Baawre 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Baawre 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini coming late and saying sorry. Nikumbh scolds her. They start the play rehearsals. Yamini says it’s a love story and should have a happy ending, my role in this is……… Nikumbh says I did not give any role to anyone. Yamini says principal said I will get the lead role. Nikumbh says I will decide and tells the story. The media comes to take Yamini’s interview and Nikumbh gets angry by this sudden disrupt. Raghavendra calls Yamini and says I have sent the reporters, see this play will make your image good. The reporters ask her about her character.

Nikumbh asks Yamini to go somewhere else and continue. He gets annoyed. Yamini says I will do this after rehearsals. Azam sings Baawre and sees Shaheen. She asks what are you doing here, Nikumbh appointed me the stylist. Azam says I m the assistant director and shows some attitude to her. He asks her about her form. She gets annoyed. He says I was joking, give me the form, I will submit it. She gives him the form. She leaves. The reporters ask Nikumbh to tell about the story or his past. Yamini says you have already asked me, let him do his work.

The reporter say it means you don’t want us to cover Nikumbh. Yamini says I did not mean this. Everyone sit to have lunch. Yamini sits alone. While the group hangs with Nikumbh. Nikumbh sees Yamini having veg, fruits and sprouts. Azam asks her to have food with them. She says thanks. Nikumbh smiles and thinks so much pride, that she can’t eat with us. Yamini’s supporter taunts Nikumbh calling only Yamini a star here. Nikumbh asks everyone to come on time tomorrow.

Yamini says its my mistake and goes to talk to Nikumbh but he leaves with Azam. Nikumbh says did you not see what happened today. Azam says sometimes day gets waste. Nikumbh says she is affecting everyone, we can’t make the play good. He gets worried and says we will take a new heroine, Yamini has to quit this. Yamini sees Dadi collecting Baawre articles as she likes it. Yamini says I have to go, I m getting late. Dadi asks why are you so happy, is there any guy in your life. Yamini says yes. Dadi says who is it. Yamini says I m feeling good with my aged people, I feel happy with rehearsals.

Nikumbh tells Nawab Sahab that he has to change Yamini. Nawab Sahab aks him to give Yamini a chance. Nikumbh says she is a star. Raghavendra comes to Yamini and asks her to go. Dadi says you did a good thing to send her in play, she will meet new people and be happy. He says this is to make her image good, you have to do singing, don’t flow with them. Nikumbh says Yamini shows she is extraordinary. Nawab Sahab says then make her ordinary, like everyone.

Nikumbh has ear plugs in his ears. Yamini talks to him and he does not hear it. Nikumbh says like we jumped from table yesterday, today we will jump from terrace. He says I m just kidding, lets work now. He says after you come here, no ego, no drama of status, no tantrums, keep them at home. He says we will do an exercise to open up. Speak your heart out and just express. Azam brings a bowl. Nikumbh says take a chit from this, you have to speak on any work given to you, say anything that comes on your mind.

Pyaare praises Yamini calling her simple star. Azam says I will give the word to Yamini but Nikumbh stops him. He says love and Yamini says I don’t know about love, for me its what my Dadi did with my Dada, he is not alive, but she loves him a lot. She tells some emotional lines. She describes love well. Everyone clap for her. Yamini smiles. Azam says great words, this is first class, very good. Baawre…………plays…………. Nikumbh gets impressed by her once again.

Nikumbh passes ball and asks them questions. Pyaare passes the ball and it hits Yamini’s lips, it starts bleeding. Everyone care for her. Nikumbh asks did it hurt a lot. Yamini says no, I m fine. Pyaare says no, you should go home. Nawab Sahab comes and asks Yamini what happened. Nikumbh asks Pyaare to take Yamini. The narrator says Yamini got hurt, she got wounded when she was 2 years old, then Raghavendra took care of her, today blood came out, maybe he will stop her from coming here, anything can happen, Yamini is entering a new life and everything will be fine.

Nikumbh and Yamini argue. He scolds her and asks her to leave.

Update Credit to: Amena

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