Baazigar 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav saying I m scared of darkness, I don’t want to be here. Aru says we can’t go out till the danger goes away. She gets hurt. Aarav cares for her. He asks is it aching and ties kerchief to her hand. He blows on her hand and asks her not to worry, when you get hurt, I also feel hurt. She recalls his words and how he has hurt her before. He asks are you crying for this pain, don’t cry. Aru says no, I m crying because I did not know you have a heart. He says everyone has a heart, don’t you know teacher. He smiles.

Padma and Radheshyam wait for Parul to sit on her bed. Radheshyam recalls laying electric wires on Parul’s bed. He says once she sits, she will get electric shock, people will think she died of electric shock, we will get all property. They turn and see Parul. Parul scolds them and says you both can’t think good, you are not loyal. Padma asks will you tell me about being loyal. Parul says I can kill you easily, this is not time to fight, if we waste energy to kill each other, we won’t get anything, we have to focus on killing our enemies Aarav and Aru.

Aru asks Aarav to be here, we have to wait till morning, I can wish Lord protects us. Aarav says I m scared of darkness, I can’t stay alone. She asks him to become strong. She thinks maybe goons kill me or I get saved, I love you a lot Aarav. She recalls their marriage and thinks I will always love you, if anything happens to me, I promise to meet you in next birth and spend life with you.

The goons come there and knock the door. She says Aarav they have come, hurry up, come with me. They both hide. Goons get inside house and looks for them. She asks Aarav what to do now. Aarav sees a chair and rope, and says I have a great idea. He ties rope to the partition. The goons look for them.

Siddhant asks Dadi where are Aru and Aarav, tell me if you want them to be safe, their lives are in anger, tell me, I can protect them. Dadi asks him not to tell anyone, they went to meet our old servant Hareram. Siddhant asks why did they go to meet him, he is dangerous. Dadi says don’t know, doctor suggested Aru to do this. Siddhant asks why will doctor say that, what is relation with Hareram, why did he leave job. Dadi says we fired him as he did theft in our house. He says fine, I will see what to do.

Somit says I don’t know what is it about Hareram, I doubt Arundhati, evidence is against her. Siddhant says it means Aru is taking revenge, no…. I just can’t believe this. Somit says she is your friend, so you may not believe, but this is truth that innocent faces deceive us.

Aru and Aarav run outside and take lift. Driver comes home and tells Dadi that goons have stopped Aru and Aarav, and they went in jungle. Dadi prays for them. Aru and Aarav reach Hareram’s house. Aarav says you are bad teacher, you lied and got me here. She says no, you will punish him, he won’t do anything, I m with you, come. Dadi cries and tells Lord that she will not pray if anything happens to her children.

Padma and Parul come. Driver says goons run after Aru and Aarav. Parul says don’t worry, I will call police. Dadi says you both did this, I will find them. Padma says are you mad, try to understand, Aru has done black magic, now she will kill Aarav, think whats happening. Dadi thinks if I say something, they will not leave me, I have to act smartly. She says Padma you are right, I think Aru did magic on me. Padma asks Dadi to go and rest.

Aru asks Aarav to knock the door and scare him, recall what he did with you, you have to punish him. Hareram opens the door and asks who is it. Aarav gets back. Aru says this is Aarav. Hareram recalls him. Aru says the one with whom you did a sin, you should be ashamed. She asks Aarav to take revenge form Hareram, be strong, beat him. Aarav slaps Hareram. Hareman gets gun. Aru aims gun at him and asks him to throw gun, else she will shoot. She asks Aarav to punish him. Aarav beats the man a lot. Siddhant comes there and aims gun at Aru. He says your game is over, arrest her. Aru gets shocked.

Dadi tells Parul that Aru and Aarav are in police station. Aarav beats Siddhant. Siddhant pushes him and Aarav gets hit on his head.

Update Credit to: Amena

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