Avneil os: pain, love and your company

This is my first os, hope you like it.

The lines in black colour are for what Author is thinking and speaking, # # colour ones are for song.

Note: avni gets her periods in this os.


Author’s POV

In night around 12 am(this os takes place after avneil’s marriage, after they had shifted in new khanna mansion and before sending dayawanti Mehta jail)

The scene starts in avni and neel’s room, neel is sitting on the couch and working on the laptop, while after finishing her novel, avni gets up from the bed to go to the dressing table to get a hand cream.

When she is walking, suddenly avni feels unbearable pain. Avni clutches her stomach and falls on her knees, and cries of pain escapes her mouth, her head bends forward till it reaches the floor. It happens very quickly, and neel doesn’t get enough time to react. While avni is continuously cursing her unexpected guest, her period, which doesn’t even tell her beforehand before coming, usually due to her pms she used to get prepared at least, expect this time. As soon as he sees avni’s head down he gets up and runs to her, but she collapses on the floor and is lying on the floor on her side and wails. Neel gets very scared seeing avni’s wails. Neel sit on his knee by her side, he asks “avni what happened tell me please, you are freaking me out”. But avni ignores him due to her pain. When he is about to touch her to hold her and carry her, avni shouts “DONT TOUCH ME”. Neel don’t know how to react, what to do, here avni is crying and also shouting. These two emotions are confusing neel in addition with her condition. He gets up and calls neela ma thinking only she can help him right now.

Neela ma picks the call after few rings.

Neel says “hello neela ma” his voice is full of tension

Neela ma sensed his tension behind his voice and says” what happened neel, is everything alright, why you called at this odd hour, neel say something you are scaring me”

Neel says “neela ma, actually avni”

Neela cuts in between and says “what happened to avni, is she alright, neel, I am asking you something”

Neel says” I don’t know”

Neela says “what do you mean by you don’t know neel”

Neel says “ma, actually avni is crying in pain, I don’t know what happened, she was perfectly fine sometime ago and now lying on the floor and crying. She is not letting me touch her so that I can carry her to the bed. I don’t know what to do neela ma” his voice is shaking as if he is on the verge of crying.

Neela knew what has happened to avni, she says with confidence “neel don’t worry, just listen to me very carefully and do as I say”

Neel says “tell me ma” listening to neela, neel gained confidence

Neela says “neel, first find avni’s clutch, that golden one,” he runs to the cupboard, opens it and finds the clutch and says “now what ma”

Neela says “open it, there you will find two tablets strips, you have to give avni these two tablets with warm water, okay”

Neel says “I got it ma, you stay on line, while I get the water”

Neela says “okay”

Neel takes out the tablet strips and places it with the clutch on the table, and then he goes out of the room to get warm water from kitchen.

Neel comes after few minutes, as soon as he comes in the room; he is welcomed with low screams and sobs. He gets hurt hearing avni, he is not able to see her pain; he picks up the phone and says “yes ma, I have got warm water.”

Neela says “good, now go to avni, very slowly put her head in your lap and give her tablets and force her to drink all the water, she will deny but its your responsibility to make her drink”

Neel says “okay ma”

He puts the phone on table and takes the tablets in his hand, then he goes to avni and very slowly touches her head

Avni says “don’t”

Neel doesn’t listen to her and says “quiet” and moves her head very slowly and puts her head in his lap. He says “open your mouth”

She opens her mouth and he feeds her the tablet and then makes her gulp down the water, after few sips she refuses to drink more water but he forcefully makes her drink it. He stretches his hand and grabs the phone.

Neel says “ma I have fed her the tablets”

Neela says “good, now very gently carry her to bed, and cover her with a warm blanket and put the AC on the minimum temperature, Neel also please get her a hot water bag. And two more things you have to get”

Neel says “what are those”

Neela says “crape bandages and volini”

Neel says “okay ma”

He puts his phone down, then gently puts avni’s head on floor. Then he goes on her side and gently, slowly and very carefully he carries her and takes her to bed while avni is wailing very much, there he makes her lie down. On the contact of her back with the bed, avni screams, not very loudly that everyone will get awake, just that much loudly that her voice will not go outside the room. Even a little movement causes her pain. Avni is crying and screaming very much due to pain. Neel gets worried and sad seeing avni’s condition. Then he covers her with blanket and changes the AC temperature. Then he runs out of his room to get the hot water bag, crape bandages and volini. After 5 mins, he comes running in his room. There he finds avni lying on her side and crying very loudly while clutching the pillow.

He picks his phone and says “ma, I have got all the things. Now what to do”

Neela says “now you have to tie the crape bandages on her legs and arms, for legs you have to tie from the stating of her thighs and you also have to apply volini on her back, especially on her low back. As for the hot water bag, put it near her back, but don’t let it touch her, she will cry more if it gets touched to her back. Neel avni is in pain and even a little movement causes her more pain. Neel after doing all this, you have to make her sleep by singing to her, her favourite lullaby and caressing her hair, also let her hold your hand, it will pain you but don’t pull out you hand under any case as she will rub your hand very roughly. Neel one last thing sleep near her but don’t let yourself touch her until she falls asleep.”

