Baawre 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikumbh seeing his scooter got burnt. Yamini says now we can go, there is less noise out now. He says yes. She tries to divert his mind by her talk. She says its dark and we should talk, as we won’t feel scared. He says fine. He says the scooter which is burning outside, was my dad’s last thing, he bought it for me. He says I did not make him happy, he felt I m spoiling my future in theatre, I could not fulfill his dreams by doing a job, I went against him. She says maybe he did not like theatre. Nikumbh says he spent his whole life in theatre but kept me away thinking I m not suitable for it. She says but you proved yourself, but you could not hear this from him. Baawre…………..plays………..

She says he loved you a lot, that matters, you might have felt he did not understand you and he is wrong, but you should always remember that parents always want good for their children, as they love us the most. He changes the topic seeing her getting upset. He tells a story and she smiles. Yahin doobe din mere………….. teri galliyan…………. Plays…………..They have a laugh and think about their fights before. The power comes. They hear the radio.

Yamini gets upset thinking how much her family will be worried or her. Dadi prays to Lord for Yamini, saying make her reach home, please, do anything, we are worried. Yamini’s mum cries and says its dark outside, don’t know where is Yamini. Nikumbh asks her who motivated her to sing. She says my dad, I used to sing in childhood, then she won a stage show, so dad motivated me to take this route in career, I m all because of him. He says you are lucky to get such dad, who understood your dreams. She says my dreams, this? She says I mean my dream is to become like Shakuntala, it needs guts and tells about the play. She says I can’t even say sorry, I don’t have guts, I wanted to tell you sorry for everything.

She clears all the misunderstandings. He says fine. Bhatak le Baawre………..plays………… He says even I have to tell something, lets rehearse the lines. She says here. He says yes. She starts telling the lines and he too starts acting. He does Dushyant’s role and apologizes to her, as if he is apologizing to Shakuntala. Raghavendra calls his wife and says he will not fail, and will come home only with Yamini. Yamini takes his tiffin and starts eating. He is surprised seeing her. She says I feel hungry when I m tensed. He also shares the food. She says this dish is my fav. He starts getting hiccups. She gives him water.

She says someone will be missing you. He smiles and says Azam. He says I want to say something. She says don’t feel bad, I m not like you think. He says maybe its happening with me too. He says I m really sorry. Yamini is shocked. He says I wanted to tell you but could not. They hear some people breaking the door. She asks what will we do now. They hide. Nikumbh stands infront of her. They see Yamini and says there is she. Raghavendra comes and Yamini is glad seeing him. Raghavendra is shocked seeing Nikumbh and Yamini together. He sees Nikumbh holding her hand.

Raghavendra asks Yamini did Nikumbh hurt her. Yamini tells him that Nikumbh has saved her. Raghavendra asks her to go and sit in the car. Nikumbh says Sir actually……………Raghavendra says did I ask you, answer when I ask you, you are the root cause of this, don’t be a hero, you might have brought her here. Yamini says Papa……… He scolds Yamini. Nikumbh gives an explanation. Raghavendra says I understand everything, but you should know I don’t forgive mistakes.

Yamini says lets go home Papa. Raghavendra asks Nikumbh not to be around Yamini again, this is his warning. Nikumbh gets angry. Yamini leaves with Raghavendra. Nikumbh looks on holding his burnt scooter. The narrator says how much we plan, it always goes wrong, I m here since morning to try this story to reach its destination, but see Raghavendra’s anger, and see Nikumbh’s ego, and Yamini did not speak up in Nikumbh’s favor despite owing what he did for her. He says this is wrong, I m a sutradhaar, a story teller, but I know whatever happens is for good, I feel Nikumbh has seen Yamini’s knot in her heart and he will do anything.

Nikumbh makes Yamini say her lines perfect. She sits on his knees and says forgive me please, don’t punish me. Raghavendra comes and misunderstands the scene.

Update Credit to: Amena

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