Baawre 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Baawre 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini trying to tell Nikumbh about her feelings. He asks what. She says actually I……… He says tell me, I can’t predict, you have to say. Yamini smiles and is hesitant. She says I wanted to tell you that I…… His phone rings and he talks to Azam. Azam asks him to check tv news, as the sponsor is praising them. Nikumbh runs to see being excited. Shaheen asks Yamini to say fast. Yamini says its not easy, In will say when the right time comes. Nikumbh calls them. Shaheen says tell him when he comes back. They see the news and are excited to hear about their theatre company being grand. Shaheen signs Yamini to say. Nikumbh notices them. Yamini asks Shaheen to wait. Nikumbh asks whats going on between them. Shaheen says Yamini wants to tell something to you, He says sorry, I forgot, yes tell me what is it. Shaheen asks Yamini to say it.

Nikumbh asks is everything fine at home. Yamini says yes. He says then what. She says I want to tell you that I………… I………. He asks I???? She says I don’t think so that my name should be on letterhead, you should write Azam’s name, he is your best friend. Shaheen leaves angrily. Nikumbh says is Azam’s name such a big issue, did Azam make her tell this, why can’t he tell me directly. Yamini stops Shaheen and says she is not saying as its not the right time. Shaheen says there is nothing like right time, you can’t tell him, I will drop you home. She says she will do something. Yamini says no, I will tell him. Azam comes and Shaheen tells him the problem. He asks did your dad say anything. She says no, why, did he meet you, did he say anything. He says nothing. Yamini leaves. She says its about Yamini and Nikumbh.

Nikumbh comes and asks Azam does he have any problem with his name down on letterhead. Azam says are you mad. Nikumbh says hen why did Yamini say this. Shaheen asks Nikumbh to understand it, as she wanted to say something else, as he is a poet and writer and should know it. She says saying I………….. Azam stops her. Azam changes the topic about the party of getting sponsorship. Nikumbh says we have less money. Azam says I knew this, so I asked Shaheen not to tell him, we will arrange party and invite him. Nikumbh says grow up Azam please. He leaves.

Shaheen asks Azam why did he stop her. Azam says let Yamini say, we will make them talk in party. The party begins. Yamini comes. Nikumbh is still not here and Azam says my Nikumbh will surely come. Shaheen beats him and says Yamini wants to go soon and Nikumbh’s phone is off. They come to know Nikumbh is in art room writing poetry. Azam and Shaheen send Yamini to Nikumbh. She says she came looking for Azam and Shaheen. Nikumbh says I knew you will come. Azam and Shaheen are waiting for Yamini to tell it now. They have a talk. Nikumbh says they are love birds. Azam and Shaheen smile.

Nikumbh tells some poetry. Shaheen likes it and smiles. Azam says romance is in his head, but his mind and heart are not connected. Shaheen comes to him and asks him to teach Azam. Yamini asks did she fight with Azam. Shaheen says it was just a reason to send her here, come on tell him in 5 mins. Azam comes and says the came. Nikumbh asks whats going on, what are they telling in your ears. She says nothing.

Everyone come and say times up Yamini, if you can’t say it, then we will say it. Yamini gets tensed and starts coughing. Nikumbh gets water and makes her drink. He asks is she better. She nods yes. He smiles and gets up to leave. Yamini holds his hand and looks at him. She says I love you to him infront of everyone. Bhatak le baawre…………………plays…………….. He leaves her hand and says how can Lucknow singing star think this about me, anyone would die to hear this from you, but you are my friend. He says he can’t reciprocate her feelings, he does not deserve her. He says my heart can’t adjust anyone, it does not place. Everyone look on. Nikumbh says sorry, I respect your feelings, but I don’t feel so. Yamini is shocked.

Nikumbh says forgive me, if I or my behavior made you feel this, my intention was not this. You are special to me just like Azam, as a friend, but no love. He walks away. Yamini cries. Baawre………………plays…………..

Yamini tells Shaheen that she promised herself she will not fail in her love and will make Nikumbh’s no turn to yes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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