Neel says “okay ma, I will do all this, thank you, and sorry for disturbing your sleep now please sleep, good night”

Neela says “your welcome neel and don’t be sorry its my duty to help you kids, good night ,one thing, if she wake up in middle of night then give her another pain killer that yellow one”

Neel says “ok ma, I will, but what is the other tablet for”

Neela says “its a sleeping pill”

neel says “okay bye ma”

neela says “bye neel”

neel cuts the call and goes to the bed and places the hot water bag near her back but not touching avni. Then he takes the crape bandages and lifts her blanket and her nightgown.

Avni when feels her nightgown getting lift, gets shocked and says “neel,what are you doing”

Neel says “avni don’t worry, I am just tying crape bandages” and she nods and allows him to do so.

Neel then somehow ties the crape bandages while getting shy and while blushing hard. To avoid more awkwardness he tries his best not to see and touch avni’s legs but by mistake it get touched many times because he is not seeing her so sometimes he sees to see whether he is doing right way or not. Neel after finishing this work covers her legs with her gown and blanket, also he ties crape bandages on her arms. Then he takes volini spray bottle in his hands and thinks how he will apply this. Then after thinking so much he removes her nightgown’s covering shrug a little and moves his hand inside her nightgown from the starting opening of the back of the gown and sprays volini on her back, all the time his hand was in touch with her back making both of them blush.

After that he goes to the other side of the bed and lies down facing her, she is still crying very much, he wipes off her tears and says “now don’t cry, I am here with you , now the pain will go” and he smiles. He removes the pillow from avni’s hand and replaces it with his hand. And avni starts to rub his hand with hers, it is her reaction with she is feeling pain. It pained him, not the rubbing but the thought that avni is baring so much pain. With the other free hand he starts to caress her hair and says ”close your eyes” and avni does as he says.

Neel sings:

# Aa leke chalu tujhko # (avni opens her eyes in disbelieve but neel nods no and she closes it again)
# Ek aise desh mein
Aa leke chalu tujhko
Ek aise desh mein

Milti hai jaha khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Milti hai jaha kushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein

Aa leke chalu tujhko..

Ho chaand chahe aadha
Ho phir bhi roshni (x2)

Umeed jo na chhute
Har baat hai bani
Raato ke sur se nikle
Subah ki ragini

Lori tujhe sunau
Lori tujhe sunau
Bachapan ki ek mein
Lori tujhe sunau
Bachapan ki ek mein

Milti hai jaha khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Milti hai jaha kushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein

Aa leke chalu tujhko..

Mein aasam ko khidkiyon se
Ghar mein laayi hu (x2)

Saare ke saare taare
Yahan chunke laayi hu
Sapno mein rang man ke
Yuhi bharte aayi hu

Har dard bhool jaau (x2)
Yuhi khel khel mein
Har dard bhool jaau
Yuhi khel khel mein

Milti hai jaha khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Milti hai jaha kushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein

Aa leke chalu tujhko..

Dena tu man ki shakti
Maalik mere mujhe (x2)

Meri katha vyatha
Hai sab pata tujhe
Mein jab bhi dagmagau
Tu thaamna mujhe

Chhode hai swapn saare (x2)
Teri deh rekh mein
Chhode hai swapn saare
Teri deh rekh mein

Milti hai jaha khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Milti hai jaha kushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein

Aa leke chalu tujhko #

And he lulls her to sleep, at the end at the song he finds avni dozed off, and then he also sleeps.

In the morning

Avni wakes up naturally and finds neel sleeping with his mouth open, she finds him cute and smiles. She touches his face and starts to caress his hair. Neel smiles and wakes up, seeing neel waking up avni draws back her hand. Neel looks in her eyes and says “I was loving it, please don’t stop doing it” and he takes her hand and places it on his hair and she slowly starts to caress it while flushing and smiling. He also smiles. Her this strange behaviour is the gift of her periods as in them all the emotions, feelings, moods, mind in short everything gets imbalanced.

After a few minutes of caressing his hair, neel asks “how are you avni”

Avni says “better”

Neel says “I think I should get up now, else I will be late” and avni draws back her hand and watches neel sit up.

Neel asks “you want to get up?”

Avni nods and neel helps her sit up, avni after sitting rests her back on the bed.

Neel says “Wait I will get green tea for you, it will sooth your cramps” avni nods and think that neel knows about her being on her periods. He gets up and after wearing his slippers he starts to walk, before reaching the door he hears avni’s voice and he turns. Actually avni has seen something which is something that wont go unnoticed.

