Away From The Hell (A Riansh OS)

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This OS will start from the track when Vansh shot Riddhima in the jungle.

So the episode will start as Aryan kidnaps Riddhima and kept her in the jungle…when he freed Riddhima, she ran in the jungle to save her’s as well as the little one’s life who was residing in her stomach…soon she got tired and thought to wait for a while but to her badluck, Aryan came there and pointed the gun towards her and was about to shoot her when out of nowhere, a bullet was fired which directly was shot at Aryan’s hand and as a result, the gun from his hand fell down…

The person who fired the bullet was revealed to be Vansh…Riddhima got relieved that Vansh had come and now she would be safe…Vansh angrily stared towards Aryan and said,

Vansh:What the hell is this Aryan?!…who gave u the right to kidnap my wife and to fire a bullet on her?…how dare you do this…

Aryan:Vansh bhai dadi has given me this duty…she has told me to kill Riddhima and so I brought her here…to kill her..

Vansh:Stop lying Aryan!!…before you, dadi had given me this duty…the duty to kill Riddhima so let me do it…


Vansh:Yes Aryan…before you, dadi had told me to kill Riddhima and at that time I couldn’t not do it…so now I am doing it…

Saying he turns towards Riddhima and points a gun towards her and there, Riddhima was standing utterly shocked…not able to believe her ears…before she could comprehend anything more, she heard Vansh say,


These were the last 2 words that Riddhima heard before the gun was shot and the bullet directly pierced in her stomach and she fell down on the ground pooling in her own blood…

There was pin drop silence for a few seconds until Vansh turned around and was abt to go to his car when Aryan shouted,

Aryan:Vansh bhai!!…where are u going?…we shld first confirm that Riddhima is dead and then we should burn the body right?

Vansh:Aryan!!…I have shot her in front of you right?…then why to waste time by burning the body and all?…and this is a jungle right?…so there would be many wild animals who will now come and eat her up..

Aryan:I know that bhai but atleast we shld check right?…wait..I will go and check..

Saying this Aryan went to Riddhima’s body to check on her and placed his 2 fingers near her nose to check if she is breathing or not and as predicted by Vansh, she was dead as not a single breath was been taken by her…Aryan in suprise said,

Aryan:Vansh bhai!…she is really dead…means you really killed her?!..

Vansh:Aryan, was I speaking in French all this while that u are understanding my sayings now?!…common Aryan…now u confirmed right that Riddhima is dead? what are you waiting for?

Aryan:Vansh bhai…wait for some more time…let an animal come here and eat Riddhima’s dead body then we can go from here..

Vansh:Look Aryan…I am not as free as you are so you do one thing, you wait here until an animal comes and eats Riddhima and then you come ok?…I have to go now so let us meet in the next birth ok?

Aryan:Next birth means?

Vansh:See now an animal will come right here nd eat Riddhima right?…so by default its eyes will fall upon you who are standing here and it will eat you and that too I was telling that let’s meet in the next birth ok? no Vansh bhai…I am coming with you…I don’t want to be here..

Said a horrified Aryan and then, they both went home, where Vansh told Dadi abt all the happenings and dadi, in happiness, did the Rajya Abhishek of Vansh.
(A/N : These all things are the same which happened in the show)

It was almost evening when Vansh was free and he went out taking his car. He reached a house and on going in the house, he reached a room and as soon as he reached the room, a satisfactory smile was spread accross his face seeing his love, his life there…yes Riddhima was there…

Angre came near Vansh and said,

Angre:Boss everything happened as per our plan and on ur insistence, I called the doctor too to check on Riddhima bhabhi and she told that both her and her child are fit and fine and bhabhi too shld wake up in sometime…she is just unconscious due to the sedative…nothing to worry..

Vansh:Thank you so much for taking care of Riddhima Angre..

Angre:It was my duty boss..

Vansh:Now you go home and take care of everything ok?…I will be back by tomorrow morning..

Angre:Don’t worry boss, I will handle everything.
(Boss main sambhal lunga 🀭)

Saying so Angre went and Vansh came and sat besides Riddhima taking her small hands in his huge one, he leaned and gently kissed on her forehead and stomach and said to an unconscious Riddhima,

Vansh:Sorry Riddhima and sorry baby for whatever I did today but it was very necessary for me to do it.

