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Baawre 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini saying congrats to Nikumbh and says I want to make it clear that we don’t cross ways again. Nikumbh taunts her. She says so whats the big deal, if I lost the show and you got it. He laughs and asks why do you take your failure so easily, I m asking you again, it did not happen or you did not let it happen. Yamini’s friends come to support her. Nikumbh’s friends argue with them. Nikumbh and Yamini stop them. They look at each other. Nikumbh asks Yamini to leave and says remember our ways won’t be same. Bhatak Le Baawre…………..plays………….

Raghavendra talks to someone and comes to know he won’t get the flyover work. The man says I have the file. Raghavendra says I knew this, he won’t agree. Yamini sings a song with her group. O re Mann tu to baawra hai…………… plays……………. She feels hurt by Nikumbh’s words and thinks about him.

Nikumbh talks to the college principal and says don’t worry, the play will be the best. The principal says I did not know you are famous and praises his focus to do theatre. He says there is no one like you, the college’s reputation is on you. He says auditions will be on, do it today, it will be good. Nikumbh says fine, we can do the rehearsals in haveli. He gets a call. Yamini comes there in the college. Ude khule aasmaan………….plays……….

The girls meet Yamini and even Shaheen is her big fan. Yamini thanks her. Shaheen says I loved all your shows, you sign so well that I danced with happiness, when is your next show. Yamini says its not final yet. Shaheen talks to her. Yamini sees the auditions notice poster. Shaheen asks her to come. Yamini says I have to meet principal. He says you scored well, without coming to college regugarly. He asks how is your work going on. She says fine. He says the college is proud of you. He gives her the invitation to come in the play. She says I will try my best to come.

Nikumbh asks everyone to maintain silence and starts the auditions. Yamini comes there. Nikumbh asks who is there. Yamini leaves smiling. The narrator says Yamini saw a new world today, she wanted to have some small happiness. He says Yamini’s small wishes will fulfill soon via Nikumbh. Nikumbh does not like anyone’s performance. Azam says all are rejected, cast my Shaheen, she acts well. Nikumbh gets principal’s call and says I did not get the lead till now, keeping my fingers crossed.

Yamini comes home and plays with Dadi. Dadi cheats and Yamini catches her. Raghavendra tells her about the play in her college and is she working in it. Yamini is shocked. Nikumbh asks them to send the last girl. She acts well and says good lines. Nikumbh and Azam like her. He says that’s great, fine we will inform you later. Raghavendra says principal requested you to do the lead role in the play. Yamini says how can I act. He says like everyone do. Dadi says she can’t do. Raghavendra says Yamini needs a stage, else people forget starts, I want her to return on stage, she has to do what I say. Yamini nods yes. Nikumbh talks to Azam and is happy.

Nikumbh comes to know that the girl he chose did not come today. He asks everyone to leave their shoes and ego out. Some guys comes asking for Nikumbh and look angry. Nikumbh says what happened. The girl comes with them and says I can’t do this play. Nikumbh asks why. The guy says we came to tell this. Nikumbh says if she did not wish to do, why did she give audition. She says it was by mistake. Nikhumb scolds her saying is it a joke. The guy says I m her brother and we don’t allow girls to act in plays. Azam gets angry. Nikumbh stops him and asks the guys to leave.

Azam asks Nikumbh not to take tension as he can make anyone act. Nikumbh says do one thing, call Shaheen, she studies her right. Azam says yes and leaves to call her. The principal comes and asks Nikumbh is your lead final. Nikumbh says no, it will be final today. The principal says I have someone in my mind, here is she. Nikumbh and Yamini are shocked to see each other. She thinks about his words.

Nikumbh says she can’t do it, she is a singer. The principal says she will do the role. Nikumbh says Yamini does not know acting. Yamini asks how can you decide this without taking the auditions.

Update Credit to: Amena

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