Avneil FF: Tum Mile (Chap 12)

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Recap: Avni has met with an accident and has forgotten everyone. Now she and Neela are living with Neel’s Family. It turns out that Juhi is responsible for Avni’s accident. Meanwhile Neel is trying to bond with Avni again; they fight but have fun also. Recently Neel has got himself and Avni two puppies so that they can spend some time together. In the morning, Avni and Neel went to the park to walk their pups. While coming back Neel got a call and goes out to take it. Avni goes to get her bottle from the park despite the fact that Neel has asked her not to leave the car.


Around Park

Avni, while coming back after taking her bottle says to herself “how can I be so irresponsible and stupid, because of this bottle I had to leave bubbles and buddy alone in the car, I just hope that they are fine and the car too. Also, I hope that I reach before Neel else he will be very angry for leaving them alone.”

While coming to the car she hears something. Someone in a terrified voice says “Please leave us”

Avni says “What’s happening, I think I should go and help”

The voice is coming from a narrow road which is near the park. Avni goes in there, at the end of that road, there is an even narrower road in the left. Avni looks in that direction and sees a girl begging in front of some guys.

Avni thinks ‘how dare they scare her; I will not leave them’

The girl says “I am sorry, please forgive me, I will pay you all the money, please let -“

The guy is about to grab that girl’s hand, and Avni says in a bold voice “leave her”

The guys ignored her and looks back at the girl.

Avni says “I said leave her”

The guy says “I haven’t grabbed her yet so how can I leave her”

Avni gets angry and the goons laughs.

Avni says “Stop it!”

The guy says to the other guys “guys stop, stop laughing now. Else she will cry too. And you girl, look its better if you go from here and mind your own business”

Avni rolls her eyes. The goons continue threatening the girl.

Avni says “What do you think you are doing”

The guy says, “Our work.”

Avni says “Oh really, then you should definitely get some reward”

The guy says, “What will you do, dance?” and he laughs

Avni says “You really don’t want to hear”

The guy says “I know you can’t do anything”

Avni smirks and says “Just wait and watch”

The girl says to Avni “Please go”

Avni says to the girl “I am not going anywhere; I am here to help you”

The girl says to Avni “Please go, I beg you please, you don’t know who these people are, you will be trapped”

Avni says to the girl “I am not scared”

The guy says “Just stop your sisterhood; and you both go grab her”, before his men step forward, Avni says “don’t bother yourself I am coming”

She walks and comes in front of the main guy, he laughs looking at Avni. She smiles and kicks him hard. The main guy falls, and the other two guys comes, and Avni fights them. When Avni is done, she sees that all the guys are laying on the road. Then they get up and run from there.

Avni comes to the girl and wipes off her tears. She asks the girl “are you okay” and the girl nods.

Avni says “Who were they and what did they want from you, oh wait, silly me, my name is Avni. What is your name?”

The girl says “My name is Meera”

Avni says “Wow nice name.”

Meera says “Thank you Avni for saving me”

Avni says “It’s okay Meera, don’t thank me. It was nothing much.”

Meera says “What you did for me, means a lot to me.”

Avni smiles and says “Now tell me who were they and what did they want from you”

Meera hesitate to say anything.

Avni says “Don’t worry I am there with you no matter what”

Meera says “it’s a long and dangerous story, I don’t want to you to get trapped in it too”

Avni says “It’s okay, tell me I will help you”

Meera says “But how, they are dangerous people and we are women we can’t do anything; we are weak!”

Avni says “This is the mistake, we are women and being a woman is our strength not weakness, so stop thinking about it.”

Meera says “You won’t understand”

Avni says “Try Me”

A tear fells off Meera’s eye, she says “But how will you help me”

Avni wipes her tears and says “like I did today”

Meera says “But”

Avni says “No but, tell me what’s your story”

Meera says “Not today please”

Avni asks “Then?”

