Avneil FF: Love Me Forever (chapter 7)

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Recap: Ali reminiscence what happened when Avni enters his life and how he ends up killing avni. everything was fine in their until college, as in college ali thought that avni has changed and she is cheating on him, which is further confirmed by rhea, avni’s cousin. And he in rage kills avni on !st September.


In Ayesha’s Home

In present

Author’s Note

 Ali says “I still remember what happened after the crime I have committed”

**************FLASHBACK *****************

= Kuch Ankhahe Si Baatein

= Kuch Ansuni Si Baatein
= Fark kar gayi hamare
= Darmiyaan…

In Delhi- 1st September Around 1 am

Ali is there in his other house, he is sitting there on the floor with a blood covered knife in his hands. and he seems to be in deep thinking. His face is blank and expressionless, but his eyes are speaking. and it says that they are hurt and have some regret.

Ali’s phone rings for the fourth time, the caller ID shows as Amol. Ali at last picks up his call and says “hello”, his voice is neutral and doesn’t have any sense of emotion in it.

Amol says “hey Dude, is Avni di with you. I am trying her cell for forty-five minutes and she is not picking it up”

Ali says “no she is not with me”

Amol says “do you have any idea where is she, as no one is picking my call”

Ali says “no bro I don’t know”

Amol says “okay dude, sorry I disturbed you this late, actually Avni di has promised me that she will answer all my quires tonight like she has been doing since a week. And now she is not answering my calls. and you know how much I suck at math. but anyways, When I was talking to her around 11.55 she said she will call me back around 12.30. But god knows where she is”

Ali panics but he doesn’t show and says “hmm… uhh I really don’t know where she is but if I will get to know I will tell you”

Amol says, “okay dude, thanks, oh wait, did you like the gift?”

Ali says “gift? which gift?”

Amol says “that diary one. oh no, I am a stupid, she hasn’t given you that gift yet and I told you. please can you not tell her and act all surprised. If she will get to know that I have told you then I am done”

Ali says “okay, yeah, sure I will”

Amol says “great, I gotta go now, bye good night”

Ali says “good night”

Ali puts his phone down and thinks ‘ what!!oh no. Avni was talking to Amol and I thought… shit what have I done… let me call rhea’

Ali looks very tensed.

=Kuch Door Tum Ho Gaye
=Kuch Hamne Tumko Kiya
=Kyu Na huye tum Hamare
=Meri Jaan..

Ali calls rhea and says “hey rhea”

Rhea says “Hey ali! what’s up? everything fine? you sound worried”

Ali says “Nothing is fine rhea”

Rhea says “What happened ali”

Ali says “Rhea remember u told me about Avni talking to someone till late night”

Rhea says “Yeah I remember and now it’s been a week”

Ali says “Rhea that someone is not her boyfriend virat”

Rhea says “What are you saying”

Ali says “Yeah that someone is none other than Amol”

Rhea says “What.. Amol”

Ali says “Yeah… “

Rhea says “But how, how do you get to know”

Ali says “That I will tell you later but rhea I did a crime”

Rhea says, “What crime ali? what are you talking about?”

Ali says “I- I killed Avni… I stabbed her”

Rhea says “What? how? how could you”

Ali says “I was not in my senses I thought she cheated on me- me.. I was so angry, and I wanted to punish her, so I killed her”

Rhea says “Ali how could you do that, how could you punish someone by killing just for cheating.. I know she cheated on you but how can you kill her for this petty thing. And What if someone would know that you killed her.. what will happen to you”

Ali says “What she cheated on me.. rhea tell me”

Rhea says “Ali leave it na”

Ali says “Rhea” in grumpy voice

Rhea says “Okay.. I will tell you.. don’t you remember when we saw them in the store room of the college, Avni and virat, and then their pictures”

Ali says, “yeah I do remember it” and his sadness changes into angry.

Rhea says “ali don’t be angry now, and think about yourself, what if everyone gets to know that you killed avni”

Ali says “hmm”

Rhea says “what hmm, ali listen to me, is she really dead”

Ali says “I don’t know”

Rhea says “what do you mean by I don’t know”

Ali says “I mean I don’t know, I stabbed her and then I left her there to die”

Rhea says “what ali, are you mad, how can you just left her there, please go and check if she is really dead or not. and then meet me tomorrow in the college. We will see what can we do “

Ali says “okay rhea”

Rhea says “bye”

Ali says “bye”

Ali thinks ‘I don’t think that it’s a good idea to go there now, I will go there in the morning’ and ali tries to sleep. But he couldn’t sleep as all the events are roaming in his head and driving him crazy.

