Baawre 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Azam asking Nikumbh to smile, as he is going to Mumbai. Nikumbh says I m not getting a good feeling, as that city does not city, I would have not gone there, that cuty took away everything from me, I hate it. Azam makes him smile by his funny liners. He says everything changes with time, maybe this trip becomes memorable for you. He says Yamini and her dad are also coming. Azam asks him not to worry as it’s a two day trip. Nikumbh says did you not tell her tantrums, I will not bear her, she needs me too, as I need her.

Tripathi talks to Raghavendra and asks him to forget the flyover matter. Raghavendra says yes, lets end it. Tripathi says no, we have to start and talks about the haveli price. He asks about Nikumbh, and says I heard he will take care of haveli of Nawab Sahab. Raghavendra says Nawab’s son is in abroad, so Nikumbh stays here. Raghavendra says I will talk to Nawab, if you are interested. Tripathi says yes, talk to him at the earliest.

Shaheen comes to Azam and Nikumbh with her dad. Her dad talks to Azam and says Shaheen brought me here to make me meet you, take care of her, like she is going happily, bring her back happily. Azam says fine. Her dad asks her to take care and go. Raghavendra asks Yamini why is she going to haveli, we can go to airport, they can come there. Yamini says I want to go with my friends. Dadi says let her go. He says you both don’t understand. They reach the haveli. Yamini meets Azam and Shaheen, and asls Nikumbh is he also coming.

Raghavendra asks Yamini to call and meet the director, he is happy that you are going Mumbai, he will take audition, maybe you can get a good role. He asks her not to waste time on anyone. She says yes, don’t worry, now I know how to keep everyone. Yamini asks Shaheen to sit beside Azam. They leave and take their flight. They reach Mumbai. Bhatak lena Baawre………………plays………….. They are really happy sightseeing Mumbai. Nikumbh acts rude to Yamini.

Its night, they reach their hotel. Nikumbh talks to the manager and Yamini talks to Dadi on video chat. Nikumbh looks at Yamini and Dadi sees him. Yamini tells Shaheen this is her first experience to hear sea sound so clear. Shaheen is excited and the girls gossip. Shaheen chats with Azam. He is glad seeing her message but hides from Nikumbh. She comes to meet him and smiles. Azam looks at Nikumbh. Shaheen says she is not getting sleep, so we all will sit together and gossip, shall I call Yamini. Nikumbh signs no. Azam says yes. Shaheen asks Yamini to come. Yamini says am I mad to go to Nikumbh.

Shaheen says if you talk to him, who knows everything becomes fine. Shaheen insists and takes her. Yamini and Nikumbh does not talk. Shaheen asks them to get to know each other and asks Azam ti start first. Azam jokes and Nikumbh smiles. Azam shares about his childhood crush and how Nikumbh fooled him and got him getting slapped. Shaheen and Yamini laugh. Shaheen shares her crush who used to be with her in her rickshaw. Azam smiles as she says she was interested in his tiffin, not him. She asks about Yamini was there someone. Yamini says no, never, there was no one, I did not have time. Nikumbh smiles.

Nikumbh says but you know how to emote love, if you did not experience in love. He says this is why you want happy ending, do you have any idea about love stories. Yamini says yes, I think you had much experience, share with us, tell us why can’t it be happy ending in love story. Azam gets worried seeing Nikumbh’s temper. Nikumbh keeps quiet thinking about his GF ditching him. He says leave my past, why should I tell anyone. Leave from here and let me sleep. Yamini looks on.

Its morning, Azam asks Nikumbh not to go alone for the radio interview. Azam asks how will Yamini come alone, its new place. Nikumbh says you bring her and leaves. Yamini turns up late. Nikumbh is upset and looks at her.

Yamini scolds a guy and he pushes her in anger. She falls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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