AvNeil Horror Ff: Ghost Girlfriend (4~Funny Conversation)

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Aditi entered inside the house with her bags as she was going to stay there only. “I m Neil Khanna,” Neil said introducing himself joining his palms. “Nice,” Aditi said raising her eyebrows and turned his face. “By the way, in which room will you stay? And please tell that you aren’t scared to be here, as people say that this house is haunted, no one stayed here for three years and that a ghost lives here,” Neil told her and Aditi smiled turning to him and corrected the scarf on her neck. “Mujhse bara bhoot or Kon hoga yahan?”

Neil’s eyes popped out of his sockets and understood that she’s joking and began to laugh. “Aap? Bhoot? Hahaha, do you even know how do they look like? Messy hair, sharp teeth, long nose, stinky skin, long nails, you know ek dum chhee chhee type,” Neil said and laughed and Aditi narrowed her eyes at him. “Aeyy! Stop, don’t say like that, even ghosts have feelings,” Aditi said pointing her finger at him and he frowned and held his ears. “Sorry,” Neil said. Aditi pulled his lips inside in a thin line. “Hmm, okay, well what do you want a caretaker for?”

“I will have to go for my job so I can’t do cooking and all, I need someone to do all that, and look after this house,” Neil said feeling a little awkward. “So why don’t you marry?” Aditi asked maintaining her attitude. “Marry you?” he asked and she shut her eyes tightly and shook her head. “No, why don’t you marry someone who can do all this? It’s a wife’s duty, no?” She asked putting on her glasses looking around the house, he stood leaning to the dining table. “You’re right, I asked for a male caretaker, so if you want, you can go.”

As she heard him say that, she came and stood in front of him. “No, m not going anywhere, once I have come, I won’t go, tell me where’s my room,” she said picking her bag. “Any room in which you feel you’re comfortable,” he said and she picked her bags. “Umm, may I help you?” Neil asked and she tilted her head and smiled a little, he took it as a yes and lifted her bags and they walked to the room which was situated near the kitchen leaving three rooms beside Neil’s room.

He kept her bags and left from there. Aditi went in front of the mirror and saw no reflection over there. She smiled and forwarded her hand towards the mirror and caressed it making her reflection appear in the mirror and smiled correcting her glasses.


Aditi did everything, she cooked and cleaned the house really neatly, Neil was already impressed by her work, two days had passed since she worked there. They were sitting together to eat. They had a talk while eating. “Wow, you cook really well, m impressed,” Neil said and she smiled a little.

“Where is your family?” she asked. “In Mumbai, this mansion is given to me as a birthday gift, I came here to start my career,” he told her. “What career?” she asked. “Music, I will like to become a singer,” he said. “Mujhse bara singer bhi nahi hoga yahan pe,” she said praising herself and he giggled. “You joke also very well,” he said. “Hmm, mujhse bara joker bhi nahi is dunia mein,” she said and he laughed more. “Ok fine, you are multi talented, a talent house, no one would be bigger anything than you in this whole universe.”He said and they both continued to eat in silence.

“By the way do you know anything about playing piano?” he asked once they were finished with eating. “Yes a little,” she replied. “I wanted to learn it how to play so that’s why I was asking,” he told her. “Yeah right, who would be a bigger pianist than me over here?” she asked and he stared at her for sometime but than began to laugh. “Your talents are way too much present inside you more than your own self, girls huh, what can be done of them?” he asked.

He began to leave but she came and stood in front of him. “Girls also have feelings,” she said. “Ok ok I was just joking as you keep saying mujhse bara ye Kon hoga, mujhse bara vo Kon hoga, yeah right I appreciate your confidence level but.. people might be bigger than you in their sizes, elder to you in ages, intelligent than you in mentality, common sense dear common sense, which is not so common,” Neil said and rolled his eyes. “I believe on what I see and not what people say, this whole world is surreal, everything is a betrayal, what we see isn’t actually there and what we don’t see actually exists,” she replied narrowing her eyes.

“Huhhh, can you see your brain?” he asked and she shook her head. “Do you feel your brain?” he asked and again she shook her head. “So does that means you have no brain?” he asked teasingly and she shut her eyes tightly in irritation. “Ok angry girl, no more anger, but have you seen Japan?” he asked and she opened her eyes. “No, I haven’t,” she replied. “So does that means that Japan doesn’t exists?” he asked, she giggled.

After sometime her giggles turned into laughter and he too laughed. “How funny you are, do you see your brain? Do you feel your brain? So does that means that you have no brain at all? Haha,” she said and laughed more and more, he too laughed. “Hey look, I forgot about the ghost while talking to you, that poor lonely ghost with a sweet voice,” Neil said and she got surprised. “You’re feeling for the ghost?” she asked. “Hmm, I think there might be some mystery behind this house that it was closed for three damn years and that ghost is trapped here,” he said and got deep in thoughts.

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