Ayushaman Bhava 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kaushalya sees Avi in Krish

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The Episode starts with Kaushalya praying to Lord and crying in temple. Krish and his parents come there and pray. Krish sits there. Sudha also prays for Krish’s happiness and worldly comforts. She feels some danger is coming on her son and prays to get strength to protect him. Krish takes laddoos and goes. Sudha asks Kaushalya if she has seen her son, he was sitting here in Kanha clothes. Kaushalya says I didn’t see her. Sudha looks for him and goes out. Kaushalya sees Krish sitting away and eating laddoos. She asks what are you doing here, your mum is worried for you. She sees him and goes to hold. Sudha holds him. Kaushalya says my Avinash. Sudha says who Avinash, he is my son, his name is Krish.

Kaushalya says he is my Avi. Sudha scolds her for trying to kidnap Krish. She takes Krish and goes. Krish turns and sees Kaushalya. At home, Sudha tells her husband about Kaushalya, who was trying to kidnap Krish. He calms her down, Krish goes out on his cycle. He gets shocked seeing Avi cycling. FB shows Avi seeing Samaira and colliding with a rickshaw. He falls down and gets hurt. Samaira turns and sees him. FB ends. Krish collides with a man and falls down the cycle. Sudha scolds the man. She asks Krish not to cry and takes him. Kaushalya cries hugging Avi’s pic and says I have belief you are close, when will you come.

Sudha and her husband make Krish sleep. She says he was so smiling always, what happens to him that he gets sad. He asks her not to take tension. She says I feel something happened to him. Pandit tells Kaushalya that there is no Mrityu yog in Avi’s kundli, she is saying he has died. She gets shocked. He says I didn’t see such thing, there is everything fine in this kundli, there is no death, he has family, parents love, money and comforts. She says how can this happen, Avi is…. He says like you are saying, there is just one meaning, Avi has gone leaving some incomplete work, body can go but soul couldn’t go, soul stays here to complete the work in a new avatar, in a new body. Avi’s dad comes and scolds pandit for this nonsense.

Pandit says even Lord can’t change destiny, it will happen. He goes. Kaushalya tells her husband that she has sensed Avi when she saw a little boy. He says Avi is no more. She says he is here, even pandit ji said this. He says eight years passed, till when will you pass life by this lie, now Avi is not in this world, he can never come back. She says don’t cheat yourself, I can see the same in your hearts, you couldn’t forget Avi. Krish looks at himself in mirror and recalls Avi. He thinks of Avi’s friends and family. FB shows….Avi asks Kaushalya to write and sign as he says.

She says I m your mum, you have to listen to me always. He agrees. She says your friend Sudhir, stay away from him. He says he is a nice guy. She says no, he is not good, his eyes are very clever. He smiles. She says my heart knows who is good and bad for you, your heart is very clean. He says its your worry that I can get trapped, mum finds the world enemy, Sudhir helps me in office, he is very nice, fine. Krish’s friend comes and asks did you get ready. Krish celebrates his birthday with family. He recalls Avi cutting the cake and celebrating birthday with his family. He gets shocked seeing Avi’s family in front of him. Everyone claps for Krish and sing song. Krish gets numb.

Doctor tells Sudha that Krish is a genius, nothing happened to him. Krish repairs a laptop, shocking his parents.

Update Credit to: Amena

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