Baazigar 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Aarav to open the door. Aarav asks Aru not to make voice and threatens her. He opens the door and goes out with the gun. He asks why are they making noise. Parul asks what are you doing with Aru. He says she is my wife, do you want to see how we are romancing, just go. Parul asks him not to do anything. Padma asks Parul to come with them, and they leave. Aarav asks Aru do you have pain, even Siddhant will have some weakness.

Siddhant does pushups with a little boy Sahil. He says Sahil has to go school and wear uniform. He makes Sahil’s bag ready and feeds him breakfast. Sahil asks will you come to pick me up from school. Siddhant says its tough to come today, sorry, there is much work, uncle is busy, but you end homework, we will go and play football, come, bus arrived. Sahil reminds what he is forgetting. Siddhant says sorry and plays with him. Sahil says I love you and goes. The maid says you did not let Sahil miss his parents. Siddhant cries and says Sahil is my life.

Aarav takes Aru’s video and sends to Siddhant. Siddhant gets shocked seeing the video. He gets Aarav’s message. Aarav writes this will turn to reality in one hour, save Aru if you can. SP asks what happened Siddhant, why are you worried. Siddhant says Arundhati, I have to go, I will come back and explain. SP asks him to stop, its against protocol.

Aarav says I m sure Siddhant is on the way. Aru asks what will happen if he comes. Parul and everyone is worried. Padma says Aru and Aarav will manage, leave it. Siddhant is on the way and goons stop him. Siddhant beats them and the goon aims gun at him.

Aarav gets clock and shows Aru. He scares her of death. She cries. She asks what do you want. He says you will know it, its better late than to fall in trouble. The goon’s gun does not work. Siddhant shoots goon and leaves in his car. Siddhant gets Aarav’s message. Aarav asks him to run, there is just half an hour, come fast to save Aru.

Badri smiles and says Padma was waiting for such chance, I feel something is going to happen today, Aarav will do something, we will be witness, if anything happens to Aru, Aarav will go jail. Padma says Aarav is not a fool to do something in which he gets trap, why are you laughing, your fav Aru is there, I don’t know on whose side are you. Badri says real game will start now.

Siddhant tells SP that he had no option than to shoot the goon. SP says I found out, the man was innocent villager. Siddhant says Aarav trapped me, he is playing with Aru’s life. SP says I can’t help now, you are wanted by us, our team left to get you. Siddhant rushes. Aarav calls Siddhant and says some time more and then… bye Aru. Aru cries. Siddhant’s car breaks down. Aarav says I would have saved you if I was your lover, but Siddhant does not know keeping friendship and love, learn to love from Aarav, love as if its last day, and hate as if entire life is there, you both want to send me to jail, see what I do with you. He shakes the stool and threatens her. Siddhant tries to get lift. He worries that Aarav does something to Aru. Aru asks Aarav how can he do this, humanity died in him, I will win in this game, by dying, you will be blamed of my death, you won’t get saved. Aarav smiles. Aru hangs and struggles.

Aarav says no need to come here, go home and check Sahil. Siddhant gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Too much irrotating concept but Aarav your acting is good

  2. This show is irritating. I just read the updates

  3. What kind of a show is this?! So weird and freaky >.<

  4. Unpleasant irritating show,writers spoiled whole plot…don’t they keeps records of this serial related sites?they must take care of viewers comments…too much evilness of Arav’s character…head burning serial…but they could make it a really nice one…

  5. bakwaas episode…too much negativity..i thought siddhant’s character will bring some positivity…but he himself got trapped…and also i thought at least after kailash nath death..dada chachu will support arundhati..but he is like thaali ka baigun..disgusting show…

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