Baawre 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini talking to Dadi. She says I don’t like lying to dad, but if I tell truth, he won’t let me spend time with Nikumbh, I wish he understood me. Dadi says he will, you just listen to your heart. Yamini smiles. Nikumbh comes to Azam and asks is he fine, why so many books. Azam says yes, love is making me study now. He says don’t worry, I will do my work too. He asks Nikumbh to help him and Nikumbh says sorry. Azam does emotional blackmail and Nikumbh smiles. Azam says Shaheen’s dad wants an educated son in law. Nikumbh says he is better than Yamini’s dad, do you want to become mine. Azam says no, I m fine as myself. Nikumbh says he will rest and sleeps.

Dadi comes to Yamini. Yamini says I don’t have good clothes. I m going in LFW, Nikumbh will also be with me. Dadi says oh, so you want to look good. Shaheen comes and says you will go there and look the best. Yamini says how, I don’t have anything stylish. Shaheen says she fixed her appointment with designer Sonakshi Raj. Yamini is happy and thanks Shaheen. Yamini says one tension is over and other started. Dadi asks now what. Yamini says her hairstyle. Shaheen says don’t worry, I have fixed hair stylist in best salon. Yamini says you did everything and hugs Shaheen happily.

Shaheen comes to meet Azam at his shop. She says will you just study and not call and message me. He says he is feeling its tough. She says you are doing this for me, I know you will do it. Shaheen and Azam have a cute talk. She questions him on what he studied and he answers her bringing their love in between. She smiles. She writes the questions and says its one hour paper, your time starts now. Yamini talks to Nikumbh and says this song is for you specially. She sings Hawa ke jhoke aaj …………………Raghavendra sees Yamini practicing and is glad. Nikumbh smiles hearing her. Sawaar loon……………..plays……………….

Azam writes the paper and fails. He says if I fail in real, what will I tell your dad. Shaheen laughs and says you passed. He hugs and kisses her. She is shocked. He says sorry, did you feel bad. She says no. He says no, and kisses her again. She says I should go now. He says why, where. She says haveli. He says let Yamini and Nikumbh be alone for some time. They talk about LFW. Nikumbh flirts and Yamini says lets see who looks well. He stops her and says sorry. They have a laugh. She says she will not let him go like this and will think something good. He holds her hand and asks her to sit.

He says you did a lot for me, I want to give you something. He gifts her his poetry, their love story script. He says its since you have gone and you came back. She smiles. Nikumbh says some poetry and gives her the compiled file. Its night, Yamini comes home and reads the poetry to Dadi. Raghavendra comes and hears this. He says so this is going on here. He throws all the papers in air and she is shocked. He says I told you to do anything, but not break my trust. He says it will be a big loss. Yamini picks all the papers. He says see mum, he is going mad in Nikumbh’s love, and not caring about her father who did so much for her. He steps on the papers and goes to his room.

Dadi talks to him and says is this the way to talk to grown up daughter. She scolds him and says we have heard you a lot. She tries to explain him to learn from his mistake and how long will he make Yamini live her life on his terms. He says I can see her future in risk. She asks him not to do this. Raghavendra asks why are you saying this, if you are my mum, then I m Yamini’s dad, she is my own daughter, you are supporting Yamini, you don’t know people, I know how is Nikumbh, he is dreaming to win Lucknow, but he has to stay away from my daughter, else I will send him very away.

He says see Yamini and shows her pic. He says is Nikumbh equal to her, he does not even have any home, he is staying at haveli like a beggar, will he keep Yamini happy. He says Yamini will not go with him. Its morning, Raghavendra comes to meet Nikumbh and warns him again to be away from Yamini. Nikumbh says but Yamini does not want this, she loves me and she can run away with me too. Raghavendra is shocked.

Raghavendra threatens Nikumbh and asks him to think for one hour and leave from Yamini’s life. The goons beat up Nikumbh. Yamini comes in between and gets hit on her head. Nikumbh holds her. Baawre………………..plays……………….

Update Credit to: Amena

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