AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 14

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Recap:Neelima’s engagement.


Next day.Avni became ready to go.Avni take cycle & left.At that time a man in black coat came there.He put a cover on sitout of Avni’s home.On the otherside Neil left from home.He didn’t noticed the cover in sitout.In college.

Vineeth:How was the engagement?
Gaurav:When marriage fixed?
Neil:After 2 weeks.
Avni:Did you get our yesterday’s pic?
Neil:Neelesh gone for it?
Avni:Why not you?
Neil:He was going the same way to his friend’s home.He came.

Neelesh came without happiness.

Neil:Do you get it?
Neelesh:Its Neil…
Avni:What happened Bhai?Why are you looking so gloomy?
Neelesh:I didn’t get the photos.
Neil:So we’ll take it tomorrow.
Neelesh:No someone took it.
Neil:I told him to handover to us.How can he gave it to another one?
Neelesh:That man came with whole proof.
Avni:How many times I told you that it willget problem.Who had that photos?
A Voice:In our hand.

They turned.They became shocked to see their parents there.They had a cover & news paper with them.

Ashish:We saw everything & understood.Look this.

They gave cover & paper.Yesterday’s pic.

Neil:Dad,its not like that like you are thinking.
Prakash:No Neil.We thought these years is wrong.
Avni:Papa,please hear me.
Asha:What to hear Avni?What did you said to us?You didn’t know him,just met,no friendship with boys..& now…
Avni:Maa,this is not a relation like you think.
Prakash:If no…what is this?

He gave the news paper.In it the photo of Avni’s fall on Neil’s hand is shown.

Neil:New lovebirds of the city?Dad,nothing like that.
Prakash:If not,what is the relation between you?
Neil:We are friends Dad,true friends.Best friends & Best Friends Forever.
Ashish:We need to trust it?Now friendship..after sometime you both will say you are lovers.
Avni:Papa,its the friendship from 15 years.We never gave chance to fell shadow of love n us.
Shwetha:Stop it.15 years.So you are cheating us from 15 years & lying also.Why Tillu?Why?
Neil:Because you all hated boy-girl friendship.We said lie for your happiness.
Asha:We want to trust you after this cheating?
Avni:You must Maa.Because wedidn’t did any fault.Avoiding you 4 everyone know this.Neelima Di,Neelesh Bhai,Aman Bhai…
Neil:Trust us Dad.
Ashish:No..no forgiveness for you.Keep it.

They throwed photos on Avneil’s face & turned.
Precap:In between whole college.

Prakash:We trust in them that they are friends.But they said lie to us since 15 years.
Ashish:If they shared one time to us then we’ll accept it.
Avni:Really Papa?Then why didn’t accept when I told first time about Neil?

They get shocked.
………………………………………………………………………Hope you all enjoyed the episode.Villain entered.Thanks to all those who read,comented & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep comenting,keep loving.

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  1. Aweaome ……plz update soon…..

  2. Feelings, emotion & thought of your episode are really impressive. you are an optimist because you seek opportunity in every difficulties. I can’t wait to know about the next episode. Your Perfect concept makes me curious.

  3. Feelings, emotion & thought of your episode are really impressive. your perfect concept makes me more curious about the story. you are an optimist because you wanna seek opportunity in every difficulties. Stars can’t shine without darkness. I can’t wait to know about the next chapter.

  4. Ahk26barbie

    Thank you for your wonderful coment Brother Barun.

  5. Sweetgirl7

    Barbie i love ya. Please give us such wonderful chapters everytime. Many times i feel i should give u a hundred comments. But don’t have time for that

    1. Ahk26barbie

      Your one coment is very precious for me.It has countless no. of value.Loves a lot Sami,my sweet bestie

      1. Sweetgirl7

        Thanks so much barbie..even ur words are priceless and precious to me

  6. Zaina

    Sanjuuuuuuu…… Feeling sooooo sad for AvNeil…. Hope everything will get fine soooon… Who is that villain???
    So many questions???
    But I like suspenses….. Go ahead year….
    Luv u Sanju….

    1. Ahk26barbie

      Thank you so much Fasy.I can’t disclose about villain now.It will be reveal at the last episodes of the story.You must wait upto that.Love you too Fasy.

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