Baawre 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikumbh calling Yamini and asking her to open the window. She is shocked and says she can’t, as its very late, it will be problem it anyone knows. He stands outside and says we know each other, please let me come for two mins, then I will go. She opens the window. He comes inside her room and they have an eyelock. She asks what is it for what you can’t wait, tell fast. He stares at her. She says my image at home got spoiled, don’t ruin it more, tell me fast. He says stop, and burns a letter. She is shocked. He says see I have come out of my past, now you are my everything.

He says I did not think I could ever say it. He smiles and says its his day today to say it. He says he loves her. He says I love you Yamini. She is stunned. Music plays…………….. They have an eyelock. She smiles and asks sure. He says very sure, he realized it late. He says actions speaks louder than words and opens his arms. She hugs him. She says I did not think you will tell this to me. She says she felt her love does not have the thing which can make me admit your feelings. He thanks her for making him understand and bringing him out of his past and make me live my life happily.

She says enough now and makes him sit beside her. She says the truth is I m very happy for us. He says he will do something for getting sponsors, so not to worry. They hear someone and Nikumbh says I will leave now. Yamini stops him and says she wants to see him coming from door. She says you can explain our love to world. He hugs her and leaves smiling. Nikumbh comes to Azam whistling and dances with him. Azam asks what are you doing. Nikumbh hugs him. Azam says tell me what happened.

Nikumbh says fine, but don’t laugh, its good news. He says he has confessed his feelings to Yamini. Azam is shocked. Nikumbh hides his face being shy. Azam says congrats, we are equal now, very good. He says he will kiss her. Nikumbh says move far. Azam jokes. Nikumbh asks what is he doing. Azam says he has some ideas to study ahead, as Shaheen’s dad should not feel bad making me son in law. Nikumbh says great, you are love Guru. Its morning, Dadi talks to Raghavendra. He talks about Yamini.

Dadi comes to Yamini and wakes her up. Yamini smiles. Dadi asks her what happened. Yamini says Nikumbh came from window. Dadi says what, tell me what happened. Yamini tells her everything and hugs her. Dadi blesses her and says you got this courier. Yamini reads it and says its invitation in Lakme Fashion Week, its big event. They called me, it will be fun, I m excited, my life is changing. Yamini comes to Nikumbh and shows the invitation card of LFW. She says she will be there and says who are coming there. She says we both will go there, this is the best day of my life.

She asks will he come with her. He says yes. She says I don’t believe this, why did you agree, for me or anyone else. He says yes supermodels. She beats him. He says no, for you, only you. He says who has sent the invitation. Yamini says Shaheen has done it. He says oh. She says she did good. Azam comes to Nikumbh and asks where is he going wearing new clothes. Nikumbh says he has good news. We got the sponsors. He says he is going for meeting, don’t tell Yamini, I will tell her once things gets finalized. He leaves. Yamini tells Dadi what happened with Nikumbh. Dadi teases her saying ILU ILU. Yamini says even Nikumbh got the LFW invitation. Dadi says you are boring.

Yamini says tell me how will we go together. Dadi says fine, I will help you, tell him to come by door and tell us that he will take care of you. Yamini says he takes care. Dadi says I will also come. Yamini says done. Dadi says I m waiting for the day when he comes to meet me by the door. Raghavendra comes and asks about her preparations. They get tensed thinking did he hear their talk. He says performance is soon. Yamini says yes fine. Dadi says you leave for work. He leaves. Nikumbh thinks about Yamini and is driving. He meets with an accident and falls on the road. Yamini sings a song in her room being very happy. She sings Baawre…………… She gets a call from Azam, who tells her about Nikumbh’s accident. She is shocked.

Yamini goes to the hospital to meet Nikumbh.

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