all other claps and smiles looking at their bond……)

Chanda Meri Chanda Tujhe Kaise Mein Yeh Samjaoon
Mujhe Lagti Hai Tu Kitni Pyaari Re
Khusiyan Jitni Hai Sab Dhoondh Ke Laoon
Teri Doli Ke Sang Kar Do Sari Re
Tu Jo Aayee … Oh Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve … Aaja Mahi Ve …(2)

( sujata comes near ragini and caresses her cheeks and hair….. She too gets emotional….. Sanskaar smiles seeing them and his eyes too gets teary.. He wipes his tears…. And comes towards them……. )

Tere Maathe … Tu Soniye 
Jind Maahi Ve, Jind Maahi Ve … Aaja Mahi Ve …(3)

( again the trio dances….. Later shomi and ragini sits down while sanskaar dances alone….. He stops when he sees everyone staring at him…..)

Sanskaar ( blushing): ginni… I think I should leave now…..

He said rubbing his hair while all others laughed…

He starts to. Leave when a lady stops him holding his hand. Sanskaar looks back at her with a questioning look….

Sanskaar: ji aunty!??

Lady: beta ur friend is also getting hitched… So now what r u thinking abt urself???

Everyone giggles.

Sanskaar (( confused)): what abt me??

Lady: my daughter’s also ready for marriage… So should I talk to her about u??

She said shocking sanskaar… His eyes grew big and his mouth formed a o shape in shock….. Ragini burst out laughing.. He looked at her. Everyone started giggling… Sanskaar smiled weakly and left from there controlling his tears………. Everyone laughed and teased sanskaar behind his back and then continued the function……

Sanskaar came out of the house, sat in his car and drove to beach… His fav place…. .. He sat there till 10 o clock and then returned to his home…………

His phone rang as soon as he entered his room flashing Ginni!!

S: hello..

R: what hello?? Where did u went leaving me alone….

S ( ” i never wanted to leave u alone Ginni but now I don’t hv that right “.. He thought) : Ginni… What would I hv done there yaar?? N moreover u said that u hv told aunty n ma that I’m there with u..

R: haan toh.. If I haven’t lied to u would u hv stopped with me,,,??? Hmm bolo??

S: but…

R: no but vut… Tomorrow morning u should b here okay??? Tomorrow is haldi yaar.. Please……

S: okay! As u wish…

R: that’s like my boy… Acha chalo now good night…. Bye.

S: bye….

Sanskaar slept thinking about ragini while ragini slept thinking abt laksh!!!!!!!

Episode ends…

So so how was the episode???? Do comment n tell guys…. Ur comments are one of the reasons that I’m able to write more so pls…… Request…… Mention not…….. N yeah sorry for no RagLak scene today…. Hope I guys enjoyed it…..

Bye bye for the time… Phir milenge chalte chalte… Tab tak keep smiling and rocking!!!! ?

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