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Baawre 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikumbh telling Yamini that he is ready to work with her in the play. She is stunned and asks him is he really ready. He says but I have few condition. She asks what. He says this time you won’t interfere in my work. She says fine and says I also have a condition. He looks at her. She says this play can’t be without us, you will not be boss, we will be equal. He says you did not agree to me last time. She says then we can’t be equal, if we don’t get agreed to anyone, we can take Azam or Shaheen’s decision. He says how can they decide. She says they are audience and whatever we do is for them. She says no one will scold anyone. He says done, and you don’t argue. She says don’t make fun and taunt anyone. They start arguing again. She says now I will go, I will tell if there is any there condition.

He says this time we have less time, so come in morning tomorrow. She says yes. He says done and shakes hands. She leaves. Bhatak lena baawre……………plays………… Nikumbh comes to Azam and sees him upset. He gives him the phone and asks him to ask how did he come. Azam is angry. Nikumbh says sorry. Azam says I heard it yesterday. Nikumbh hugs him. Azam says leave me. Nikumbh says fine and sits like a hen to apologize. Azam says you tried a lot, now go. Nikumbh says I m feeling guilty, I m stuck from two sides. Do I have any option, can anything happen if we don’t stay together, Nawab Sahab wants me to stay there.

Azam says I feel happy seeing you here, as you are best friend, and I m habituated to talk to you, have food with you, share everything with you, yesterday you were not here, but I spoke to you. You are my best friend, nothing happened with Shaheen, but now she is getting married. He says I went to propose her and her cousin took me about her engagement. He says I will manage myself, don’t think I m weak. Nikumbh says you have become strong being alone and teases him saying his life is ruined. Azam hugs him and they smile.

Nikumbh says I m doing a play again with Yamini. Azam says what. Dadi wakes up Yamini. She tells Dadi that she is working with Nikumbh again, we were good friends and see now we can’t bear each other, things got complicated, can’t everything become fine. Nikumbh says poor people don’t have option, but gets chance. I can’t reject every project because of her. He says whats bad will happen now, I want to open a theatre company on my dad’s name. Azam asks him to think about going to Mumbai, Nikumbh says yes, I had to face this one day.

Raghavendra asks Yamini why did she get late and having breakfast at this time. He says he needs to talk to her and says I won’t be able to come with you to Mumbai. She says what? How will I manage, I won’t go. He says I have some work of the MLA, did I leave you alone anytime.

He asks her not to worry as he will come after one day. He asks her to manage everything, and call him if she has any problem. He leaves. Dadi tells Yamini its your lottery, it will be fun without him. She says what fun, Nikumbh is more dangerous than him. Shaheen comes and greets Nikumbh. Nikumbh asks you, is everything fine. She asks about Azam. He says he is at his home, why. She says he is behaving me in strange way, what did I do, if he does not talk to me, how will I know. He says its your matter, solve it yourself, I can just say about the problem that you are getting married. She says who told you. He says your cousin. She says I don’t know about this.

He says then clear the misunderstanding with Azam. She says I will explain him in good way. He says Azam cares for you a lot, actually I left his home, so he is upset, you please take care of him. She says but he should also talk to me. He says my new play is starting here tomorrow, so Azam will be here, and I m there for you as a friend. She smiles. Its morning, Shaheen meets Azam at the haveli and looks at Nikumbh and Yamini saying their lines in the rehearsals.

Yamini is unable to do it well. Nikumbh and Yamini argue again. Azam and Shaheen looks on. Jamal says interval and brings hot pakodas asking them to have it and he goes to bring tea. Nikumbh says tell me when you are done with this Yamini. She gets upset and looks at him. Nikumbh and Yamini get into the play rehearsals once again and he holds her. Raghavendra comes there and sees Nikumbh and Yamini romancing. He gets angry and Yamini is shocked seeing him.

Nikumbh gets the contract papers from Rastogi and asks how did the money get less, we spoke about some higher amount. Rastogi says the show is not big. Nikumbh says I m doing this for money, so I want money before the show. Raghavendra says don’t worry, do as he says, give him the money. Raghavendra says just do the work and take the money. Nikumbh says I know my work. Raghavendra leaves. Nikumbh taunts Yamini and asks her to spare him by not making him feel small by doing big favors. Yamini gets angry and asks him not to be angry on her, and she is not the old Yamini to listen to his taunts. Nikumbh looks at her. She throws the play papers and leaves.

Raghavendra asks Yamini to just do the work and not mingle with stupid people. She says yes Papa, I know how to keep them and looks at Nikumbh.

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