In the college – Around 7 am

The college is almost deserted, only the sports players are in the college. Ali is going to his and rhea’s secret meeting spot that is the sports room, where all the equipments are kept.

Ali thinks ‘I have to tell rhea about Avni’

while going to the room, Ali collides with a guy. Ali is lost in his thoughts and therefore didn’t pay attention while walking. Ali looks up to apologize.

Ali says “Hey dude I am ” when he sees the guy, his expression changes and he becomes angry. He says “Virat” with disgust in his voice.

Virat says “hey ali.. where is Avni.. how come you are all alone, she never left you so how come you are here all by yourself”

Ali ignores him and doesn’t reply him rather he just stares him.

Virat continues “Did you guys broke up?”

Ali doesn’t reply.

Virat says “I take this as a Yes. but don’t worry its good you left her.. she deserves it.. she is such a dumb girl. you will get a much smarter girl”

Ali looks at him.

Virat says “hey don’t look at me like that. I am saying truth only. now you will think how I know. so, let me tell you. According to me, all those girls who reject me are dumb. “

Ali’s expression changes and he raises his eyebrow.

Virat says “what, why are you looking at me like that. Wait, don’t tell me you thought that” virat laughs. Virat continues “I thought she is dumb, but you are much dumber than her. You really thought that she was cheating on you with me. How could you Ali” and virat laughs more

Virat says “Rather she rejected me for you. She was so loyal to you and you broke up with her, how could you do that ali. How can you be so stupid. actually you did good. She deserved it. She rejected The Virat Kapoor, she should get punishment. She blocked my approaches and me, she rejected my proposal to have fun… what does she think of herself.. it’s good that you left her.. she is such a “

before he could abuse Avni, ali grabs his collar and punches him. Ali turns and goes back to his house without meeting rhea. Rhea kept waiting for him, but he didn’t come.

So, rhea called Ali to ask him about his whereabouts. After knowing that he is in his other house, she first goes to avni’s house to ask about her. But the door was locked, and no one was at home. rhea got worried and she went to ali’s other house.

=Hai Aas Aaj bhi hamko,
=Tum Aaoge…
=Phir Pehle Jese ,
=Hame Hasaaoge..


Ali’s other house

Ali is there in his home, he is sitting on the floor with his legs folded and tightly pressed to his chest, his head on his knees. his emotions are a mess now. it’s a mix of anger, guilt and hurt. He is being crying since the time he has gotten in his home.

ali shouts ” what have I done.. why I killed her when she was innocent. why why didn’t I trust her, and thought she is cheating on me.. I thought she talks to her boyfriend each night and ends the call when I come.. rather she used to talk to her brother. even when I and rhea saw her with virat hugging and touching .. it was virat forcing himself on her and not her cheating on me. why did I believe on rhea rather than on Avni, why did I believe on the situation rather than believing on Avni? Why. All that time she was loyal and innocent, and I , I punished her for nothing.”

He keeps crying seeing avni’s photo and her blood covered knife.

A few minutes later.. rhea comes to his house, after Avni and his mom, rhea also has this house key.. Rhea opens his room’s door.. and she sees him sitting on the floor, looking so shattered. after seeing him so shattered .. rhea runs to him and hugs him tightly.

Rhea said ” ali ali what happened why are you all like this”

Ali hugs her back and says “Rhea”

rhea breaks the hug and says “ali please don’t cry and Tell me ali, what bothering you, I promise I will help you”

Ali says “Rhea what I did was wrong”

rhea asks “What are you talking about”

Ali says “About Avni, what I did is so wrong. Avni was innocent still I punished her.”

=Hamko Phir Kahi,

=Mudke Dekho Na…
=Phir Kabhi.
=Inn Aansuon Chura Le Jao naa..

=Bas Ab Laut Aao Na
=Mujh ko Satao Na (x2)

rhea says” what but How do you know that”

Ali says, “when I was going towards the sports room, I collided with Virat, and he told me everything, that he was after Avni and Avni choose me over him.”

Ali’s face fell, and he again goes in guilt

rhea says “what Really. And we thought so wrong but forget it now, because we cant reverse the past. ali ali listen to me.. did you find Avni”

Ali was lost in his thoughts and he didn’t hear what rhea said. rhea shakes him a bit and says “Ali”

ali says “What”

rhea asks “Did you find Avni”

ali says “No”

rhea says “What”

Ali says, “Yeah when I went there in the morning there was no body and when I went to her house, the house was locked.”

rhea gets panicked and she says “Ali you are Done now.. what will we do now.. avni’s body is not there .. even at her home no one is there. If anyone gets to know or she comes back then you will go to jail in the charge of attempting to murder Avni… Ali I think you should hide till it’s get cleared that you are safe.. I have a place too.. Also, I will not let you go in the jail I promise,”

Ali says “Okay rhea”

Ali’s guilt was so much that he didn’t care about him going to jail.

