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Baazigar 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav saying I do enmity with passion. Aru says divorce problems had problem, new papers will be made soon, Aarav said right, this relation won’t end so easily, I will get something and leave something. Parul smiles and thinks Aru taste the daal and you will forget the taste of life. Aarav asks Aru to stay as bahu, Bua has made food, serve it and do bahu’s work. Aru asks him will he teach her now. He says I don’t like arguments. Parul and Padma say we will serve it. Aarav says no, Aru will serve it. Rishi changes the bowls. Aru refuses to serve it. Rishi asks them not to fight and serves daal to Aru and Aarav. Padma and Parul smile. Aru and Aarav eat the daal. Aarav likes it and compliments Padma.

Parul thinks after having this drugged daal, everyone will sleep, Aru is foolish to invite her death, when the night approaches, Aru’s breath will get down, the breaking news will be Trivedi’s bahu leaving from this world, poor Arundhati.

Later at night, Parul silently goes and opens the door. She tells Hareram to go and kill Aru, then get underground for some days, don’t make any sound, keep pillow on her mouth and kill her, good night Arundhati….. Hareram goes to kill Aru. He takes a pillow and goes to Aru. Light is switched on. Hareram turns to see. Aarav and Aru come there. He aims gun at Hareram. Aarav says I m not a kid that you enter my house and do bad work. Hareram says I m still the same man, I can do anything for money, you still have fear.

Aarav shoots aside and says this gun has silencer, if I kill you, Parul will not know, you are doing all this work on Parul’s saying, Dadi heard everything. He tells him that we did not eat that drugged food, so none of us fainted, hatred filled in my heart because of Papa and Parul Maasi, I was alone in this world because of you, since I fell in love, I got my loved ones. He recalls Rishi and Dadi telling Aarav.

Rishi tells Aarav that he heaed Parul and Padma adding medicine in daal, you never regarded me brother, but I always loved you, I know this time you genuinely changed, just see my once with your changed perception, I will be always ready to help you. Aarav hugs Rishi. Dadi says it means they are going to kill Aru. FB ends. Aarav says that’s why Aru and I fought while dining, you have to do as I say now, else I will kill you, think of your son, if you don’t do as I say, I will kill your son. Hareram agrees.

Hareram goes to Parul and says I have killed Aru. Parul asks really. Hareram says yes, give me money now so that I can get underground. She gives him money and says you did great, now its Aarav’s turn, his death should look suicide, you supported me a lot, you molested Aarav and made him believe no one loves him, he has just come out of his 9 year old memory, people will think he got mad and committed suicide, it means both the thorns of my life will get cleared, I will become the owner, keep more money. Lights get on. Dadi and everyone come there.

Dadi slaps Parul and says you are stain on woman’s name, you have ruined this house, you could not become good bahu, wife, sister, Mausi and mum. Parul take knife and says you all don’t know me yet, if anyone comes infront of me then… Padma takes the knife from her and says don’t think to harm my family, I also know to attack. Parul shouts Padmini, you were supporting me. Padma says that was acting, I m always with my family, you were outsider and will always be the same, this house has no place for you. Aarav asks Parul where will she run. Parul runs out.

Radheshyam takes money from Hareram and takes him to everyone. Aarav stops Parul and says I won’t let you go. Parul says let me go, else I will tell everyone that you killed your parents. Aarav says but you provoked me. She asks who will trust you. He says your crime partner, he will say what I say him. Rishi comes and says police would be coming soon. Padma says we can’t trust Parul, we will tie her, else she will run away. Parul sits crying.

Aarav goes to his mother’s room and lights the diya under her pic. Aru comes to him and asks him to cry out his pain, person does not fall weak if he cries, get this burden out of your heart. He hugs her. Naina…..plays……………

Police comes and arrests Parul and Hareram. He tells Aru that he should also surrender to police, I killed my parents. She says we spoke about this already, you did not do this intentionally, you were made to do this, you suffered a lot already, every criminal’s punishment is not going jail, I have seen you repenting. He says even then its wrong. She asks him to count the tortures he did on her, first bear this punishment. He says you are threatening like a wife. She says of course, I m Baazigar’s wife, now this togetherness is of lifetime. He kisses her hand and hugs her. Baazigar o baazigar………….plays…………. They smile.

The show ends on a happy note with Aarav and Arundhati’s union.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ?????whaaaaat????? It really ended????

  2. They shouldn’t have ended the show. Now was the happy time coming in the show and they ended. They should have ended violence before that’s why viewers was upset. I think they should restart where they ended.


    Show ended…. ????? though i was not regular commenter on this but i used to watch this show, it was so different and now a days watching it was a treat but it ended????….
    But one ques why they ended this show in such hurry??? I mean they have made show go on atleast for a week more… going to miss this show badly????
    I do not get why good shows end so soon and bakwas type show like SNS, SSEL, YRKKH, KT, JR, ETC. type of show public blindly follow bad shows and do not watch good shows.

