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Baawre 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a goon following Yamini. She gets tensed and looks for Nikumbh. Nikumbh too tries to find her. The goon comes to know and removes her stole to see her face. Yamini is shocked. Azam and Shaheen talk about Nikumbh and Yamini, as she is not like us, if anything happens, it will be a big problem. Azam says Nikumbh is teaching her character, if Yamini has to become Shakuntala, we have to do his. Yamini slaps the man for teasing her and calls everyone saying this is thief and misbehaved with me. Everyone beat him. The mans ays she is a famous singer Yamini Singh. She gets tensed. Everyone look at her.

She says no, I m not Yamini Singh. Nikumbh comes and hearing this says Shakuntala, come with me. Yamini says see I m Shakuntala, they think I m Yamini. Everyone believe then and leave. Nikumbh and Yamini smile seeing each other. Baawre…………….plays…………. The narrator says Yamini has become Shakuntala now, I was afraid thinking she will manage or not, but she did very well, but he is making her bold like Shakuntala.

He says I m worried but a new morning comes after a night, so we will get to know. Dadi scolds someone who calls her again and again to make insurance. Yamini says I will scold him. She talks to him and explains him not to bother any senior citizen. They have a laugh. Dadi asks what did you have today. Yamini says I wanted to tell you. She says about the Chor Bazaar story.

Dadi says Raghavendra should not know this. Yamini says fine, give me your anklet, I want to wear it. Dadi says I kept this for you only and gives her. She asks what will Nukumbh’s next task be. Yamini says I don’t know, I was happy doing the first task and did not think about others. Azam and Nikumbh have a talk. Nikumbh asks what does he want. Azam says I m serious, Shaheen asked me to come, see my speed. Nikumbh says so I m afraid. Azam says give me some credit, I m not smart like you, you made Yamini do the task. Nikumbh says yes, she was very happy after doing it.

Nikumbh says she did not very well, I m happy seeing her dareness. He makes Azam eat a samosa. Azam pulls his leg and asks about the next task. Nikumbh says even I don’t know, what to tell you then. Yamini rehearses in the haveli and coughs . Nikumbh gives her water. She says I get cough by dust. He says oh, you are grown up with much care. He says even I was nervous yesterday. She says did you think I won’t do the task. He says you were not at the shop, so I got tensed.

She says you are big star of Lucknow. A man comes and gives them tea and asks Nikumbh about his group. Nikumbh says I called them group. The man says oh, called late and you two….. Nikumbh says why don’t you have mobile, its strange, for security reasons? She says no. He says oh, so personal matters, whats the problem in keeping mobile. She says you will find it kiddish, I had the mobile but dad took it, as he does not like it as its safe. Nikumbh says so ….? She says my dad thinks mobile spoils the generation, misuses the freedom. She tells about her neighbor Sheetal, who run away with someone, so dad feels its because of mobile, he does not want me to spoil.

He says why does you got punished or their mistake, don’t you think you need it, its necessity. Yamini says no, my dad knows whats good and bad or me. He says did you talk to your dad what does you want. You should take a stand for yourself, no one will come forward to help you. He sees fear in Yamini’s ears and thinks. He says I got my next task. She asks what. He says come for next scene.

Shaheen and her friend are shopping. Shaheen wants to buy something for Azam, as he bought form for her, he won’t take money, so she is gifting him. Azam comes and meets her. Shaheen says she is my friend Zainab. Zainab says I m getting late and leaves. Azam and Shaheen havea talk and laugh. She gifts a tie and says if you don’t like this, you can buy anything. He says your choice is good, but its costly. She says we are friends. Azam says but no one does so much for friends. Shaheen says you brought form for me, I knew you won’t take money so I decided to gift.

Yamini talks to Raghavendra by Uttam’s mobile and thinks of Nikumbh’s words. She says everyone here asks me why don’t I have mobile. Raghavendra shouts on her and asks who is filling her mind with this junk. Yamini gets scared and sad. Nikumbh looks on. Raaghavendra says just shut up, whom do you want to talk, just do your work, got it. He ends the call.

Yamini comes home. She hears a phone ringing. She does not bother but it rings again and again. She looks for it. She finds a phone in her purse and is shocked. He takes the call and its Nikumbh. He says you asked the second task, it has started, all the best. Yamini does not understand. She turns and sees Raghavendra. She is shocked. He looks at the phone angrily.

Raghavendra asks Yamini how did she get this phone. He scolds her and says how dare you keep this when I said no.

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