AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 13

The waiter came to take order. Avni could feel Neil looking at her now and then it was annoying her she looked at him to see him smirking away.

All had ordered their dinner talking while avni kept silent most of the times.

Ali: so what did u both do today he said looking at avni and Riya

Avni: what else can she do.. we went to diksha bua salon got haircut and everything else done…Forcing me to get it done then got something to eat and then lastly Riya favour shopping she said trying to irritate Riya

Riya: oh please babes u r acting like I always go for shopping

Avni: don’t u? She said raising her eyebrows at Riya

Riya: well I… yh only sometimes

Avni :correction all the time

Riya: so tell me ali when r u coming home to ask for my hand. She said avoiding to answer avni

Ali: chill baby… and mr Neil khanna u r not on duty right now so stop been on your phone

Neil looked up and smiled at ali as he was listening to them but at the same time reading DD message.

Neil. Sorry yaar just let me reply to this quickly.

Soon food came

Neil moved on his seat to sit properly when his shoulders brushed against Avni. He looked at her to see her with her eyes close with an annoying look on her face.

Avni: cant u sit properly instead of moving abut she said turning towards Neil.

Ali and Riya who were trying each other dish looked up staring at avneil

Neil: I am sitting properly. It’s not my problem if u r having a problem he said looking at Avni and then took a bite of his food

Avni: y do I even bother saying anything to u. She said more like to herself but Neil heard it

Neil: because u have an habit of arguing with me for no reason.

Avni was about to reply back when an old couple who was sitting on a nearby table were about to leave but stopped when they saw avneil arguing and smiled.

Old lady: beta just say sorry to your wife. Making your wife angry is not a good thing. Avneil were dumbstruck while Riya and Ali were surprised and then laughed silently

Neil: no no she is not my wife

Old man: then she must be your girlfriend. Young man I’m telling u by experience just apologise to your girlfriend and don’t annoy her that she gets angry on u. Neil covered his face while avni was about speak but before she could ali spoke

Ali: uncle u r absolutely right but u see they can’t digest their food without saying something to each other. And this is normal between them. Avneil looked at Ali shockingly

Old lady: even fights r part of love right dear she said patting her husbands arm.

Old man: of course.. the old lady went towards Avni and patted her head.

Old lady: u both look so good together she said smiling at avni and then Neil.

Old man: anyways u kids enjoy your dinner and young man remember what I said he said patting on Neil shoulder.

After the old couple left ali wasn’t able to control it and started laughing while avni gave him “its not funny look” and Neil with his hands crossed around his chest leaning back on his chair looking at ali seriously

Riya: Ali stop it. She said as some people were looking in their direction.

Once ali calmed down he looked at avneil again and was about to start laughing again but stopped

Neil: finished? He said looking at ali seriously

Ali: what? y r u giving me this serious look it’s not a crime to laugh right

Neil : absolutely not. But u could have cleared that we r not together as a couple..but no instead u say something that makes them believe we r a couple who loves arguing.

Ali: wait wait I didn’t say u r couple in fact all I said was u both can’t stay without arguing

Avni: really? Then what were u agreeing with him about?. And u she said turning towards Neil instead of saying she is not my wife couldn’t u just directly say we r not a couple

Neil: oh hello at least I spoke and not kept quite like u

Avni : I was about to answer

Neil: really? Where you waiting for a right time to tell them

Riya: guys stop it we came here to enjoy right.

Ali: haan just forget it u both r acting like this is a breaking news and it has been published in the newspaper.

Neil: u r absolutely right… but tell this friend of yours always finding ways to argue with me.

Avni: I’m not finding ways u give me reasons to argue with u .. Riya got up.

Riya : Neil u come and sit here.. Neil without protesting got up and sat in Riya place while she went and sat down next to Avni both swapped their plates… all ate silently… but soon Riya came up with a topic and all forget this small argument and continued talking while avneil still glared at each other in between.

Soon they were about to order desert

Avni: can we please have ice cream from outside. Ali and Riya smiled and nodded as they didn’t want to say no to Avni since she only asks sometimes to do stuff and they didn’t want to miss this chance.

after ali payed the bill…All got up and left and went to the ice cream stall outside on the road
Avni ordered herself a chocolate ice cream while Neil and Ali ordered orange lolly and Riya had strawberry ice cream.

Suddenly Avni saw a small kid sitting on the road away from them. While certain people would throw money on the plate going away. Avni orders another Ice cream and started to walk where the kid was. Neil Riya and Ali started looking at her in confusion

Avni soon reached near the small kid and bent down while facing the kid.

Avni: hey? She said to the small kid… but no answer

Avni: would u like this Ice cream.
The kid looked at avni and then at the ice cream he continued doing this for few times when he finally took the Ice cream and ate it as if he hasn’t had food for a long time.. Avni gave her ice cream to the kid and smiled seen him eating it.

Riya Ali and Neil who were witnessing this scene smiled.

Riya: ali?

Ali: hmm

Riya: she is giving happiness to the small kid by giving ice cream to him.

Ali: that’s our Avni

Riya: but I wonder when she will get the happiness she deserves… Ali placed his hand on Riya shoulder assuring her

Ali: hope it happens soon Riya. Neil looked at Riya and Ali and then at avni.

Neil: I gave u the correct name miss ajooba. Every time u never fail to surprise me.. but I just don’t know y I am curious to know about u he thought to himself.

Riya went to the pav bhaji stall and bought some for the kid and kneeled beside Avni and gave it to him.
by that time ali and Neil came near Riya and avni and listened to what Avni was saying

Avni: so what is your name

Kid: raju

Avni: my name is Avni by the way if I take u to a nice place would u come with me

Kid: what nice place?

