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Baawre 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikumbh and Raghavendra arguing. Raghavendra scolds him and says she is my daughter and I know what is right for her, I know you are using her stardom and you will become agent tomorrow. Nikumbh smiles and says what are you now. Raghavendra is shocked and controls his temper. He says he will show his place very soon and threatens him. He asks him to be away from Yamini and take decision in one hour, else he will not leave him. Yamini meets the designer and talks about LFW. She selects her dresses. Yamini thanks her and takes the dress.

Azam and Shaheen are outside the college. He is going to write the exam and says he will pass this war to pass their love. She wishes him all the best and they shake hands. Raghavendra gets Nikumbh’s call. Nikumbh says one hour is over, your offer is small, I won’t leave Yamini for sponsorship or anything else in the world. He ends the call. Raghavendra gets angry and calls his goons asking them to beat up Nikumbh. Yamini is shocked hearing this and runs to save Nikumbh.

Azam comes back after writing the exam. Shaheen looks at him and asks what happened, how was the paper. He smiles and dances. She smiles. Nikumbh comes for a meeting to get sponsorship. Yamini calls him and he ends the call. He gets the help and says he will do the formalities. He comes out and gets beaten by the goons. Yamini comes in between and she gets hit also. She gets hit on her head and falls. Nikumbh shouts Yamini and hugs her. The goons call Raghavendra and your daughter came in between and saved Nikumbh. He asks does anything happen to her. The goon says we did not know she will come, she is somewhat hurt. He is shocked and scolds them that he will kill them if anything happens to Yamini.

Nikumbh brings Yamini to the haveli and takes care of her wounds. He asks why did you be foolish and come in between, I m fine. She says dad will never understand this. She says she will bear this wound, but how will she bear pain which dad gives her, he will never let us unite. She starts leaving. He asks her to stop and holds her. She says leave me, its good if I leave, I will hurt you, its better that we don’t meet. She says all this happened because, you be alone and safe, else dad won’t leave you. She says today I heard him and came there, else what would have happened.

He asks how can she get afraid like this and leave him. He gets annoyed and says you think I m so weak, fine you can go, leave, your dad wants this, to scare you, he won. He explains her to be strong and support him. Raghavendra comes there and hears Nikumbh convincing Yamini. He asks her is she fine and asks did she get any wound. She moves back. Nikumbh brings a stick and gives him asking him to beat him and bring out his anger. Yamini is shocked. Raghavendra looks on.

He says beat me as long as you want, then see when I can forget your daughter or not. Raghavendra sys stop this drama. Nikumbh says come on, start beating me, my condition is if I don’t leave Yamini, then you will not try to separate us. He says start now, tell me can you do this. Raghavendra says stop this nonsense, is this any drama scene. He throws the rod and asks Yamini to come. She goes to the room. She locks the door. He asks her to open the door else he will break the door. She says she won’t come with him. He says please open the door.

Nikumbh says no use of it now, I know her, she won’t listen to you now. Azam and Shaheen have chaat. Shaheen feels its very spicy and asks for water. Azam runs to get water and a man stops him. Azma says she wants water, please leave. They argue and the pot falls and breaks. Shaheen smiles. A guy comes and asks Azam to come fast and some goons have beaten up Nikumbh. They leave fast. Raghavendra comes to the goons and scolds them for hurting Yamini. His wife hears this and is shocked. They say she came in between. She goes and tells this to Dadi. Dadi is shocked. Raghavendra comes home and scolds her for giving birth to such daughter. Dadi gets angry and slaps him. He is shocked.

Dadi says she will not stay here and will go to stay in haveli. She says the day you realize your mistake, you give Yamini’s hand in Nikumbh’s hand. Yamini’s mum and Dadi leave the house.

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