Meera says “Tomorrow in the park”

Avni says “Okay”

Meera says “Now I have got to go, will see you tomorrow”

Avni says “Yeah bye”

Meera says “bye”, and she goes.

Avni looks at her phone, she sees Neel’s missed calls on her phone. Seeing this she comes back in her senses. Avni thinks ‘oh god, save me from him please’ and Avni hurries back to the car.

Meanwhile near the car

Neel comes back after taking the call. He sits in the car and notices that Avni is not in the car, while the pups are jumping.

Neel thinks ‘oh God where is Avni. Damn, where are you Avni. I knew she will behave like a kid and will do what I have asked her not too. What if she got into trouble and couldn’t manage? Couldn’t she just stay here. I have just asked her to take care of herself. I shouldn’t have gone to take the call; it’s my fault.’

Neel comes out of the car and calls her, but she doesn’t pick up. Neel gets frustrated and kicks the tire of his car.

He says, “where are you Avni”. He looks here and there and then he goes to the park to check if Avni is there or not.


Somewhere Else

A guy sees the video of the fight between Avni and the goons, he says” wow feisty as ever I like it”, the guy’s face can’t be seen due to a shadow.

A man says “Should we get her too”

The guy says “Na, she is mine and I will get her myself”

The same man says “Okay boss”

The guy says, “I love chasing” and he smirks.

Light drops on his face and His face gets visible.

The guy says “Vidyut gets whatever he wants” and the guy is seen to be none other than Vidyut. And he smirks.

Vidyut says “I think my men should pay a visit to Avni again if Neel is with her”


Near the car

Avni comes to the car casually with her bottle in her hand. Avni says to herself “Stay normal stay casual”

Avni sees Neel standing near the car and looking here and there, she says “Neel”

Neel turns and sees Avni, seeing her fine, he couldn’t contain his joy and he hugs her, he realizes what he has done and says “I am sorry”

Neel says “Where were you Avni”

Avni says “I was just here”

Neel says “Really”

Avni says “Yeah”

Neel says “I don’t think so because I didn’t see you here. So, what’s the truth Avni.”

Avni looks at the ground and thinks ‘what should I say now’ then she looks at the bottle and says “I went to the park to get my bottle Neel”

Neel says “Don’t lie Avni, I went their too, but I haven’t seen you there”

Avni says “I am not lying Neel”

Neel says “Yes you are lying else explain everything”

Avni thinks ‘What should I do now, oh yeah, that’s a nice idea’, she says “I am saying the truth, just the timing is up down”

Neel thinks ‘There is something going on in her head; I just hope that she is not lying’, he says “Oh really”

Avni says “Yeah really. And-And are you blind, can’t you see the bottle in my hand. That means I must have gone to the park to get it. Else why would I be carrying it. Stupid.”

Neel says “Fine, then when I went to the park where were you”

Avni says “I don’t know, I haven’t seen you, maybe I left earlier then you”

Neel asks “And how can you say so”

Avni says “Um because went I got here; you were coming back from the park”

Neel says, “So if you were here then why didn’t I see you.”

Avni thinks ‘Why is he interrogating me so much; Am I a criminal to him?’, she says “Because I wanted to irritate you, so I was hiding and watching you”

Neel says “What, watching me”

Avni says “Yeah”

Neel says “Oh God Avni! I got so scared; Do you have any idea how much worried I was for you?”

Avni says “Sorry Neel”

Neel says “Does everything seems to be a game to you”

Avni says “I am sorry Neel”

Neel says “Never do that again”

Avni says “Never, I promise, and I am sorry” and she holds her ears.

Neel says, “It’s okay I forgive you, now let’s go home”, he thinks ‘I just hope that everything she said is true’

Avni says “Yeah”, she thinks ‘Thank god’

They get inside the car and Neel drives. Neel’s phone rings, the ID shows ‘BEBE’. Neel picks up the call via Bluetooth (of the car).

Bebe says “Hey Neel”

Neel says “Hey Bebe”

Bebe says “Where are you Neel”

Neel says, “We are on the way to home.”

