Ayushaman Bhava 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Kavya learns Krish’s critical state

Ayushaman Bhava 27th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sudhir saying sorry to Samaira. She says we shall tell the truth to Kavya by finding the right time. Vikrant recalls killing Avi, Krish and his parents. He gets angry thinking of Krish’s words. Kavya answers a call on Krish’s phone and hears the doctor telling about Krish’s critical state. She says I m his wife, I m also a doctor, can you tell me the matter. He tells her about Krish’s life in danger because of the bullet stuck in his head. She gets shocked and says Vikrant was right, Krish is lying to me, he has hidden this from me. She feels cheated.

Vikrant says I have always lived my life as I wanted. Sudhir says this should have not happened, Avi was my dear friend, he was like my brother, Samaira and Avi loved each other, even then I wanted to get her. He recalls the past mistakes and cries. Vikrant gets revengeful and says I will kill Krish. Sudhir says I m culprit, I have done wrong with many people, whom Vikrant killed for his greed, I must apologize now, I will repent. Vikrant says I have kept everyone in my hands, my Kavya, my princess, my identity, I can do anything for her happiness, but not this, I have to find Krish’s weakness first, everyone has some weakness. He laughs. Sudhir says friendship and love are supreme in this world, how did I forget this, Vikrant is a Kans. Vikrant says I will kill Krish. Kavya waits for Krish. He comes home and asks what happened.

She scolds him for hiding about his critical state. She cries and asks why did you not tell this to me. She says its good I answered doctor’s call and got to know this. She goes. She thinks of Krish and says why do I wish to trust him, after so much happened, I think I should talk to dad. Kavya comes to Vikrant. He asks are you fine, what happened. She says you said right, Krish is a liar, he has broken my trust. She cries. He hugs her and consoles. He asks her to sit.

She says Krish lied to me, he didn’t tell me the truth. He asks her to calm down and be strong, what did Krish say. She says you were right, he tried to fool me, he lied to me, he has hidden everything from me, even about the bullet shot in his head. He gets shocked and thinks now his weakness will become my strength.

Sudhir tells Kavya that they have to tell her the truth. Kavya asks what. Samaira says I will tell her, I loved Avinash, my Avinash is your truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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