AvNeil Horror Ff: Ghost Girlfriend (5~Neil Sings The Same Song)

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Later that day, Neil was roaming around the house in different rooms as he wanted to know the mystery of the house. Suddenly the power got cut off and he slapped her forehead. “Aditi! Aditi!” he called out and suddenly he saw a light from behind him. He turned and startled as he saw a girl with her face in veil and she had a lit beautiful candle in her hand. “Who are you?” he asked and she lifted her veil only to reveal that she was Aditi. He sighed. “What type of joke is this Aditi?” he asked sternly.

“Hum dekh raha tha ke tum darrta hai ke nahi,” she said and Neil bursted out laughing. “I will get scared? That too by you? Why? Are you a ghost?” he asked chuckling a little. “Yakeen maaniye sahab, yahan pe humse bara Bhoot koi nahi hai,” she said and he nodded. “Tum bhi yakeen maano Aditi, ke sirf tumse hi nahi, balkay mujhse bhi bara Bhoot nahi hai yahan koi,” Neil said making her widen her eyes at his joke. “Suno suno suno… Saavdhaan, hum Neil or Aditi Angel Manor mein rehnay walay  Bhoot hain or humse panga na Lena, nahi to hum tumhari band Baja dengay.”

Neil said and laughed dramatically. “Aapse baat karna Matlab ke apna mazaak banana,” Aditi said and gave him the candle and walked away. “Aditi!” he called out after her but she disappeared in the darkness leaving him alone and the power came back. Neil blew off the candle and went after Aditi. “Aditi, leave it na yaar, I was joking,” he said entering her room. She was sitting with her back towards him and opened the drawer handing him a sheet. “What’s this for?” he asked. “So that you can learn piano,” she replied.

“Thanks, but forgive me,” he said. “It’s okay,” she replied and he left from there.


Neil sat near the piano and played according to the notes on the sheet. He heart urged him to sing along as well. He closed his eyes and recalled the piano girl and her song, he tried to sing the same song.

Sau baras guzray raat huay
Sau baras guzray din huay
Sau baras guzray chaand dikhay
Sau baras guzray bin jeeye
Kiun pal theherta hai yeh
Kiun waqt badalta nahi hai
Yeh raah sooni hai kyun?
Kiun koi nikalta nahi hai?
Sau baras guzray din huay
Sau baras guzray bin jeeye

Aditi came and eyed him and a smile spread slowly on her lips, he sung so well and portrayed the sadness so well that it could touch a person’s heart easily making him feel the same pain. On the other side Neil tried to recall the another stanza and paused in the middle, Aditi frowned and was about to turn and go away but stopped as she heard him continue.

Palkein hain khwabon se khaali
Dil hai ke band koi ghar
Kabhi rang thay naino mein
Kabhi Dil ko lagtay thay par
Woh raat saheli meri sab taaray chura le gayi hai
Woh dil jo tha mera ab woh bhi mera nahi hai
Hain khafa mujhse yaar mere
Kya pata kab ye phir milay?

Aditi’s eyes pooled up with tears feeling the pain as he sung very intensely without noticing her presence, she held herself rubbing her hand on her arm as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Hum toh charaagon se jal ke
Baithay hain umeed mein
Kya jaanay yeh kiska rahay intezaar humein
Koi chhu lay mujhe kiun aakhir ye lagta hai Dil ko?
Saansein band hain to Kya?
Abhi bhi dharakta hai Dil toh
Yeh tarap koi na sunay
Naasamajh Yoon hi Dil hai ye
Sau baras guzray raat huay
Sau baras guzray din huay
Sau baras guzray chaand dikhay
Sau baras guzray bin jeeye

Avni wiped her tears and clapped joyfully as he completed the song. His attention got diverted towards her and he turned to her. “You sing so well,” she praised him. “Hmm, I know dear, thank God you didn’t praised yourself saying who would be a bigger singer than me over here,” he said and she looked down and sighed, she lifted her head again.

To his surprise, she chuckled softly, slowly her chuckles turned into giggles. “Great imitating dear, but I never lie, I am true to everyone. Next time, you would be bigger everything from me, and believe me, I won’t mind if it happens, because I have a habit to find happiness in other’s happiness,” she said giving him one of her rare smile. “What makes you do so?” he asked raising her eyebrows. “I see positive side of everything, a thief’s hunger behind his habit of stealing, the love behind someone’s anger, everything has a positive side just like a coin has two sides and just like every black cloud has it’s silver lining.”

“Wow, looks like we both will get along very well and you will become a friend of mine in next few hours more than a caretaker,” he said holding her by her shoulders, she looked at his hands and then at him, she smiled looking down and held his collars pulling him close leaning towards his ear. “Aditi Rathore naam hai mera, main inspector Rathore ki beti Hoon, wohi jo logo’n ki chintata chita chita chintatata kar detay hain, laathi maar maar ke, tumhara bhi yahi hoga.”

She whispered and his eyes popped out of his sockets and he dropped his hands as she left his collars moving back. They stared at each other for sometime and then Aditi started to laugh. “Got scared?” she asked while laughing while he kept looking at her. “Aray m just joking, that inspector doesn’t exists, he only exists in the movie, you got serious, oh my God, tussi great ho, hahahaha,” she said laughingly and fell on the couch while laughing. “Who gets scared of such small things? Show me something bigger and scare me,” he said challenging her, she stopped laughing all of a sudden.

(Guys this story is about a sweet and good ghost who is trapped in Angel Manor for three years and good ghosts also exists who doesn’t haunt so this story isn’t much horror I guess, but I hope that u all r liking it)

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