Bebe says “Beta(son), can you please get my high blood pressure medicine. I ran out of them, and I need them urgently.”

Neel says, “Yeah sure bebe, but you should be more careful with your medicines.”

Bebe says “I know, I know but I forgot. By the way the prescription is in your car, I forgot to take it with me.”

Neel says “Okay bebe, I will get it.”

Bebe says “Okay Bye”

Neel says “Bye” and he ends the call.

Neel says to Avni “Change of route, now we will go to the chemist and then go home.”

After 5-10 minutes, they reach the market area, where there is a chemist shop.

Neel says, “You stay in the car and I will go and get it okay?” and Avni nods. Neel goes.

Meanwhile Neel’s phone rings, the ID shows ‘DD’. Avni thinks ‘What he forgot his phone? How can he just forgot to take his phone? Anyways, I think it’s an important call, previously also Neel took this call. But Neel is not here. What if it is urgent? What should I do? Should I go? But Neel has asked me to stay. Earlier also I got in trouble. But what can happen in this much distance, I think I should go and give Neel his phone. And it’s not like I attract trouble. But on second thought, why should I unnecessary take chance. ‘

The moment Avni finally made her mind, to not take the phone to Neel; the call ended. But after a few seconds the phone rings again, this time Avni thinks to take the phone to Neel. Avni gets out of the car and goes.

While coming back to car, Neel finds Avni outside and looking somewhere.

Neel says “Avni”, Avni turns and sees Neel. Neel comes to her and she gives him his phone saying, “here is your phone, it’s been ringing.”

Neel says “oh thanks, now let’s go”

Neel thinks ‘why does she have to disobey me every time’

Suddenly two men comes near Avni and Neel. One of the two says “Baby doll here we meet again”

Neel thinks ‘again? What the hell is happening’

Another said “You know that we can’t stay away from you so long”

First one says “Now come back”

And two men comes near Avni, they look at Neel and says “You can go now, we can take care of her”. The situation made Avni confuse.

Neel says “stay in your limits” at that moment one of them grabs Avni’s hand. And Neel loses his cool, he punches that guy in his face. That guy leaves Avni’s hand and stumble backwards. The other guy takes out a knife and tries to hurt Neel. Neel fights with guy who has a knife, and during the fight he got a cut from knife on his biceps. But at the end Neel beat the goon blue black. Then he looks for Avni and the goon. He sees that Avni is fighting with the other guy. Neel thinks to help her out. He is going towards her then he sees that she has kicked the goon. The goons left after getting beaten. Neel and Avni has an eye lock. Everything seems fine until they remembered something.

All this has made Neel pretty angry; and to make situations worse, a shadow near a tree caught his eye. He looks and the person he saw shocked him the most. Neel thinks ‘Vidyut’ and before he can move, Vidyut has gone. Neel analysis the whole situation and the result made him very angry.

On the other hand, Avni looks at Neel’s cut on his arm. Her eyes clearly shows her concern for him. She is about to say something about his arm but Neel’s behaviour gives her a shock.

Neel glares at her and maintaining calm asks Avni “Now will you tell me where you had gone”

Avni replies “I had told you already”

Neel says “Don’t lie Avni, tell me where were you”

Avni shrugs and walks towards the car, but Neel grabs her wrist and turns her. His grip on Avni’s wrist is strong and it pains her.

Neel yells “Avni where were you”

Avni gets angry, she says “don’t you dare” and she jerks her arm and gets out of Neel’s grip, she pushes him. Avni goes and sits in the car. Neel angrily moves his hand through his hair. Neel fumes and sits in the car.

He drives the car while muttering to himself. There is silence in the car. Even bubbles and buddy aren’t barking, they are just looking at each other and their parents. As if saying “what happened to them”. After ten to fifteen minutes they reach home. Avni gets herself and her pup out of the car and then she closes the door with a bang, and she storms inside. And Neel does the same.