    1. Kathy

      Million dollar question dear… CVs had only one answer that is poor TRP…

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Exactly they always end the good shows so soon and drag the useless shows this is one reason why i m losing interest towards TV shows these days
      They ended this show a little too soon


      I lost much tym before…
      I only watch tv for few reasons…
      1. BHRK
      2. CID
      3. BGPH
      5. or GOOD Shows like Bazzigar or Ishaqbaazz

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      Due to my classes i reduced watching tv shows but now my holidays are going on so i can watch some shows
      There is only one show i love a lot currently and that is Ek Duje Ke Vaaste even though it gets dramatic at times besides that there are more shows i like and watch regularly which is ishqbaaz, Kuch Rang pyaar Ke aise Bhi. Sometimes baazigar, shakti, Rajni. And some shows like TEI (that also ended) and Tpk i used to read written updates and if i like the epi i watched it because i didn’t like the fact they spoiled such a promising storyline
      Well i m more of reality and weekend show fans like Super dance, jhalak, kapil Sharma show
      CID, crime patrol, savdhaan India (all these i watch when i m bored)


      You have given full week monday to sunday details…
      But one ques- what you don’t watch or read??? As u have mentioned all the show names


      Don’t feel bad, i just asked in curosity and casually


      Ha ha ha ha??????

    8. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ya i mentioned a lot of shows as i know about these shows not that i watch all regularly ??? i don’t watch star plus shows besides ishqbaaz or naamkaran (now don’t tell me to mention all) and life ok besides Rajni and baazigar u know the other shows idk the name i don’t watch nagarjun and the other shows and Sony ek rishta i don’t watch at all zee tv i don’t watch any of the shows
      And weekends i watch all show because it’s weekend na ?

    9. RANdomfANCreationz

      And at the same time i m forced to watch some shows thanks to my Cousin if i change channel they will kill me ??? so that’s the secret of how i know about all the shows

  4. Will miss Vatty for sure and not only negative shades, he’s so cute and good in positive roles also of which he gave a glimpse in this show. And in every shows, he leave some trademark…even till now, i remember his trademarks from EHT and now this show too. Vatty rocks and he loves giving surprises…so, he should return back soon to give a surprise to his admirers

    1. yeah…he exclusive talent..!

  5. Kathy

    No… Y CVs wanna end this now… It’s on track now.. N going well…

  6. Kathy

    Going to miss arav and aru… Badly …

  7. Kathy

    How come padma become good suddenly ..,


      Exactly.. padma was evil a during dinner and become good during catching her Bhabhi.??

      But best part of show was last secne of Aarv and Arundhati.

    2. Kathy

      Yes indeed last scene is worth watching …

  8. Kathy

    Don’t know u ??? Good shows end very soon … It’s unfair … CVs…

    1. Kathy

      * know y???

    2. Elsa

      Di.. where is ur Vishkanya family?

    3. Kathy

      Hi dear how u doing???? We are commenting on vishkanya page itself dear… It’s now available in finished serial list..naren writing a ff to continue the page . Here is the link..

  9. Show ended???
    After a lot of sufferings good time came…and that ended it…omg…..
    I wished to see some more moments between Aarav and aru…..some lovely ones…

    Why they ended it…????
    But end was awesome…..this episode was something extra ordinary….

    Padmini was not bad…talk I was really shocked ???

    Hey everyone
    How r u ???
    How’s life???

    And everyone
    Keep smiling always☺☺

  10. I cried for my favourite show? I’m going to miss aarav n aru. Why do they take out all the good serials. Glad to see parul pay for her crime thou. I so wanted to give her a slap for all the drama she caused . Going to miss aarav n aru so much. ???

  11. The show had no potential at this point. it started out great, then took a stumble but there was a shot at recovery. When things started to recover, they made some big changes that never should have been made, which in turn destroyed any and all potential for this show. I am talking about Kailash’s death sequence and the drawn out bull***t that was completely unnecessary. Had the execution been better thought out, it might have worked. Had this story been about revenge, it might have worked. Had it been about conspiracies across the board with every member in the family (as implied), that would have worked (genre: strictly thriller). The plot points just seemed all over the place and there was no coherent story that the larger audience could get attached to. So the show got canceled. Whoop de doo! I’m not surprised. There are a few other shows that I’m sure are on the chopping block, not least of all Swaragini if they don’t fix the stupid – and now. Hopefully they will, as producer Rashmi Sharma has hinted, though for the better or worse, only time will tell.

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    They ended this show so soon? It was so different only if they didn’t messed up in the middle, but the last few episodes were going good will miss Arav and arundhati i didn’t understand why This show got so low ratings in the beginning one of the most underrated show of the year

  13. It really ended why do they end good shows only the Shows which I used to watch were vk baazigar and now only ishqbaaz left I will miss aru m aarav a lot..

  14. they shouldn’t have ended the show!!!!! though there was no scope for any more story,they must have brought a twist or something of that sort… this is baaad 🙁

  15. Can anybody explain me how parul killed kailash nath…when it was clearly shown he was killed by aarav…they should have shown some flashback of kailsah nath murdered by parul before ending the show..

  16. noooo this is not done.??? come it got ended so early…though i couldn’t watch regularly…but used to get them as combined on weekends…vatsal…no…i m so missing him….plz come early with an elegant look once again…that goddamned trp!i hate it to the core!…holy shit!

  17. It could have gone better. Bad that it ended.

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