Baawre 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Baawre 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini showing the ruined dress to her Dadi. She is worried about Raghavendra’s reaction. Dadi says I m happy that the dress is spoiled, do one thing, cry a lot so that Raghavendra does not scold you and instead melt seeing your tears. Dadi asks Yamini not to be upset. Her mum comes and takes the bad sught off. Dadi asks her to bring lemons and tries to make the stains fade. But the cloth tears and they are shocked. Yamini gets tensed. The narrator says I did not know the dress will be so much spoiled. He says I worry about this innocent girl. The city is waiting to see the dress and its spoiled, lets see how Yamini manages, and about Nikumbh, he is eager to do something new.

Azam praises Shaheen. Nikmubh says you should have reminded me to get petrol. They drag the scotter to the petrol pump. Nikumbh tells him that he spoiled Yamini’s dress. He says the dress was costly and she was very angry. Azam pulls his leg and teases him. Azam says you got serious and gone now. Nikumbh says I m just saying. Azam says no, you always talk about Yamini. Nikumbh tickles him. Yamini tells them that the dress can’t be dry cleaned today.

Raghavendra comes and they hide the dress. He says what you are doing today is great, the flyover deal is on now by the MLA, you all come on time, I m leaving. Yamini stops him to say. Dadi says nothing, she is tensed. He leaves. Nikumbh finds the hall very special and beautiful. Azam says go and see your name on the list. Nikumbh is shocked to see Yamini’s one hour slot and not his name on the board. Nikumbh asks a man why his name is not written. The man says this list is final. Azam asks where is Rastogi. The man says he is not here. Azam calls Rastogi.

His number is switched off. Nikumbh says we will be ruined. Yamini is scared. Dadi asks her not to worry, They see the news where the kids tell that Yamini’s dress will be auctioned and our orphanage will get five rooms by it. Tripathi also gives an interview and praises Raghavendra. Raghavendra sounds proud of Yamini. Yamini calls Neha and sees her talking to the media thanking Yamini. Dadi says lets cancel the event. Yamini says no, I will go at any cost, whatever happens.

Tripathi talks to Raghavendra. Nikumbh and Azam come there and sees Yamini’sposters everywhere, Nikumbh meets Rastogi and asks about his slot. Rastogi says we will talk tomorrow, what will you do in 15mins, we have removed silly programs and gave this slot to Yamini. Nikumbh is shocked. He gets angry and holds Rastogi’s collar. Azam stops Nikumbh. Yamini comes on the stage wearing the yellow dress which Raghavendra gifted her and this shocks everyone. Tripathi and Neha get annoyed.

Neha says she is wearing such a cheap dress, what will happen now. Everyone gossip about Yamini. Raghavendra looks at Yamini.

Nikumbh throws stones at Yamini’s posters in anger and leaves. The media asks Yamini is this a joke, where is the auction dress. Tripathi asks Raghavendra to make flyover in his dreams and leaves. Raghavendra looks at Yamini and gets angry. Yamini leaves with Maa and Dadi. Suna ankhiyon ka angna…………….Baawre…………plays…………… Nikumbh and Yamini both get upset. The narrator says it’s a long and sad night, Raghavendra is lonely, Nikumbh’s dreams broke, Yamini’s dark life, lets hope for some light, we have to pass this night and have the pain.

Yamini comes home and Maa tries calling Raghavendra. Dadi is tensed too. Maa says his flyover contract went off and he won’ forget this easily. Yamini says sorry, I should have told him about the dress spoiling. Dadi says have this milk and calm down, I will talk to him. Maa says no, you don’t talk to him. Raghavendra comes there and everyone is tensed seeing him.

Raghavendra asks Yamini to do anything she wants and burns the dress he gifted her giving her freedom. Yamini cries looking at the fire.

Update Credit to: Amena

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