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Baawre 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghavendra convincing Tandon about Yamini. They both get shocked to see Yamini with the worst makeup. Raghavendra asks whats thism change it. She says no, its costume, why is it not good. She says his lines and he is shocked. He controls his anger and says lets go in. Tandon looks at Yamini and sees her side look. The girls come and says we told her everything, but she said she will do everything. Tandon says I needed this, I was finding this, I wanted this fire in my character. Yamini gets tensed. Raghavendra is happy as Tandon praises Yamini. Tandon says we got a good heroine today.

Raghavendra talks to Yamini and tells about the press conference she has to attend. Yamini is quiet and upset as things are going against her, as she wished to make Tandon angry, but he in turn liked her. Raghavendra says I m getting old and want to settle you now. He says Yamini Singh will be next Madhubala for Mumbai.

Raghavendra asks Yamini to walk on the path shown by Lord and don’t think about the poor people, see how this Mumbai loves you, Tandon will announce your name infront of the press. He leaves. Nikumbh and Azam have a talk and joke. Azam says it means Yamini will go Mumbai and will not come back to Lucknow. Nikumbh says yes, she can go from here but Lucknow can’t come out of her. Azam says she is going to be a star and we will see her in press conference.

Tandon talks to the reporters about Yamini. Raghavendra is glad as Yamini comes. She looks pretty ad they look at her. Yamini smiles and everyone clap for her. Tandon asks Yamini to take her seat. The reporters greet her and asks how does she feel in Mumbai, to become a good heroine. She says thanks, I feel like I m in cage. Tandon is puzzled. She says I feel there are many people praising me around, but when I talk, there is no one to hear. She says wjhere there is no sky. The reporter asks is she joking. Tandon asks Yamini what is she saying. Yamini says she is not joking, but has become a joke.

She stands and says sorry, but I can’t do this film. Tandon and Raghavendra are shocked. Azam and Nikumbh see this on the tv. Azam says are you hearing what I heard. The reporter ask Yamini why is she rejecting money and fame. Yamini says no, I feel I don’t need it. She says I know every girl would like this, I know its important, but I know this, its tough to say this, to refuse to work with iconic director lilke Tandon. Yamini says I want to live an ordinary life, not special. She asks is it a crime to live a non famous life. I don’t want money, I m happy as Yamini, from Lucknow, who has her life and dreams.

She says its my life. Dadi smiles. Yamini’s mum looks worried. Yamini says I would have not come here, please don’t take me wrong, I can’t run and want to stay in Lucknow and live my life. Nikumbh and Azam smiles. Dadi cries and says live my doll. Azam claps for her. Nikumbh says yes, she has given her words well, she agreed to me. Baawre……………..plays…………… Nikumbh says I pray for her good. Tando says I want to say Yamini, go and live your life. Raghavendra bows down. Yamini thanks him for understanding.

She looks at her dad. Tandon asks Raghavendra does he have anything to say. Raghavendra says what can I tell Yamini now, thanks for opening my eyes on right time. He talks in Yamini’s favor and says I m a foolish father who did not understand my daughter’ wish. We will go back to our home now. Yamini smiles and hugs him thankfully. He says he just wants Yamini to be happy. They come back to Lucknow. Yamini hugs Dadi and Maa. Dadi ask Raghavendra not to scold Yamini. Yamini says Papa is very happy and he agreed to what I said, he did not scold me. She says Nikumbh was right, that if my dad loves me, then his happiness will be in mine, but I have to explain him.

Raghavendra gets angry and says Nikumbh can come to teach me how to kepe my wife happy, or teach me how to keep my mum happy. He says don’t I keep you all happy, or is Dadi not happy by him, or shall he get a press conference and make her speak so that she can insult him more. He scolds Yamini and says you call Nikumbh the right one and your dad wrong. He says let it go now. He says he agreed to her and brought her back to Lucknow, but now she has to agree what he says, that she will be happy here at home, fine. Everyone is shocked as he asks her not to go out from home.

Nikumbh comes to meet Yamini and she panics. He asks her to be quiet as she is speaking a lot since tomorrow.

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