AVNEIL-Hamesha saath saath -Episode 10


Recap:Avneil tour celebration & Avni met Aman.


On bus.Teacher got a call.

Teacher:Hello….What?I’am coming back.On the way.Yes..I’am coming.

Teacher hanged the phone.

Teacher:Students,I have to leave here on the way.My father was hospitalizing.So I must reach home fast.I’am sorry to say that I can’t join you upto college.Did anyone need help.Please say now.
Avni:No Ma’m you can go.
Teacher:Ok.Tomorrow is holiday for you all.
Neil:Why did you stop me?
Avni:Then?This is her father’s matter.If we say,she will stay with us.If tomorrow something will happen to him did we sleep patiently?
Neil:But Avni…
Neil:Ok,I can understand.

Teacher leaved on the way.The bus reached at college.The students get down from the bus.


They hugged & parted.Avni came out with fear.

Neil:I need to help Avni.I can’t leave her alone.What can I do?….,Idea.

Prakash was taking luggages.Neil made Prakash fall with his leg to see Avni.


Neil catched Prakash before falling.

Neil:Dad,are you ok?
Prakash:Yes.Why this girl standing alone here?
Neil:So what?Lets go.
Prakash:Wait.I’ll come.

Prakash walked towards Avni.

Neil:Yes.I know you’ll help Avni.Sorry Dad.I can’t leave Avni.

Prakash came near Avni.

Prakash:Why you are here Child?
Prakash:Are you Avni?Ashish’s daughter?
Avni:Yes Dad…I mean yes Uncle.
Prakash:No problem call me Dad.
Avni:Ok uncle…Ok Dad.
Prakash:Where is Ashish?
Avni:Dad,actually I didn’t inform at home.They are not taking calls.
Prakash:Oh!No problem.I’ll drop you.
Avni:No Dad.Its ok.
Prakash:What ok?Its night…you are a girl alone in the street.Not ok.Come.I also had a daughter like you.
Avni:Neelima Di…I know.
Prakash:So what problem.
Avni:Thank you Dad.

Neil was smiling watching this.They get inside car.

Prakash:You know Neil…we fixed Neelima’s marriage.
Neil:What?Its not fare Dad.I’am her brother,but you didn’t inform me?
Prakash:Overacting Shop stop it.
Prakash:Avni,inform your parents that one day we’ll come to invite you for Neelima’s engagement.
Avni:You are always welcome Dad.
Neil:Why do you want to invite them?
Prakash:Ashish is my friend Neelima is Avni’s.So why not?

The car reached infront of Avni’s home.The lights onned on home.


They came out.Asha opened the door.

Asha:Avni…..How much time I told you Ashish to go to college?
Ashish:With whom you come?
Ashish:Prakash,Thank you so much.
Prakash:Its ok.So bye.
Prakash:Bye Avni..
Avni:Bye Dad.

Avneil said bye with eyes.They smiled.They left.Inside home.

Avni:Why you both didn’t take my calls?
Asha:Your fathers phone was lossed.The phone at home destroyed on yesterday’s thunder.
Avni:Its ok.
Asha:Go & sleep.We’ll continue talk tomorrow.

Neil’s home.


Neil hugged at Shwetha.

Neil:Congracs Di..
Neelima:Thank you my Bhai…
Neelesh:How was the tour?
Neil:Its ok.
Prakash:Ok?Your face says what is the meaning of ok.
Neil:I’ll take luggages.
Prakash:Why you?Neelesh go.
Neelesh:No no I can’t.
Neelima:I’ll take.
Neil:No problem.I’ll do it.

Neil opened the dickey.He saw the drawned pic there.

Neelesh:Whats this?
Neil:I think this is that girl’s.
Prakash:Avni..No one came to pic her.So I dropped her to home.Keep it care.
Neil:Yes Dad.

Next day.Avni’s home.Calling bell was heard.

Asha:Avni,go & see who is that?
Avni:Ok Maa…

Avni opened the door.She became supershocked to see Neil there.He was smiling.

Avni:Neil,You here….why?

He looked inside.Avni turned.She became shocked to see Asha & Ashish infront of her.

Ashish:Neil,Come inside.

Neil came inside.He passed Avni.

Neil:Actually Papa..Oh!Sorry uncle.
Ashish:You can call us Papa & Maa.Everytime you are suffering.
Neil:Ok.Actually Papa..I came here to give this pic to you.I think your daughter forget it in our car yesterday.

He handovered the pic.

Neil:So I’am leaving Papa.
Asha:How can you go like this?You must drink tea.
Neil:No Maa.I’am in a hurry.So please.Bye.

Neil leaved.Avneil smiled.

Ashish:What is this Avni?
Avni:Open it.

They opened the cover & saw the pic.

Avni:How is it?It is Bhai’s gift.
Ashish:Did you saw him?
Avni:Yes.At Punjab.
Ashish:What did he said?Why didn’t you call him back?
Avni:I called.But he ignored.I think he can’t face you both.
Ashish:Ok.If he didn’t want to come back.So we’ll never call him.But we’ll wait for him.

Avni hugged them.They cried.
Precap:Avni’ room.

Neil:Avni,You are my best friend.I love the most in this world is you.If Neil didn’t do anything for his Avni..So Neil living fo what?
Avni:Yey!Don’t make me senti.
Neil:Ok.So come & give me a hug with lots of love.

They hugged.
Happy independence day Guys.I hope you are enjoyed the episode.Thanks to all those who read,commented & supported my previous episode.Sorry for the mistakes.Keep reading,keep commenting,keep loving.

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