Ayushaman Bhava 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Samaira and Sudhir repent

Ayushaman Bhava 26th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vikrant showing the video to Kavya. She gets shocked seeing Krish beating Vikrant and Samaira. Vikrant says I got this proof, I can’t cheat you, he has beaten me a lot. She cries and says Krish didn’t do this right. Vikrant hugs and consoles her. He asks her not to get in Krish’s words from now on. He says I need you to deal with him, I want your support, else I will feel I have done a big mistake, I feel guilty to push you in this marriage. She says I can’t believe this, how could he do this, don’t worry, I will not come in his words again, he has fallen in my sight now. He smiles. She says I will take care of myself and hugs him. He says I will make everything fine. He thinks Kavya hates Krish, she will not support him now. He leaves.

Sudhir says Krish made me think seriously, he said right. Samaira cries and says we have lost a lot, I lost Avi and Krish, I have nothing left now. He says I don’t know what to do, shall I leave or support Vikrant. She says but I know what I have to do. Kavya gets sad and thinks of Krish. Krish comes to Kavya. He gets dizzy. His medicines fall. Kavya worries and gives him medicines. She asks him is he fine. He gets better. She asks him why does he take these medicines. He says I was shot at my head. Samaira hears them.

Kavya asks what do you mean. He says the bullet is still inside my head, it aches a lot. She asks when did this happen. He asks her not to question him. She goes. Samaira cries and thinks of Avi and Krish’s words. She says I was wrong, I didn’t give importance to relations, today relations have shown me the mirror, I didn’t find happiness in Avi’s love, I had to fly in sky, today I have lost everything, I did wrong with Avi and Krish. Sudhir asks her to let the tears flow out, it will wash off her sorrow. She says no, some pains always follow us. He says even I m a culprit, I did wrong with Avi and Krish. She says you should have stopped me once, you wanted to get me when you knew I loved Avi. He says I know, I should have stopped you, I did wrong for my greed, I have sacrificed my friend to get you, I was selfish, do you think we should tell the truth to Kavya. She asks what. He says the truth of Krish’s past, his eternal love, we should tell truth of Vikrant’s crimes, tell me. She agrees.

Kavya scolds Krish for lying to her. He asks what’s the matter. She asks why did you not tell me about the bullet, that can take your life. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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