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Baawre 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikumbh and Yamini giving their radio interview. Nikumbh taunts Yamini and she looks at him. Yamini thanks him for the compliment that he agreed she is beautiful. The RJ asks is this your chemistry. Nikumbh says no, she is the one who made the play hit. She says yes, I agree, I made the play hit going against him. Nikumbh gets upset. She says girl power. RJ says you both are equal and says we will get to hear more after this song. They look at each other with anger. Azam and Shaheen are together, yet far. She asks him till when will this continue. Azam asks what. She says don’t pretend, you know, I m sorry you came to know about my marriage, its not like I won’t tell you, I swear I did not have any idea about this.

She says my family did not tell me, no one asks the girls in our house, maybe I will know after it gets final. Azam asks will you marry anyone just like this. She gets upset. He says I should say sorry, as I acted rude to you. She smiles. He says we have two days in Mumbai, so lets spend it well and forget what will happen in future. She says yes. He says he will go with her. She smiles. The RJ asks how did Nikumbh meet Yamini. She says he came to see me in my show. RJ praises Yamini and she praises Nikumbh. She says he does everything original, he writes good poetry.

She says I don’t have anything new, he is talented. RJ says Nikumbh has to say few lines. Yamini says yes, he will say, for what he has come here. Nikumbh says few lines and taunts her. Nikumbh and Yamini get into an argument. RJ asks Yamini to share what is her tricks to learn her lines and asks her to sing few lines for the listeners. She leaves annoyed. Nikumbh asks where is she going. She takes taxi and he holds her hand to stop her.

He says till we are in Mumbai, you are my responsibility, so don’t go without telling me. She says I m not and leaves. She comes to a hotel and looks to meet the film director. She says Yamini….. from Lucknow. He says yes I remember, did you come for audition. She says yes. He says its first time, so looks strange. He says the journey till you get into a movie is painful and bad, but the end result is good. He asks his staff guys to take her audition and says then I will see what I can do, I will catch you later as I m going in a meeting. He leaves. Ashish, the guy, looks at Yamini from top to bottom and laughs knowing she is from Lucknow.

He says wait here, we will call you for audition. Azam and Shaheen are happy roaming around. Azam asks is she sure to come here. She says yes, you told me you will take me anywhere. She says yes, it’s a bar and I want to go in, please come. He agrees and she makes her wish true to visit the bar. Yamini goes to her audition making for long time. Nikumbh worries for Yamini and gets Raghavendra’s call. He thinks its Azam and asks where is she. Raghavendra says what happened to her, where is she. They argue.

Nikumbh says why will I find her, whats my mistake. Raghavendra says if anything happens to her, I will not leave you. Nikumbh says don’t warn me, do what you want, is she a small baby. Shaheen likes the bar dancers and enjoys seeing them. Azam finds it odd. Shaheen is so happy and screams with happiness. He says lets go. She says selfie time and someone pushes her. He holds her and they have an eyelock. Shaheen dances with Azam.

The guys speak to Yamini in cheap way and she gets the wrong hint from them. He asks the guy Ravi to give her audition script. He asks Ravi to do hero role and they laugh on her. Nikumbh calls Azam and asks about Yamini. Azam asks why is he worrying, but what happened, did she not reach home, she went to give audition to director, somewhere. Nikumbh gets tensed. Yamini scolds the guys and says I know you guys are teasing me, there is no audition here. The guy pushes her in anger and she falls. Nikumbh comes and holds her hand to make her stand again. She turns and looks at him. The camer records Nikumbh. Yamini gets hurt. Nikumbh gets angry seeing her wound.

Nikumbh cares for Yamini’s wound. Yamini asks him can’t we make a new start. They see Raghavendra watching them.

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