Later in the day, Ali packs his stuff and goes to the place rhea has asked him to go.. before that he goes to his house to get his other stuff.. there his mom gave him a diary.. which was the gift Avni wanted to give him. when he looks at the diary he gets to know that it was avni’s diary. When he was in hiding he read that diary many times.. and each time his guilt used to increase. Rhea used to come to meet him. And till many weeks he had to hid… and to their fortunate nothing happened.. neither Avni ,neela ma came nor anyone got to know about his crime.. After he come out from hiding, he tried resumed his life.. it was very difficult for him to live with a burden of killing someone, but he tried, and in this rhea helped him. at every moment rhea stood with him..

but on every 1st September .. the whole story comes in his mind.. and the guilt engulfs him. But rhea used to stay with him and tries to make ali feel better.

=Guzre Kalo Me,

=Beete Lamho Me,
=Kaid Sa, Mein Ho Gaya

=Kaido Mein Teri,
=Dhoondhu Tujhe Mein,
=Dhoondhu Mein Apna Wo Jaha.

***********END OF FLASHBACK **********************

And then the afterwards of the story, after he killed Avni, the whole sequence makes him guilty. Thus , 1st September was the worst day of his life. till now it reminds him of his actions, his guilt, his hurt and his beloved.

=Kuch Adhure the Jo Sapne
=Na Pure Ho Sake
=Aadhre the jo armaan
=Aadhure Reh Gaye

=Bas Ab Laut Aao Na

later in Ali’s life, rhea become a large part, she filled the void that Avni left. And she helped him be ali again. this increased their closeness also. they become everything to each other and now also they are , their relation became official and public after many months of that incident. when rhea proposed ali, he accepted it and till now they are there for each other. later in years ,Ali has also opened a chain of restaurant, which was started in the memory and repents for Avni. Which is named as ‘rhni’ that is the mixture of the name ‘rhea and Avni’, as they both are ali’s beloved.



In Ayesha’s house

Ali is sitting against the wall and is crying very much. Ali says “I miss you so much, please come back”. Ali’s phone is ringing but he is not bothered to pick it up as he is very sad. Even after getting call three times he didn’t answer one, Fourth time Ali’s phone ‘ rings, he finally picks up the phone and sees the caller ID as ‘Rhea’

He says ” hey rhea”

Rhea says “Hey baby, thank god you finally answered my call. I have something important to tell you”

Ali says “hey rhea, is everything okay? you seems so worried “

Rhea says ” nothing is fine, you wont believe what happened”

ali says “what happened, did everyone get to know about us”

rhea says “baby, nothing is like that, actually today I saw Avni”

Ali says “rhea have you gone crazy? how can this be possible, avni is dead, how can she be alive. How can you joke about it on this day.”

rhea says ” no, I am not joking, I am saying the truth, do you think I will even joke about it”

ali says “but we both know she is dead and I killed her so how could she be alive”?

rhea says “but it’s true, she is alive. When I saw her today, even I was shocked”

ali says “what you saw her, that means she is alive!! where did you see her, can I meet her, tell me the address I will come there right now”

Rhea says “yeah, she is. she and neela aunty come today at my engagement announcement party. dadi surprised me with them. and a big no. you can’t meet her, not now at least but I promise you will see her soon, please try to understand.”

ali says “oh okay rhea, but please I wanna see her soon”

rhea says “okay baby, I gotta go, neela aunty is calling me, bye”

ali says “okay bye”

ali puts his phone down and he gets up.

Ali says “thank god, you are alive Avni you don’t know how happy I am”



rhea says “why did you brought us here, I don’t like it here”

Rishabh says “its okay, I will leave soon as soon as I will tell you about the plan”

avni says “what plan”

Rishabh says ” the plan about we all  going on a trip”

rhea says “but dadi”

neel says “that problem is sorted as he have already talked to her”

From afar, someone sees the group and that person says “Avni”


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  1. if rhea is loves ali then why she is getting engaged to rishabh?..is this matter know to ali?iam confused

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      Hey, you have a very good question.. The matter is that no one knows about rhea’s relationship and that is why rhea is getting engaged. Also ali knows about it and is very angry. Hope its clear.. !! 🙂

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