Baawre 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini and everyone telling Raghavendra that this dress is not nice, will she wear this on stage. Raghavendra says it’s a nice dress, its costume and she has to act on stage. He explains them well. Dddi argues with him and asks him to do what he wants. Raghavendra asks you mean I m forcing her to wear this. Dadi says ask her. Raghavendra asks Yamini is she not ready to war the dress by her wish. She says no, what he is thinking is right. Raghavendra is happy and tells her to just wear it thinking its costume. Dadi still insists asking him to change it.

Nikumbh thinks about Nawab Sahab’s words and about the time spend in that room. The narrator tells what Nikumbh is feeling now, he has many memories with that room, he and Nawab Sahab used to spend time in this room. He emphasizes the importance of the room. Nikumbh packs his belongings. He thinks about his act drama and sees many things in his room. Yamini sings a song in her room. Nikumbh acts in the room. Baawre……………plays……………….

The narrator tells how Yamini entered Nikumbh’s life. The weather is not cool between them, lets see how things shape up now. He says Nikumbh has ruined her dress by mistake, but I feel something good will happen today. Raghavendra wakes up Yamini with a happy birthday song and wishes her. She thanks him and is very happy, She smiles happily. He says this phone will always sing this song for you. Dadi comes and talks to him. They have a laugh.

Raghavendra asks Yamini to close her eyes. She does. He gifts her a beautiful dress. She hugs him. Shee likes the dress. She asks shall I wear this tonight. He says wear the dress which MLA gave, it’s the costume and you have to wear it. He leaves. Yamini agrees. Her mum comes and wishes her. Yamini is very happy with them. Yamini tells them how can she wear that dress. Her mum asks her to wear it. Dadi says use dupatta on it or shrug. Yamini hugs her liking he ridea.

Nikumbh talks to Azam. He talks about Nawab Sahab. Azam says how can he do this, we have so many memories there. Nikumbh says yes, lots, its like my home. He says lets find a new place. Azam says lets take the small room, adjust for few days. Nikumbh says no way. Azam says come on. Nikumbh says Rastogi is not taking my call but why, I m tensed. Nikumbh says I have to return your money too. Azam asks him not to do the drama. He says I paid your rent and you got me Shaheen’s number, so its leveled now. Nikumbh teases him taking Shaheen’s name.

Yamini gets ready. Raghavendra tells her that he took the big hall for her. She asks was there someone else. He says its not out problem. Dadi asks Yamini what happened to her. Yamini says someone was rehearsing there in big room. Dadi says don’t worry, he will take any other room. Yamini’s friends bring her to her birthday party at the haveli. Nikumbh comes there. They ask Nikumbh to wish her. He says sure, why not.

He gives her the big room’s keys and says I will take my belongings today. He taunts her for snatching his room and says what else can I expect from you. He leaves. Yamini cuts the cake. Neha greets Yamini on phone and asks her to wear the dress in the party. Yamini sees the dress.

Nikumbh slips and the ink falls on Yamini’s dress. She is shocked seeing it and looks at him angrily. She asks what did you do. He says I did not do this intentionally, you should be careful. She scolds him. He says yes I know its my mistake, I m sorry, give this dress in dry cleaning, it will be fine. He leaves looking at her. Yamini says thanks Nikumbh and smiles. The narrator says Yamini was happy that she won’t have to wear this dress now.

Nikumbh talks to Rastogi and comes to know his slot is gone to Yamini Singh. Everyone is shocked to see Yamini wearing the dress gifted by her dad, and not by MLA.

Update Credit to: Amena

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