In the mansion

{Authors Note: Storm is coming in the Mansion}

Avni is just a few steps ahead of Neel, she is walking with Bubbles in her arms. Neel is walking with Buddy on the ground and with his leash in his hand.

Neel murmurs “What does she thinks of herself. That she can do anything she likes. She is such a stubborn spoiled brat”

Unfortunately, Avni hears him, she turns and shouts “What did you say?”

Neel rolls his eyes and says “The same you have heard”

Avni and Neel leaves their pups on their own and the pups runs inside.

Avni glares Neel and says “How dare you call me spoiled brat”

Neel says, “So what should I say, ‘an angel’ which you are hardly any” and he emphasized on the last part.

Hearing their drama, everyone comes running there.

Avni shouts “Neel how dare you”

Neel says “Oh the royal highness, no no, how can I dare, because only you have right to dare”

Avni says “You don’t have a right to behave like this; I haven’t done anything, have I? tell me what have I done?”

Neel says “I don’t think that you would like to hear it”

Avni says “No no, tell me. I know you don’t have anything, do you? “

Neel rolls his eyes. He is bursting like a volcano and is shouting on top of his voice, he shouts “I have gone for a minute and you, you have invited trouble. why do you so much love trouble.”

Avni says “I haven’t Invited any”

Neel yells “Yes you have”

Avni shouts “Even if I have then It’s none of your business”

Neel screams “Yes, it is, unfortunately it is my business”

Avni shouts “NO its not, and it’s my life so you don’t have any right to interfere in it”

Neel says “Well as I have said earlier; unfortunately it is my business”

Avni says “Why Neel why? Why can’t you just leave me”

Neel says, “Because you are my” He stops, as Neela pats him on his shoulder and signs him not to say ‘wife’.

Neela says “Stop it you two”

Avni says “Ma please. You are my what Neel? Now say na, why did you stop?”

Neel says “Because you are my duty”

Avni shouts “Really a duty, please stop it. My life is my life so stop bothering me and stay out of my way”

Neel says “Well sorry to bother you but It’s me who have to save you every time, so I have got every damn right to interfere in it. But if you have so much problem then why don’t you give me some rest and stop inviting trouble”

Avni shouts “why do you care, don’t care na. I haven’t asked to you worry or save me. So, stop acting like a gentleman who is saving a damsel in distressed because I am not a damsel in distress”

Neel says “I even don’t know why I do? Oh wait! I do this because your mother has asked me to, so I have to do, even if I don’t want to.”

Avni says “Well then, don’t do it, because now I set you free”

Neel says “Yeah right”

Avni says “Yeah absolutely. Like even today I managed myself, I didn’t need you. You were the one, who was bothering me, questioning me and what not”

Neel says “You know what, after the whole scenario now I know one thing. You are also just like other women. Women who just love to seek a man’s attention so to grab it they intentionally fall in trouble; Even you intentionally do such thing so to have men revolve around your fingers all the time right? Even that guy said something like that too. You could have told me Avni, I would have understood that, why all that drama “

Avni shouts “Shut up Neel, just shut up. You know what; Today you disgust me Neel. You men are alike. I thought maybe you would be different but guess what, I was wrong. You all are alike who just want to make us feel inferior in every aspect, who doesn’t care about our emotions”

Neel says, “Good to know your views about me but you know what, even you proved wrong me, that you.”

Avni couldn’t take more and she says “. You are a Male Chauvinist Pig. I hate you Neel, you are very bad, I will never want to see your face again”

Neel says,” Good because the feeling is mutual” and Avni runs to her room. And Neel goes outside.

Everyone tried their best to stop the fight, but nothing was happening. All the efforts went vain.



Neel screams “Avni” and he cries.

Neel says “Where are you avni? I am sorry.”




Stranger says “Hey”

Avni stares him

Stranger says “Hey Avni, how are you?”

Avni says “I am sorry but Who are you? I didn’t recognise you.”


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