Saying so Vansh shifted in the flashback when he shot Riddhima.


So as shown in the show, the bullet which Vansh fired on Riddhima was fake and Angre shot a dart which contained a sedative that makes a person unconscious and their heartbeat and breaths are as good as not there but in reality, the person is alive…

The fake bullet that Vansh shot on Riddhima contained fake blood in it and as soon as the bullet hit on Riddhima’s stomach, the bullet exploded resulting in the fake blood to spread on Riddhima’s stomach area where Vansh had shot and at the same time, Angre too had shot the dart due to which, Riddhima got unconscious.

Flashback ends

Now Riddhima had started gaining conscious and as soon as Vansh saw this, he started calling out her name and soon, Riddhima opened her eyes and Vansh said,

Vansh:Riddhima…are you okay Sweetheart?

Riddhima:Va..Vansh…how come I am still alive?…you toh shot me na….wait!!…Vansh!!…is my baby fine??…you shot on my stomach right?…is my baby fine??

Vansh:Riddhima…relax..our baby is absolutely fine…and the bullet which I shot on you was fake..


Vansh:Yes Riddhima..

Saying this, Vansh told the whole story to Riddhima abt the bullet being fake and all…Riddhima then cryingly said,

Riddhima:I am sorry Vansh…this all happened because of me…Vansh when I saw you unconscious in the jungle, my breath stopped…I din’t understand what to do and so I went to Vyom and made a deal with him…the deal said that I shld give him all ur underworld weapons and precious things and he would set us free from this underworld…Vansh the men who were behind us in the jungle were Vyom’s men and he said that he would kill you anytime so I was scared Vansh…I am sorry if I did anything wrong…the way of my doing must be wrong Vansh bit my intentions were not wrong…please forgive me Vansh..

Vansh:Riddhima…we forgive a person with whom we are angry…and I am not at all angry with you so why should I forgive you?

Riddhima:Really Vansh…you are not angry with me?

Vansh:No Riddhima…I know you did all this for us and for our future…your way of doing is a little wrong because Vyom is a very dangerous…I was scasred that what if he harms you but thank God he din’t do anything like this and from now you don’t have to worry at all because soon, I am going to quit this risky business…

Riddhima:What!!…really Vansh?!

Vansh:Yes Riddhima…from now onwards, we will never face any danger…now it’s late lets eat and then you sleep ok?

In the morning, Vansh went to VR Mansion and in the evening, he again went to his penthouse where Riddhima was staying…he went there and gave her a passport…

Riddhima:Vansh, why this passport?..and why is my name written as Shefali Malhotra?

Vansh:Riddhima from today this is our identity…I will tell you everything later but first pack ur bags…tomorrow morning you have ur flight..

Riddhima:Whattt!!…Tommorow morning!!…and what do you mean by ur flight??…are you not coming with me??…and where am I going?

Vansh:Riddhima…we are going to London…the only difference is that you are having ur flight a little early and I will reach after some days…but don’t worry I have planned everything…once you reach the airport, my men will be standing there and they will take you safely to our house okay?…now don’t think much and don’t take stress, I will explain everything to you tommorow..

Riddhima was sent to London and here, Vansh had planned something big…secretly, he went to the lawyer’s office and transfered all his property shares to orphanages and old age homes.

After some days, all the news channels were filled with a news thatΒ  The great business tycoon Vansh Raisinghania found dead in a car accident.

On hearing this, the Raisinghania’s were shocked and they were more than shocked when they got to know that Vansh had transferred all his property to orphanages and old age homes. Now the Raisinghanias were only left with the VR Mansion and the business but only a small part that was in Aryan’s name. They had got the reward for whatever they did to Vansh and Riddhima.

On the other hand, Vansh too had reached London to his Sweetheart with his identity as Aayansh Malhotra. Now Vansh and Riddhima were more than happy in their lives…away from the dangers and threats and most probably Away From The Hell that was there in their lives. And now they were waiting for the little bundle of joy who was going to come in a few months to fill their lives with more happiness and joy.

So this was the OS guys…hope you all liked this.

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