AvNeil Horror SS Cries Of Death (8~Donor)

Precap: Avni met with an accident.


He saw Twinkle getting rushed away in the ambulance like luggage. The hospital staff told Kunj about her accident through her phone. He rushed to the hospital hearing about the news. He got to know that she’s still being treated under unconsciousness. Later he got to know she’s conscious and that’s when he was allowed to meet her. He rushed inside the ward, she was laying with her eyes closed. He smiled seeing her and approached her kissing her forehead. She opened her eyes which were watery and due to which her vision was also blur. He held her hand.

“Twinkle, thank God you’re fine, how did all this happen?” He asked and she wiped a tear from the side of her eyes. “When I got to the hospital, you already know I saw him and didn’t go inside and drove off, so then while I was driving off, I called you and told about him, that’s when after that I saw him on the backseat. He was staring at me strangely. I became stressed and finally when you advised to run out of the car, I reached for the door but he held my hand and tried saying something… I begged him to leave me but he pleaded to listen to him, I bit his hand and ran out of the car,” she told him and a lone tear escaped her eye.

“Then when I was running, he kept appearing in front of me, and that’s when a truck hit me and I rolled on the road and met with an accident,” she told him and sobbed. “I bet my life is about to be taken away from me, I bet maybe you’re going to be taken away from me, Kunj he might be coming here,” she said looking at the door. He caressed her hair by the sides and kissed her hand. “Relax, he will do nothing,” he said and she shook her head. “He will come, he keeps following me, do something please,” she said and he cupped her face. “Forget about him, guess what? I brought the reports from the gynecologist and they are positive, now we can become parents, will you make me a coffee tonight mixed with Viagra?” He asked and she giggled. “Oh really? For sure,” she said laughingly. “Then what will you mix in your coffee?” He asked and she got thinking and then tilted her head at him.

“I will be mixing that thing in your coffee, so I think that would be enough, you will be aroused and then when we will make out, I will get aroused all by myself,” she said and they laughed.


Later, Twinkle woke up and saw Kunj was sleeping on the chair. She heard footsteps coming to her room and looked at the door and then at Kunj. She breathed heavily looking at the ceiling and closed her eyes trying to get control on herself. The footsteps came and stopped all of a sudden.

She opened her eyes to see him standing near the door and looked away. He came near her. “Why do you think you can see me? And who do you think I am?” He asked and she was still trying to get her breathe back to even. “I don’t know anything, just leave,” she said and he vanished the other moment. Her breathes were back to normal and she stared at the ceiling fan with blank face and blank thoughts.


After some days, Twinkle recovered and started working in hospital once again. Kunj decided to skip work for the day and spy on Twinkle to see what she actually sees. He followed her everywhere by hiding and he saw she was sitting on the bench holding her head thinking something and just then she looked up and then stared at the door. He got puzzled. She saw the man entering the ward and screamed and went unconscious on the bench. Kunj ran to her and tried waking her up and all the staff gathered there to see what has happened. Kunj tried splashing water but it didn’t work. They took her to the emergency ward as soon as possible.

Within sometime, she got conscious and was burning in fever. The doctor agreed to discharge her right away and not to give her any stress. Kunj took her from there to the car and drove off. She sat silently until there was traffic jam. “Kunj, I saw him,” she said. “I was there only observing you, I looked in the direction you were looking and believe me or not, I saw nothing,” he said. “But I did Kunj! Why don’t you believe me? Why don’t you understand? I think this is it! You don’t trust me anymore!” She said losing her cool.

“I trust you,” he said calmly. “So if you trust me so then why you don’t believe me? He is there,” she said holding her head and sighed, he waited for her to continue. “Whatever I see, you can’t see, whatever I say, you don’t understand, this is not my hallucination, that woman too saw him, but you are not understanding,” she said calmly. “Relax, I will go to find details of the donor of your eyes, I m sure I will find something, you don’t worry, not anymore, relax and calm down,” he said and drove off.


Later Kunj went to seek details of the donor and found that the donor was named as Aarohi Kashyap who’s dead. He viewed the photo and snapped it’s picture and took her address as well and then went to the address. A man opened the door and introduced himself as Virat, Aarohi’s brother. Kunj showed him his ID card and when Virat saw that he was a policeman so he invited him inside. “I came here to ask about your sister,” he said. “My sister is married and doesn’t lives with me,” he told Kunj. “Did you have any other sister named as Aarohi? The one who’s dead?” Kunj asked.

Virat nodded. “Yeah I had, why do you ask?” He asked. “Actually, now her eyes are transplanted to my wife and she’s seeing some strange man since some days who keeps killing people wherever she goes, did Aarohi told you about seeing such man?” Kunj asked. “No, she wasn’t a psychic, she was a normal human being like us,” he told him. “Did she say anything while dying?” Kunj asked.

“No, she didn’t had any illness or something, she died all of a sudden and was super scared before dying and kept staring at a spot, and then she muttered something and died,” Virat said. “What did she muttered, can I ask?” He asked. “Don’t know. That’s all, nothing more to say,” Virat said. Doorbell rung and Virat went to answer the door. He was greeted with a hug and then the couple who came settled on the couches. “Who’s he?” Asked the girl. “He’s officer Kunj, and she’s my sister Tara, Aarohi’s twin,” Virat introduced and they greeted each other. “Are you the one who’s baby…,” Kunj’s voice trailed off.

“Baby? Oh, he died, it was a premature baby and he passed away,” Tara said looking down. “M so sorry, which hospital were you in?” Kunj asked. “Why are you asking so many details?” Virat asked. “I told you earlier,” Kunj replied. “I was in Nanavatti hospital, nurses told me that someone named as Twinkle was observing my baby and then he passed away,” Tara told him. “Twinkle is my wife, so that means none of it were her hallucinations, will you come to meet her someday?” Kunj asked and she agreed. He greeted them and left from there.

Now I will get the Ouija board and call the spirits of those people who Twinkle saw dying and clear this mystery once and for all. Kunj thought to himself.

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