Avneil Sweetest Love Story Episode 17

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It was the most beautiful day for avneil . Their small world arrived and they were at the naamkaran cermony of their 4 girls . Avneil decided and their names were given Prakriti ,Lavanya, Samiksha, Aashi, . All the elders grinned as they saw something so sweet and auspicious. Riya was sitting beside her di avni and so was aman. Riya and aman grinned madly . Dadi( dayaben) , bebe blessed Avneil.
Neela : Beta you kept such beautiful names for your girls . Now i and your Ayesha ma are nani of 4 little girls . So sweet .
Avni : ma mai kitni khush hoon mai bata nahi sakti . Sach mai .
Meri bhi kabhi betiyan hongi maine kabhi socha hi nahi tha . Meri khushi toh khali aap sab mai thi par ab yeh meri sabsi badi khushi hai .

She went to her room with neil and slept heavily as she was tired.
Neil kept looking at her innocent face and pecked her forehead as he cared for her like a baby. She was in deep sleep by now .

Neil, Ali, Riya, Aman and Dd started to talk about Riya and Ali’s wedding . Shikha (Ali’sMom ) had decided the date to be in this month. Even ali and riya wanted it to be this month. So they fixed their wedding . Ali bidded them bye and went to cafe with riya . Dd left to police station and Neil and Aman started discusing about Avni’s future.

Neil – Aman , teri di ne tujhe 4-4 champ diye hai. Tu toh ek nahi balki 4 lakdiyo ka mama ban gaya .
Aman : Ha jiju . Lekin di ko akela mat chodna kabhi . Please unke saath hee rehna . Vo aapke bina kuch kha nahi rahi thi. Unki tabiyat kharab hojati hai jab vo khati nahi.
Neil – Bilkhul nahi.  Mai usse kabhi nahi chodunga.

Avni woke up to find sleeping in Neil’s lap. He carresed her sweaty head . She was remembering Ayesha maa’s words that ” When you become a mother , your hubby should always care for you unlike mine” She smiled remembering her maa and hugged him tightly . He reciprocated that she was breathing heavily . He sensed that she had been happy and was sweating . So he jently kissed her cheek sweetly making her smile . She made Neil sleep with him and slept peacefully , unknown by rest of the world . They slept that they don’t care about the world . They were lost in themselves and their sweet  dreamy sleep.

6 : 00 pm 
Avneil were getting ready for the party . It was a get together for them. Avni wore a white and carmine striped gown and Neil wore a white pinkish shirt. Avni got worried as it was getting late . Neil –  Relax , abhi time hai. Avni’s tension stopped . She made a beautiful hairstyle (like given below ) and a mauve coloured earrings. She looked gorgeous in the outfit she wore . Neil was stunned at her beauty. While Avni was mesmerized by Neil’s dashingness . They both were lost in each other. They reachedthe venue at 7 pm . Everyone welcomed them and then riya organized a game for everyone . It was ‘ Game of love and care  from  destiny ‘ . Numbers were written on chits and whoever got the no. would have to dance with the partner who got that number . Lisa got no3 Sara no3. Avni – 7  Neil – 7 . Neela 4 Shweta 4 Riya 2 Ali 2 . Hetal 6 Ketan 6 . Dayawanti 1 Bebe 1 . Prakash  5 Nanno 5. Everyone got partner the  riya announced that you have to danve with partners . Everyone was having fun and Avneil were swaying to the music . Then  avni started sweating again . Neil sensed that she might be having fever . The game got ovee and everyone got back to homes . Neil checked Avni’s temperature.  She didn’t have fever . She was just acting .
Neil – Wifey i owe you. You too owe me . Revenge coming soon .

Precap :  Flashback from the past

Sorry to readers that the flashback would be next time. Also some readers were confused for my flashbacks. They thought that the flashback were not of this story and the story wasn’t matching. For them i am telling that wherever i would mention flashbacks, it means that the chapter is from the past of the story ..

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  1. 4 girls i think its 2 much..

  2. Something twist in your story…superb story…plz reveal the flash back..

    1. Sweetgirl7

      The flashback would be afterwards . I haven’t written it

  3. You are just amazing Sami.I can’t stop my smile upto the end of the story.So sweet of you Avneil.I can’t believe Avneil had blessed of 4 daughters.Superb.Waiting for the flashback.Love you Avneil .You rocks & also you Sami.

    1. Sweetgirl7

      Thanks so much barbie. Again blissed with your words

  4. Sweetgirl7

    Want another ff and os on avneil. I have written them. Check those out on wattpad app

  5. Sweetgirl7

    My username must have those stories. My username is SamilovesAvNeil1 on wattpad.

  6. Me6104

    One small thing just now avni was preg .. n niel on a case so how cum suddenly 4 girl .. u r a gud writer dear keep me updated ??love u your ff and avniel d most !! Dont forget im avniel ‘s biggest fan !! ?

  7. Zaina

    yaaaar sami, don’t know what to say…. its really amazing. I loved ur way of mixing the scenes with the flashback…. thee is something special in ur story… keep rocking sami and post soooooo soooon

    1. Sweetgirl7

      Dear thank you so much. Thanks for appreciating and telling unique things in my story.

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