Baawre 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghavendra at a laughing club. He is shocked to see some news about Yamini. The narrator says Yamini’s image have been shattered as Neha said that Yamini has insulted the orphan kids by not wearing the auction dress which could have given them money, this negative publicity has hurt Yamini as her sponsors can take her shows back. Yamini and Dadi read the news. Yamini says why did Neha do this for such a small thing, now I will see what to do, I will tell Neha everything, how my dress got ruined, she will talk to her dad and he will talk to my dad. Dadi asks her not to do anything wrong.

Maa asks Dadi where did Yamini go. Dadi says she might have gone to have some fresh air. Raghavendra comes home and tells them about the news. Dadi acts like she is reading now and says Tripathi is ruining Yamini’s name. He says don’t tell this to Yamini, just tell her no need to go for rehearsal as there won’t be any of her show at Umang festival. Dadi asks why. He says they called and cancelled the show.

Raghavendra comes to meet Tripathi and apologizes to him for what happened in the party. He says Neha should have not said this in the press, I know you have cancelled Yamini’s show but you should have not done this. Tripathi says I won’t stop Neha, I don’t know how this happened, I was insulted that day. Ragahvendra says it means your daughter makes her decision without your permission. Tripathi says does your daughter not do this. Raghavendra says if you think, you are doing a favor on my daughter, then you are wrong, we are not helpless.

Tripathi says then why did Yamini come to apologize to her. Raghavendra is shocked seeing Yamini there. Yamini gets tensed. Tripathi says I did not do cheap politics. Raghavendra gets hurt seeing Yamini there. He says no one can stop my Yamini, not you and your daughter, if you try to do so, you will regret. They leave and come home. Yamini says Papa I was…………. He says see this and gives the paper. She says I saw this. He says why did you go there, give me a good reason. She says I did not wish to see you hurt so I went there to apologize as you had to bear the loss because of me.

She cries and says but everything went wrong. She gives him a stick and says punish me, beat me, I deserve this. He says I can’t do this. He says how can I punish my daughter. She hugs him. He says no dear, you did not do anything wrong. He consoles her and asks her not to cry. He says you are my daughter, a star, a big star, be as you are, don’t go to Tripathi, I m there to deal with such people, you just do your rehearsals, world will see your work and praise you. She smiles and nods yes.

Azam sees the location of Nikumbh’s Dharamshala. He says once the court case ends, you will get this place. Nikhumb says I don’t think so, Chacha will not give this to me, I want to make a theatre here on my dad’s name. Azam says I m understanding my dad after his death, he wanted me to get settled and do a good job. The narrator says when there is no one to knock the door of pain, they take the support of music. Yamini sings a song Kuch to Behka hai jaisa…………..Bhatak Lena Baawre………….. Some people come and praise her.

Azam meets Shaheen and she asks for the form. He gives her the form. She says so sweet, thanks, how much did this cost. He says you are rude. She asks why. He says I brought this by so much difficulty, and you are giving me money, did I get this for money. She asks then why. He says this is my friend’s play, if you come, you will be happy. She agrees. She smiles and leaves. Nikhumb meets Yamini and shows her the newspaper.

Nikumbh says I can understand your pain as your show got cancelled. She says you love to taunt me right. He says yes and taunts her further. He reads Neha’s statement and makes her angry. He says its so bad. He asks her to come in his play. She says stop this nonsense, who said I cancelled your play. He says don’t lie to me, I know everything, come on the play. He laughs and leaves.

Nikumbh tells his group that he got a 60000rs cheque. Pandey comes back who refused to work with Nikumbh knowing the play got cancelled. Nikumbh accepts him again. Pandey realizes his mistake. Nikumbh says we have to work new again, as our college principal is coming to see our play and gave us offer to make a play for college annual day. They ask about Yamini. He says if she has self respect, she will not come. Yamini comes there and Azam shows her to Nikumbh. They see each other. Bhatak Le Baawre………….plays………….

Yamini says I came to say congrats. They argue where Nikumbh sounds annoyed. She says its good we don’t cross each other’s way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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