Avni: my mama has a place where so many kids stay together, play together, eat nice food, wear nice clothes, sleep nicely and got to school

Kid: don’t I have to work over there.

Riya: no raju u will have a nice life there.
Neil was wondering what place they were talking about… ali looked at a confused Neil and answered him

Ali: years ago Neela aunty opened an orphanage place here where kids who don’t have a place to stay could come to the orphanage and get all facility they need for free… and we help kids like theses to reach to a better place instead of begging and all

Neil was proud to heae this and placed his hand on ali shoulder

Raju: ok I will come

Ali: beta do u have anyone that stays with u here

Raju: no bhaiya I don’t have anyone .

Avni: don’t worry u will come with us. She moved the plate aside which had few money… from now on u wont have ti do any of this .. she said getting up along with Riya and pulled raju and held his hand

Riya: Ali, Neil we will go now so that we can drop him to the orphanage

Ali: it’s ok Riya u guys continue.. Avni and Riya were about to leave when Neil called out

Neil: miss ajooba?. Avni turned around looking at Neil questionably

Neil: hats off to u. People would leave kids and go away not caring about whet will happen to them but u r helping a kid that u hardly know.. I agree that u r annoying and u find ways to argue with me but I must say u have a good heart to help people he said smiling at her warmly for the first time

Avni was touched she didn’t expect this from Neil

Avni: won’t our tashan-baazi get less if u say stuff like this she said hiding a small smile

Neil: nope I don’t think so besides I’m sure we will have more things to argue about he said teasingly.

Avni: if u say so she said smiling at Neil. Which made him happy for some unknown reason as this was the first time Avni smiled at him

Ali: u both go now and when u get home just let me know.

Avni and Riya nooded and left to go to the car

While Neil and Ali walked back to where they parked their vehicle.

30 mins later Riya and avni reached to the orphanage. As the staff recognised Avni and Riya they took the kid in while avni filled in the formality papers

Raju: didi… Avni and Riya turned around

Raju: thank u he said it a childish way
Avni went to the kid and pulled his cheeks

Avni: u r welcome.

Riya: raju if u need anything then u can tell these aunties and uncle ok ? She said pointing at the staff members. Raju nodded while avni and Riya left from there.

Riya called up ketan to inform they r on the way home as it was already 10pm

Avni came in along with Riya and was about to leave after saying bye to everyone when ketan stopped her

Ketan: Avni it’s actually late y don’t u stay here

Avni: no chachu I will actually go it’s ok

Diksha: Avni its past 10 u driving alone at this time is not safe

Dayawanti: haan beta stay back please. I will call Neela and inform her

Avni: ok fine she said smiling seen everyone concern

Riya: come babes let’s go. She said holding on to Avni hand and went to her room while texting ali to let him know they reached home

Dayawanti: ketan call Neela and inform her

Ketan: ji maa. Ketan took out his phone and called Neela after few rings Neela answered

Neela: ketan is everything ok? She asked concerned as he usually doesnt call so late

Ketan: yes Bhabhi I just called to inform u that avni will be staying here at night as it is really late

Neela: that’s fine but… she was worried for Avni

Ketan: Bhabhi I know what u r thinking about but dw we will make sure Avni is ok.

Neela: ok but if anything then do let me know.

Ketan: ok bhabi good night

Neela: goodnight. Ketan cut the call and saw dayawanti looking at him

Dayawanti: what happened

Ketan: nothing maa Bhabhi was just a little worried about Avni.

Dayawanti: this house has a lot of memories of Ayesha especially the incident that happened years ago in the garden.

Ketan: maa u don’t worry please… I agree Avni gets uncomfortable whenever she recalls that fateful day when Ayesha bhabi…he stopped the continued… but we have to stay strong for Avni

Dayawanti nodded

Ketan went to Riya room and saw Riya on the bed while avni was nowhere to be seen

Ketan: Riya where is Avni

Riya looked up from her phone to see ketan in front of her

Riya: she is in the washroom dad

Ketan: ok make sure she is ok and try to talk to her about something where she doesn’t think about Ayesha Bhabhi and sleeps peacefully

Riya: don’t worry dad I will try my best…ketan nodded and left… after few mins Avni came out in her pj . She looked at Riya and saw her standing near the window lost in thoughts

Avni what happened madam what u thinking about she said tapping Riya on the shoulder and stood opposite her leaning against the window

Riya : nothing babes just about some presentation she said coming up with an excuse

Avni : don’t worry I’m sure u will Be fine with it but r u sure this is all u r thinking about

Riya: y u asking again

Avni: don’t know just felt like u were thinking about something else

Riya : no babes nothing like that. By the way can u do something for me

Avni: what?

Riya: I have made one presentation can u just go through it and see if everything is ok

Avni: but Riya how can I check your presentation I don’t even know much about your work

Riya: babes u just have to check few slides and see if it makes sense I will explain each slide to u… please Avni please

Avni: ok ok fine.. she said sitting on the bed while Riya went to get her laptop

While Riya was starting her laptop she thought to herself

Riya. Sorry babes I cant tell u that I was thinking about how to distract your mind… I didn’t have any option other than to come up with the presentation thing.

Avni: Riya what’s taking u so long

Riya: hold on a sec she said coming Out of her thoughts and loaded an old presentation up.

Avni started to look at each slide while Riya was explains about the designs and fabrics that were going to be used for the outfits and all
After about 20 mins

Avni: although u know more about fashion I feel this presentation is good and no changes need to be done

Riya: thanks babes u made it easier for me

Avni: anything for u said she kissing Riya cheeks… both got in to the bed and covered themselves with a blanket.

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