Avniel love for life (Episode 6 & 7)

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Hi guys im really excited for this maha episodes  ….
So let me make it really clear its not d continution of chap5 actually dis is chap7 and 8 probably  during d weekend ill give d flashback ..of chap6 .   ?sorry  for inconvenience !! 

So just a glance of chap 6 :   avniel took everyone ‘s blessing n left  ..  they reached d airport over there she comes to know ali is v.sick n get tensed luckily aman catches ali red handed along with fatima n neela ..ali  blames riya dat she spiked in his drink .. and appologizes
Avniel leave for Switzerland  happily … ali lies he going to singapore for some bussiness deal  but goes to he goes to Switzerland  actually  to spy with riya … avniel reach n enjoy with some gud eyelocks but its bad dat there is someones evil one them dats of course  ali n riya who hav set up a camera n a video recording device n r spying …curiously
Avni goes ro freashen up .. niel get shekar call …

Chap 7

Shekar :  hi dude so enjoying your romantic  honeymoon

Niel : no dude im not with a litle sad face .. actually im not lucky enough i got such a  .. type of wifffee  who … hattttred …..he stumble seeing avni

He disconnects d call in tension ..

Avni goes inside washroom after taking her clothes act like she heard nothing but actually  is really hurt by niel ‘s words .. as she too loves him alot … the word hated made eye red ..and teary flew

Niel sighed with relief n called out avni ‘s name as it was totally 15 since she got in  so he was worried for his lady love .

Avni came out wipping her tears

She gave  niel a fresh towel n some clothes ..n told him freashen up n hav a bath..

Ali n riya turned on d computer was shocked …

Avni eyes was red as an apple …tears flew of her eye like a stream  .. it was completely  swollen ..she went pale ..she could not forget d word hatred from niel ‘s mouth which made her cry even more …she had a heart shaped pillow in her hand .. she had planned a lot of things  for their honeymoon  but  .. she was reminded of aisha  .and neela who always taught her dat love .., trust is very essential ..
So cried even more harder thinking  she is a burden on niel ..her situation  was out of control . Her kajal was smuged .lips became dry …she was still crying .

She heard niel ‘voice   wiped her tears …she tried her level best to hide her feelings and emotion but it was of no use
Niel came to her as she was watering n niel could understand  avni easily by now.
She was still in a dark corner of d big room.

Niel wiped her tears : wifey dont cry share thing with as husband or aleast a good frnd .. i know u went threw a lot of hardship …but no more .. i cant let u cry …

Avni : wat will u do u r d reason im crying …

Niel : im sorry but wat did u do dat my wifey cry soo much ..d first thing is to punish myself ..

Avni : then divorce me !

Niel is really shocked tears flew from his eyes no doubt he loved her alot ..: watttt???

Avni : yes im right u hate me a lot i spoilled your married life .. you r a gud person who deserves  a lot more happiness … anyway were above to part away so its  hight tym …

Niel : no i its not true and gives a artificial rose from d vase .

Avni throws d rose : liar i know u hate me …our relationship is also fake like dis duplicate  flower ….

Niel : who said this nonsence i lo…..

Avni cut niels words

: o really i heard from your own mouth
Avni removes her mangalsutra like tears flowing  through  her red cheeks

She was above to wipe d sindoor …

Niel stops her …

And sits on his knees with a real rose from bed as it was fully decorated
And says d three magical words

            ???? I LOVE YOU  ????

Avni was struck but she didnt belive niel bcz before sometime he said hatred and now love

So will avni belive in niel or ???

Precap : avni will divorce or she too will covers ???

Keep supporting  me and never forget commment plizzzzz do comment it matters a lot ….

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  1. Oh no.. suspense …but very good Yaar..update next one

  2. I loved it..honeymoon me thora romance add kiya jay to aur maza ayega…let that ali and riya be jealous..update soon baby

  3. O god why this suspence…. but the episode was nyc…

  4. Me6104

    Dont worry romance is going to next epi but i need more comments

  5. Sweetgirl7

    Oh me1604 you rocked it. Kepp writing like this

  6. Zaina

    Hope avni will fall for our Neil completely…. Again suspense….. Pls post the next sooooooon yaaarrrrr….

  7. Me6104

    thank u for your precious comments … Will post shortly …

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