AvNeil Horror Ff: Ghost Girlfriend (2~WTH)

Neil widened his eyes as he heard someone cry and sob and at the same time, the piano in the living room too began to play. He closed the door of the fridge and walked outside the kitchen. It was such a shock for him as he lived alone. He followed the voice and froze on his spot when he saw a girl sitting with her back towards him.

Sau baras guzray raat huay,
(It has been hundred years without night)
Sau baras guzray din huay,
(It’s been hundred years without day)
Sau baras guzray chaand dikhay
(It’s been hundred years since I last saw the moon)
Sau baras guzray bin jeeye,
(It’s been hundred years since I lived)
Kyun pal theherta hai ye,
(Why does this moment pause?)
Kyun waqt badalta nahi hai,
(Why the time doesn’t change?)
Ye raah sooni hai kyun?
(Why this path is so lonely?)
Kyun koi nikalta nahi hai?
(Why no one come out here?)
Sau baras guzray din huay
Sau baras guzray bin jeeye

Neil was frightened as well as mesmerized by the sweet female voice which was singing, he was also mesmerized by the piano music but he wondered who is she? How she came here? What is she doing here? Why is she sad? Many questions aroused in his mind.

Palkein hain khwabon se khaali
(Eyes are empty of dreams)
Dil hai ke band koi ghar
(Heart is like a closed house)
Kabhi rang thay naino mein
(There was a time when these eyes were full of colors)
Kabhi Dil ko lagtay thay par
(There was a time when there used to be butterflies in my heart)
Vo raat saheli Meri
(The night which was my friend)
Sab taaray chura le gayi hai
(Has stolen all the stars)
Vo dil Jo tha Mera
(The heart which was mine)
Ab vo bhi Mera nahi hai
(Is not so anymore)
Hain khafa mujhse yaar mere
(My friends are upset from me)
Kya pata kab ye phir milay?
(Don’t know when they will meet again)

Neil just stood there watching the girl in horror as she continued to play the piano without noticing his presence.

Hum to charaagon se jal ke
(I am burning like a lamp)
Baithay hain umeed mein
(And waiting with hope)
Na jaanay ye kis ka rahay intezaar humein
(Don’t know for whom I keep waiting)
Koi chhoo lay mujhe
(Someone should touch me)
Kiun aakhir ye lagta hai Dil ko?
(Why does the heart wants that?)
Saansein band hain to Kya?
(So what if the breathing is stopped?)
Abhi bhi dharakta hai Dil toh
(The heart still beats)
Ye tarap koi na sunay
(Nobody hears me squirm)
Naasamajh Yoon hi Dil hai ye
(This heart is foolish)
Sau baras guzray raat huay
Sau baras guzray din huay
Sau baras guzray chaand dikhay
Sau baras guzray bin jeeye

“Who are you?” Neil asked and got shocked as the girl vanished all of a sudden.

He ran away from there and startled as he heard an ear piercing scream from behind. He was too much in a shock, his mind was too tired to process anything, he held his head feeling dizzy, his gaze went on the ceiling and he startled as the candle chandelier was about to fall on him but he moved away in time and it shattered into pieces. He breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately a glass piece pierced his forearm and he hissed in pain and pulled out the glass piece. He shut his eyes tightly in pain but suddenly he felt as if the pain vanished.

He opened his eyes in a shock and looked at his forearm and saw that the cut was no more. He went away to his room with baby steps as he was confused with these happenings.


Near the piano, darkness appeared and out of the light, a girl appeared, she looked almost transparent, but she seemed to be glowing, she looked like a lost soul who haven’t reached her destination, her hair were coming on her face, they blew away a little. She smiled a little but then frowned and fell on her knees and laid on floor.

She drew her knees up to her chest and closed her eyes for a mere second but then opened them and a tear of blood fell from her eyes, she sat up and got on to her feet and disappeared.


Neil kept tossing and turning recalling everything that happened, he could hardly sleep. Later, in morning, he woke up and held his head. He didn’t knew when he had fallen asleep. He made a quick breakfast for himself and got a video call. He received it. “Hallo baby doll.” It was Nandini who had video called him. He smiled.

“Hallo bhaiya, how’s you? Having a great time?” she asked and sipped her coffee. “Yes, a lot,” he replied. “But I think something is bothering you,” she said reading his eyes. “Something strange happened here last night,” he told her and then narrated all the incidents to her. “Bhaiya, on the first day itself, you’ve got a girlfriend?” she asked and chuckled. “I am not joking yaar, she wasn’t a human, we humans can’t disappear but she disappeared right before my eyes,” Neil told her. “You wanted to become a singer, maybe someone came to teach you some music, haha.”

“Nandu, you don’t understand,” Neil said getting disappointed. “Ok now no jokes, bhaiya you know one thing? Spirits won’t do anything to you until you’re really good but the moment you turn bad, they will become bad with you,” she said. “I don’t even know if it was reality or not, who knows I might be day dreaming?” Neil said. “But how bhaiya? She sung a song you never heard before, how can it be?” she asked. “Even I m confused, talk to you later,” he said and ended the call and went to look for a job of music.

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  1. SunilSneha

    Nice update…..When is Avni’s entry…. Is the ghost Avni….update soon…

  2. SunilSneha

    Nice update…..When is Avni’s entry…. Is the ghost Avni….lot of questions are arising in my mind…. Update soon…….

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