Baawre 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Azam scolding Nikumbh for not calling him, even his mum was crying. He asks who is she? Nikumbh says what. Azam says take the injection within 24hours. He gets a earring in his shirt and asks whose is it. Nikumbh says Yamini’s, it got with me by mistake. Azam asks tell me everything, I m I n no hurry. Yamini tells about what happened to Dadi happily. Dadi tells Raghavendra that she will give a big Prasad at the temple as Yamini came home safely. Yamini says sorry. Her mum its not her mistake. He says how can she leave from the haveli from a strange man, anything could have happened. She says he is not stranger for me.

He says I m permitting you as a director is coming to see the play, but be careful and stay away from him. Nikumbh says wow, great timing of the fate. Nikumbh says it was all fine till her dad came, but afterwards, he fumed on me. Yamini was scared seeing him, I thought she will defend me, but no, she did not tell anything. Azam says you should have slapped her dad, every girl is the same except Shaheen, no she is also same. Nikumbh says she is much afraid, she can’t take stand, she can’t do this role of brave Shakuntala.

Yamini’s mum asks is she hiding anything, why was she alone with Nikumbh, did he do anything. Yamini says no, I was safe, he helped me. Raghavendra asks what help. Nikumbh compares Shakuntala and Yamini, she is opposite to Shakuntala. Azam says no, she is not so weak, she sings song on the stage before many people. Nikumbh says fine come and see tomorrow in rehearsals, this play is everything for me and I can’t let it spoil. The narrator says Nikumbh wants to kick out Yamini from the play, he is not happy with her work, I can understand his feelings for the play, it has to be successful as his career depends on it.

He says I have some doubt, will Yamini do her role, the story is bringing hatred again, I feel Nikumbh will insult her again, else is this a test for her, will he do something to bring out her strength. They both are complex. Raghavendra says Tripathi has helped me in finding Yamini. He calls him and says thanks a lot, Yamini came home safely. Dadi asks Yamini why is she upset. Yamini says Papa should have said thanks to Nikumbh, he did not leave me alone and helped me.He even lost his scooter. Dadi says tell him I have blessed him. Yamini smiles and says I don’t want to do anything wrong now.

Azam and Nikumbh are at the haveli. Azam looks at the door waiting for Shaheen. Nikumbh teases him. Azam sees Yamini coming. Nikumbh says I have to return her earring and goes to her. Yamini thinks about how her dad scolded Nikumbh. He greets her. She says actually yesterday………… Baawre…………..plays………… Nikumbh does not get the earring and looks for it. Shaheen comes and greets everyone. Shaheen says I knew you will be safe if Nikumbh is with you. Azam talks to her.

Nikumbh laughs. Azam takes her with him. Yamini says don’t feel bad of my dad’s words. He says its fine, I understand the situation. He says come for the rehearsals. The rehearsals start. Yamini sits on her knees to say the lines. Nikumbh says not this way, bring emotions, come in the character. Nikumbh does not like it again and asks her to feel, think of someone whom she loves and suddenly she lost him, then what will she do. Yamini says I will feel bad and accept it as it maybe my fate. Nikumbh looks at Azam. Azam signs him to give her another chance. Nikumbh says no, you will have to fight for it.

Nikumbh does the lines of the Rishivar and Yamini says her apology lines. Nikumbh says not agaun, and scolds her. Azam stops Nikhumb and asks him to control his anger. Nikumbh says now you will have to do it alone. Yamini does it again and again. Nikumbh gets angry and asks her to cry to bring feelings. Everyone see Nikumbh shouting on Yamini and Yamini crying. Yamini cries and says sorry I can’t do this. Nikumbh tells everyone that Yamini thought this play is easy and this can give her a boost to career. Uttam says Raghavendra came to meet her. Nikumbh does not let Yamini go and stick to rehearsals.

Yamini resumes her lines again. Nikumbh says repeat and wants to extract the best from her. She says how many times will I say the same line. He says till you say it perfectly, don’t argue, do as I say. Yamini says my dad is waiting. Nikumbh says continue. Raghavendra waits a lot and goes in to see. Yamini says her lines again. Azam stops Nikumbh and says enough now, I can’t see it now. Yamini says the lines perfectly now crying and bringing lots of emotions in it. Raghavendra comes there and sees Yamini apologizing to Nikumbh. Yamini sees him and gets tensed. Everyone look at Raghavendra. He asks Yamini who did this and shouts. Everyone stand. Nikumbh looks at Yamini.

Nikumbh asks Yamini to buy a ring in Rs 200. She bargains and many people surround her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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