Baawre 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini talking to Raghavendra asking him to apologize to Nikumbh and Azam. He scolds her and calls them cheap and out of sight people. He taunts them and says I will be insulted if I talk to them. She says what if I stay in Lucknow all my life, will you feel so talking to me. He gets angry and says thank God that I did not slap you, else….. just remove the junk from your head. He asks her to talk to director and she goes to sleep. He wants to beat her but controls his anger. He talks to the director and clears that Yamini’s room was jammed, she was in her room, she wanted me to talk to you, so that you don’t think she did not want to meet you, she is your big fan.

Yamini hears this. He says she is very glad knowing she will become the heroine in your film, she will come at 11am sharp, good night. He says now if you want to do your loss, I won’t let you do it, sleep now and tomorrow you have to look fresh. He says good night and leaves. Yamini gets up and cries thinking about Raghavendra’s words. She thinks about Nikumbh. Nikumbh is unable to sleep and looks at the sky. Azam calls Nikumbh and asks where is he. Nikumbh says I m in hall. Azam asks is everything fine. Nikumbh says yes, looks fine from this place.

Azam asks him to go and meet her, she will like it. Nikumbh says no, she has to think herself, understand and decide, she needs herself, not me. Nikumbh looks at Yamini sitting in her window and says all the best Yamini. Its morning, Yamini comes out and asks about the waiter about Nikumbh.He says he has left. She says thanks and gets upset. She walks on the beach holding Nikumbh’s shirt. She gets a mirror piece and looks at her face in it.

She talks to herself and says she is a star and loves people’s love and attention, but she loves to be with Nikumbh freely and with her heart. She says she does not want to be in Mumbai, she wants to be in Lucknow, as a simple normal girl, she just wants to live as Yamini. Raghavendra asks her to get ready. He asks her to wear anything good as its her final audition. He says I will choose it and he sees her not being happy.

She says she won’t go for audition, she has to go back to Lucknow and not stay in Mumbai. He is shocked. He asks what did you say, no audition, but who asked you. She looks at him. He says I m seeing how you are not letting me talk. He says you go everything easily so you don’t value it, when you get into a loss, then you will understand what your dad did. She says I don’t want what all you gave me, I want a normal life for me. He says Nikumbh is saying this, not you. He argues with her and says I m ordering you to get ready.

She says not this time, I will go back to Lucknow. She says I feel good to do plays, not this films. He scolds her taunting her about Nikumbh and time wastage. She defends Nikumbh. He says he is passing time, and will one day leave you disappearing. He asks her to get ready fast. She stops him and he asks her not to be friendly with cockroach but to crush it. He says 15mins, get ready fast.

Shaheen talks to Nikumbh and Azam about Yamini. They are on the way. They talk about Raghavendra and Azam jokes. Nikumbh says Yamini should not adjust, she is finding her happiness, maybe she will find this time. Azam says how Raghavendra dragged her. Nikumbh says she has to take decision this time. Tandon praises Yamini and Raghavendra says she is born talented and is a star material. He says she is lucky that Tandon liked her acting. Yamini is silent.

He says nothing is final till now. He says she has to match the character. Yamini goes for the look test and calls Nikumbh. He asks her is she fine. He says yes, say me all the best, what I m going to do for it. He asks what. She says don’t ask me. He says don’t do anything weird, all the best. She says thanks, bye and ends the call. Yamini hears the look test is very important and many girls are trying for this role. Yamini says I will get ready myself, this is my last chance to impress Sir. They say ok and leave. Tandon and Raghavendra are talking. Yamini comes out in the worst makeup and they are shocked seeing her.

Yamini gives the interview to the media that she feels caught in the cage being in Mumbai. The reporter asks is she joking. She says no, I became a joke myself. Raghavendra is shocked.

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