Avni says “neel stop, you cant go outside”

Neel gets confused and says “why”

Avni blushes and says “because your track-pants are strained”

Neel then sees his track pant and sees a big red patch, he too blushes and they both stare each other in embarrassment and awkwardness. Neel then looks away to avoid more awkwardness between them, what just happened to avni was not at all something out of the box, it was something normal and something common, but with their relation it became something embarrassing with both of them. Avni never stayed with boys very much and not shared this type of thing, so it was her first experience when neel helped her in her cramps and knows about it. Also with neel, this was his first time to be with someone who is on her periods, that too this close.

Neel then quietly goes and sits and the couch while avni removes her blanket and gets up from the bed. When she got up, she and even neel sees a very big strained patch on the bedsheet. Avni gets conscious and thinks that her clothes would be ruined too because of this unexpected guest who didn’t even give notice to her to get her prepared, and thinks that neel would have seen her like this and turns to face neel, she is blushing very much, in a colour crimson red. Neel gets up and says “don’t worry I will clean this up, you go and get changed”, avni doesn’t argues and nods in agreement.

Avni walks as fast as she could so that she couldn’t face neel after so much of embarrassment without getting another wave of cramps as with avni, movement can cause her pain, though in reality she is walking very slowly, towards the cupboard to get her stuff and runs to bathroom soon.

Neel says “wear something comfortable today and not saree”

Avni nods without looking at neel she grabs her pink suit and her necessary stuff and goes to the bathroom to get herself fresh and clean.

Meanwhile neel changed the bedsheet and puts the dirty one for the laundry, also he gets his clothes out of the cupboard.

When avni comes out, neel says “avni pack your bags because I am leaving you at neela ma’s house till you get fine”,avni nods and neel goes to the bathroom. And avni starts to pack her stuff.

After getting ready both goes downstairs for breakfast at the dining table, there neel informs that today avni is going to neela ma’s house.

As soon as they finish their breakfast they leave the house and drives for neela ma’s house. When they reach there, neel leaves avni there and goes to work. The whole day avni and neela enjoys a girly chit chat time.

Avni after talking with neela ma after lunch, goes to her room, when she come inside, she goes to her cupboard and finds some comfortable clothes. She goes to the bathroom and changes into a pink coloured short shorts and a white coloured Mickey Mouse full sleeves loose short top, not crop top.

She goes to her bed and sleeps with her favourite heart shaped pink pillow and white teddy bear.

Meanwhile she is sleeping; neel comes to neela ma’s house.

Neela opens the door and finds neel standing on the door.

Neela says “neel, what a pleasant surprise, come inside”

Neel says “thank you ma, by the way, where is avni”

Neela teases him and says “you are missing your wife already that you cant stay away from her for long or you don’t trust me that I will take care of your wife properly, mr you must remember I am her mother, so don’t worry about her taking care”

Neel says “its nothing like that ma, I know that you will take care of her better than anyone else, thats why I have left her here before going to work. Actually I was worried about her health and also I finished my work soon so thought to come here and stay with you tonight, I have gotten my clothes too, see” he shows her his small luggage bag.

Neela says “she is fine now, and its good that you thought to stay over, and your avni is sleeping in her room, you can go, her room is upstairs, a white coloured door with a ‘A’ on the door.

Neel says “ok ma”

Neel runs upstairs, when she enters her room, he finds her sleeping so peacefully, and then he takes out his comfortable clothes from his bag and goes to change. When he comes back, he thinks to sleep on the couch but when he hears ‘neel’ from avni’s mouth in her sleep, he goes to the bed and sleeps next to her. After sometime he finds avni hugging him in sleep, then he hugs her back and they both sleep peacefully in each other arms.

In the night, Avni wakes up and finds herself in a cuddling position with neel. She blushes and hugs neel and hides her face in his chest, neel is awake but pretends to be asleep. Neel hugs her back, avni senses it and pushes him away, avni says “why are you pretending to be asleep, now I wont talk to you”. She sits up and rests her back on the bed and looks elsewhere and pouts.

Neel sits up and smiles, he says “I wake up when you wake up”

He leans closer to her and murmurs in her ears “why don’t you wear these shorts at my house, I want you to wear them there as well” avni blushes hearing neel and with this he hugs her and she hugs him back.

Avni says “ I am feeling sleepy” and she yawns

Neel says “lets sleep”

Avni says “no first cuddle me” and she pouts, neel smile

Avni thinks that she will regret what she has done and has asked neel to do later but for now she is doing because of her mood swings and hormones and she is enjoying being there with neel. She is enjoying being so childish with neel. She is enjoying every moment with neel except for being in pain of course.

Then they lie down and sleep while cuddling each other, sleeping so peacefully like they are unaware of the world outside their own.

Neela is in her room and talking to the stars from her window.

She says “Ayesha ji, see our daughter has got a perfect life partner in neel, he will keep her happy and she will get all the love that she deserves from neel”

Then she goes to sleep as well .


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      Hey… thank you so much.. i know that it would be a bit awkward to read, so sorry about that…
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