AvNeil Horror Ff: Ghost Girlfriend (14~The Suspense Goes On)

Neil video called Nandini on Skype and adjusted the webcam. “Hi Nanz, so did you watch the video I sent you?” he asked. “Yes I watched,” she replied. “So now we know the truth, we need to confront Vyom,” he said, she closed her eyes for sometime and then shook her head. “What do you think? She was killed?” she asked and he thought for a second. “Yes, she was killed,” he said and she sobbed and wiped her tear. “That’s what you think, she wasn’t killed, watch the video again, the scene where Vyom is talking to his brother and sister in law, look in the mirror, he was having no reflection, and in the end scene, after Vyom gave evil smile to the camera, he went. But after that another Vyom is saving Avni from drowning.”

After saying all this, Nandini ended the video call. Avni entered with food. “Thanks Avni,” he said thanking her. “Welcome, it’s my responsibility to be there for you,” she said and started leaving, he tried stopping her holding her hand but this time, his hand went right through her, he looked up at her who had stopped. She turned to him laughingly.

“Sorry, actually when I want that you can touch me, only then you can touch me, otherwise you can’t, well, what you wanted to say?” she asked. “Just that I will get thousands of people like you, thousands of friends like you, but I will never get a caretaker like you,” he said, they had an eye lock. “Thousands? Nah, you will hardly find another me after I m gone,” she said and he palmed her mouth but again his hand went right through her. “Yeah right,” he said. “And you can’t shut me up but I can,” she said and giggled.

She went from there. He chuckled and decided to watch the video again.

A man talked to another man who was busy in watching TV. “Rishi bhaiya, will you come outside and join us both in the pool party? Only you, Tanuja bhabhi, me and Avni would be there, come na please bhaiya,” he said almost pleading.

Neil paused the video zooming in towards the mirror. He noticed two reflections of Vyom. “What’s this? Why does Vyom has two reflections? Twins?” he asked himself and then fast forwarded the video to the end.

Vyom got out of the pool smiling evilly and stood up, now only his feet could be seen in the camera. He knelt on the floor keeping his palms on the floor and bent making his face visible in the camera. He smiled evilly tilting his face looking directly at the camera. Just then another Vyom came and saved Avni getting her out of the pool and the real Vyom who was sitting in front of the camera stood up to leave. Another Vyom hid in the water as the real Vyom left from there.

“Shoot, what’s this new mystery now?” he asked himself and again video called Nandini.

“Hi Nanz, I watched those scenes again, I really don’t know what’s all this,” he said in a hurry. “So then get to know Vyom’s side of story,” she suggested. “How?” Neil asked. “Send him this video and scare him that you know all his truth,” she suggested. “Hmm, I will, and can you come to Goa? Avni wants to meet you,” he said. “Yes, fine I will come,” she said and the video call ended. “After that I will go to Ali’s house,” he decided and signed into Facebook account. He searched for Vyom Bedi.

He clicked on the message button and sent the video to him and smirked. “Now see how your senses gets lost seeing this video of your cruel act,” he said to himself and shut down the computer and stood up. He went and searched in different rooms for more clues, no room had a single clue of the doppelganger of Vyom. At last he came to Vyom’s room. He opened Vyom’s cupboard and saw a portrait of one elderly lady and one elderly man, they looked like Vyom’s parents. Then there stood Vyom, then Rishi, then one unknown man and girl.

“Who is this man and girl? Never heard of them from Avni,” he said and went to Avni with the portrait. He saw her in her room lost in thoughts. “Avni,” he said softly in order to not startle her. She looked up at him questioningly. “Do you know who is this man and girl?” he asked and she was also shocked as she viewed the photo. “No, never heard of them from anyone in my in-laws,” she replied and then laid down on the bed staring at the ceiling. Neil understood she wanted to be alone at the moment.

He left the room and kept the portrait back at it’s place and went to Ali’s house. He found the key under the door mat and unlocked the house. He looked around the old house and covered furniture. “Hallo,” he called out in order to face Ali’s ghost. “Is anyone in here?” he asked looking around. He turned as he felt a presence behind him. He saw a familiar man with curly hair and dark brown sad eyes that matched his eyes and his lips frowning at him. “Hey, if I am not wrong, you’re Avni’s friend, right?” Neil asked.

“And how do you know Avni?” he asked. “Because she’s also a suicide ghost just like you, and I know you are also a suicide ghost by the letter and videos you sent her, and I also know that your good name is Ali,” Neil said politely. “Avni too died?” he asked in a shock. “Yes, just the way you died,” Neil replied and narrated everything to him. “I don’t know the story behind your suicide, but Avni wants to meet you, you both are trapped in different houses, I don’t know how will I make you meet each other,” Neil said in confused tone. “Idea, I have a very simple idea,” Ali said.

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