Baazigar 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Aru that its risky for her go go there. Aru says its necessary to go there for Aarav, I have to meet Hariram. Dadi says but Aarav is 9 year old now, how will you manage. Aru says Aarav has to go out of the house. Parul comes and says I came to say this, Aarav has to go out of the house, I mean Aarav should go in fresh air, he will feel better. Aarav holds Aru’s hand. Parul asks Aru to take him out, take him to picnic spot, he will have fun, you both go alone, maybe he can recall anything by spending time. Aarav says you go out, you are bad, I don’t want to see your face, leave from here.

Parul says I m saying for his good and he is scolding me, he did not understand me and Kailash’s relation, when Didi could not manage home, Kailash got me here to take care of Dadi, Kailash and Aarav, Didi did not understand and doubted me, she died by her sorrow, I was going back, but stopped for Aarav, how would Kailash manage Aarav alone, we did not know how he went out of hands. Aarav says you are lying, leave from here. Aru stops Aarav. Aarav says teacher, she is bad, she will beat me. Parul acts and cries. Aru promises to not leave him.

Parul says Aru I feel bad for you, Aarav acted of love and then tried to prove you mad, now he got mad himself, I feel bad, don’t know will he get fine or not. Aru says Aarav will go out of home. She thinks Aarav will go to settle scores with Hariram Kaka, I know truth and won’t say anything. Parul says I will arrange your picnic, it will be the best one. She goes.

Dadi says Parul is lying, she has treated Aarav very badly, why did you not say anything. Aru says I know, we don’t have time to ask now, we have to make Aarav fine to prove he is not wrong, we thought he is wrong.

Siddhant asks did you find about that man, for whom did he work. Somit says Srivastav will get info. Siddhant says someone is there who is stopping us from reaching right culprit, that poison seller said Aru bought poison from him and then he got killd. Srivastav says we got to know where that man lives, even Hariram stays there.

Parul tells lawyer that Aru is taking Aarav outside, tell your men that they should not be saved at any cost. She turns and sees Padma. Parul tells Padma that this is my plan, then everything will be ours. Padma says I m with you. Parul says good, no one should know our plan, their death should look natural, no mistakes. Padma says don’t worry, we are friends. Parul leaves. Padma tells Radheshyam that they will make Parul off their way and get property.

Siddhant goes to the place to know about Kailash’s murderer. The man says that woman used to at late night and with face covered, she came in car and we could not see her, she was very daring. Hariram comes there and holds Siddhant. He says you look new, I m Hariram, you have dare to come here. Siddhant says I did not get your file, else I would have come. Hariram beats the man for talking to Siddhant, and says I know who came to meet Pushkar here. He catches the man and says this is your messenger right. He shoots the man infront of Siddhant. Siddhant catches Hariram. Hariram’s goons aim guns at Siddhant. Hariram asks him to leave.

Aarav gets ready. Aru says we are going on picnic, don’t tell anyone. She takes a gun from drawer and recalls Dadi’s words. Parul comes and says I did picnic arrangements. Aru says we are not going on picnic, but somewhere else. Parul asks what, where. Aarav says its our secret. Parul thinks my plan will flop, I have to do something. Aru and Aarav pray. Aru prays that injustice happened with Aarav, I m taking him to get justice and end a devil, I m sure you will help me, a wife is going to fight war for her husband, bless me. She asks Aarav to fill her maang by sindoor. He asks why. She says its auspicious, so that we win in this fight. Aarav fills sindoor in her maang. Naina milgaye piya se………….plays…….. Dadi comes. Aru asks her to bless them for success. She sends Aarav to play in hall. Dadi says I m scared. Aru says I know there is much risk there, but Aarav has to come face to face with that servant.

Aru says Kailash was busy and did not care for Aarav, Aarav was alone, his mum was in her own sorrow. Dadi says I loved Aarav a lot, but I did not know when did this happen. Aru says you are innocent like Aarav. Dadi says not now, I will throw all dirt from this house, just you, me and Aarav will stay here. Aru hugs Dadi. Parul tries to ask Aarav where is he going. Aarav says teacher said not to talk to anyone. She says I will give you chocolates. He says she also gives me chocolates, I will tell teacher, go. She says your teacher is bad. He says don’t say this, she is world’s best teacher. Aru comes. Parul asks Aru to go, I just want you both to go out. Aru leaves with Aarav. Dadi prays for Aarav and Aru, and taunts Parul about the cheat at home, don’t know who is saying true and lie. She goes. Parul says I have to change my plan.

Aru and Aarav are on the way. Goons try to catch Aru and Aarav. A goon says madam said Aru should be blamed for Aarav’s murder. Aarav gets scared and runs. Aru looks for him.

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