Ayushaman Bhava 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Krish gets past flashes

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Ayushaman Bhava 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the boy playing with the kids. He hears Avi and Samaira’s conversation and stops. The kids ask him what happened. He catches a boy and ends game. He recalls his past and goes to the place where Avi has buried the box. He gets the box and cleans the soil. He opens the box and sees some of the memories. Avi says we will come here every year and keep our love memories here, so that its always alive. Samaira calls him romantic. The boy drops te box and gets tensed.

Avi’s mum Kaushalya asks kids who has hit the ball, don’t play cricket here. She sees the kids turning upset and says sorry, I was just explaining, kids are Lord’s avatar, you will make parents proud by good deeds, you will become good humans. The neighbor ladies taunt Kaushalya for teaching their kids. They taunt her about Avi, he was a thief and coward. Kaushalya asks them to stop it. Kaushalya says my son was not a thief and coward, he has worked hard and fulfilled his dream, you all should be ashamed to blame him, he was innocent. Avi’s dad comes and takes her home.

The boy leaves in the bus and checks the box. Kaushalya cries and says I m fed up by their taunts. Avi’s dad asks her not to talk to neighbors. She gets annoyed and goes. The boy’s mum Sudha gets worried for him and waits. She says I told you not to send him on picnic, bus should have come four mins back. Her husband says 4 mins late, its much. He smiles and says kids went on picnic, don’t take tension. She says nothing will happen to me, I m worried for Krish, he doesn’t sleep well since many days. He say this will happen if he sees horror movies, he is a kid. She says you are not understanding, you know what happened, he was reading a book and don’t know where did he go lost. He says its really a good thing, he will become a scientist. Krish comes home. Sudha asks are you fine. Krish says bus tyre punctured, so I got late. He goes and checks the box. He smiles seeing the things. Sudha says even if he is tired, he always goes to fridge and eats icecream, so I scold him. Krish’s dad says so maybe he didn’t go.

She says but he should go to fridge. Krish sleeps. Sudha makes him sleep properly. She goes to check his bag. Krish calls her and asks her to sing a lullaby. Sudha sings Chanda hai tu….. Kaushalya makes Avi sleep. He stops her and asks her to sing. She says you are like Kanha. Avi says you are like Yashoda. Kaushalya smiles and sees Avi gone. She hugs the pillow and cries. She says I try to forget him every day, but his memories are here, I feel he is here. Avi’s dad asks her to forget it. She says something wrong happened with him, I can still understand his pain.

Krish’s parents surprise him by a new cycle. He likes it a lot. They hide and smile seeing his happiness. They wish him. Sudha asks him to get ready and come to temple to thank Kanha ji. Krish agrees. Sudha wards off bad sight. Krish gets ready as Kanha. They smile seeing him and take pics with him. Kaushalya comes to temple and prays. She says Avi passed away 8 years ago, even then I feel he is around me, if this is true, make me meet him. She cries. Krish comes there with his parents.

Pandit tells Kaushalya that there is no death yog in Avi’s kundli. She gets shocked. Krish celebrates his birthday and cuts the cake. He gets shocked getting a clear visual of Avi’s family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. According to first episode ,avi proposes samaira and within hours avi is dead then how they get time to burrie the box containing their memories,I mean they don’t get time to spend their own ,anyway i love this show

    1. He proposed her for marriage. So they must be in a relationship already.

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