AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 12

chap 12

Around 10am Riya was getting ready when she got a call from Neil’s

Riya: Hey Neil’s what up

Neil: Riya Ali! He said worryingly
Riya stopped doing her hair her eyes were wide

Riya: What Ali Neil?

Neil: Riya Ali needs u just come to the cafe quickly please. Riya started panicking.

Riya: ok ok I’m coming she said not letting the tears come out she quickly ran out when hetal stopped her.

Hetal: beta what happened y r u crying

Riya: mom Neil called he was saying Ali needs me and told me to reach the cafe quickly she didn’t wait for hetal response and left from there.

Soon Riya reached to the cafe she started searching for Ali but he was nowhere

Riya: god where is Ali he is nowhere to be seen and even Neil isn’t here she tried to call Neil but he didn’t answer suddenly she heard a voice from behind. She turned around to see Ali standing in front of her looking at her seriously

Riya: Ali she whispered

Ali looked at riya who was smiling as nothing was wrong with him

Ali: I know we never got along when we were young…then we became friends but not the best of friends. And now we r lovers but I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore he said all this seriously which made Riya look at him pleadingly

Riya: Ali I’m sorry if i did anything wrong but please don’t say that you don’t want to be my boyfriend anymore I love u a lot. She said cupping his face

Ali: Riya ..but Riya didn’t let him complete

Riya: no listen to me we will sort out whatever problems we have but please don’t leave me at least tell me y r u saying all this so suddenly she said holding on to his shirt collar.

Ali: Yaar don’t u get it I don’t want to be your boyfriend because I want u to be called my fianc then my wife.

Riya:. No Ali please but she stopped registering what Ali said she looked at him wiping away her tears and saw a small smile on his face

Riya: u what? she whispered ali went on his knees holding both of Riya hand

Ali: miss Riya metha will u marry me and allow me to call u my wife.

Riya looked at Ali she pulled him up and gave him a big hug with tears of joy

Riya: yes. Ali took out the ring and he was about to put it on Riya ring finger when she stopped him

Ali: what happened Riya he said getting confused to see Riya stopping him

Riya: Ali I want u to put this ring on my finger when we get engaged. So that whenever I look at it I remember it’s the proposal and engagement ring

Ali: 2in1 I see

Riya: of course riya metha always does things in a different way

Ali: ok then look like this ring will have to wait for a while

Avni and Neil were standing opposite to each other looking at Ali and Riya with a smile on their face

Ali: but yaar Riya my effort went in waste

Riya: what effort

Ali: look around u… Riya looked around to see the decoration and gasped:

Riya: I’m sorry I was so tensed that I didn’t notice it.

Avni went towards Riya

Avni: happy ?

Riya: totally babes so u knew about this

Avni: haan Ali told me last night

Riya: and u mr Neil Khanna the way u spoke on the phone made me worry as hell she said looking at Neil who standing next to ali and both had their hand on each other shoulders smiling at riya

Neil: sorry But congrats he said moving toward Riya and hugged her.

Riya: so let’s celebrate us 5 go on a dinner at night

Avni: with him no way she said as she didn’t want to go with Neil

Riya: come on Avni.

Ali: exactly u nearly spent a whole day with this guy at the jungle a few hours of dinner won’t be a harm

Riya: wait what stuck in a forest when did this happen

Ali: baby I will fill u in a bit

Neil: let it by guys miss ajooba is scared to come along.
Avni: Scared of what?

Neil: me who else

Avni: please don’t even think like that

Neil : then prove it

Avni: fine I will come along

Riya: Cool I also inform aman.

Avni: no he would actually be going to his friends

Ali: so that makes it the four of us

Riya: cool then me and avni will see u boys at the xyz restaurant around 7

Riya: anyways I’m going to go I have an important meeting.

Riya hugged them 3 and left with Ali as he went to drop her to the car and also started telling her about what happened with avneil the other day

Avni: what happened don’t u need to go police station? Or r u on a strike

Neil: I don’t feel like going got a problem?

Avni: nope no problem just have a problem with u she was about to leave when Neil spoke

Neil : tough luck u will have to deal with me for the sake of Riya and Ali and also because both of our moms r friend not to forget my bebe and your dadi and nani

Avni: really? Thanks for letting me know I didn’t even know that. She said rolling her eyes at him and went to get on with her work

Neil was leaving the cafe when he met Ali on the way

Ali: yaar where r u going now

Neil: need to go the police station just have some work pending

Ali: ok but don’t forget tonight’s plan. Neil nodded and left from there.

At the khanna mansion

Shweta had told Bebe about what dd told her last night.

Bebe: that’s a good news now we just need to start our plan soon

Shweta: ji Bebe I’m so excited

Bebe: same here but keep your excitement in control nobody should doubt us. Shweta nodded

Suddenly Bebe got a call from Maddy

Bebe: haan maddy puttar how is everything? Shweta made a face its not like she didn’t like maddy she did but she just hated it when maddy would get over dramatic sometimes and try to put her down in front of bebe

After few mins Bebe cut the call

Bebe: shweta

Shweta: yes Bebe

Bebe: maddy and kareena will be coming here to stay for few days

Shweta: when r they coming Bebe

Bebe: in two days so make sure their rooms r ready shweta nodded while Bebe left from there.

Shweta called Neela

Neela: hey I have something to tell u

Shweta: same here it’s about Avni and Neil. Neela understood that shweta must have found out about avneil stuck at the jungle

Neela: about them stuck at the jungle

Shweta: yes I was so happy to know that they were together

Neela: same but I didn’t notice any difference in Avni emotion. She seemed normal.

Shweta: oh donts u worry once We starts our plan they would haves no choice others than to stay together

Neela: hmm hope so she said looking at a photo frame where little Avni was hugging Ayesha smiling like an angel

Shweta: what happened she said realising Neela going silent

Neela: nothing was just thinking hope my daughter gets happiness in her life like before .

Shweta: Neela that time won’t be far when they will take each other pain away we just have to wait for a while

Bebe who heard shweta speak like this smiled.

Both Neela and shweta ended the call lost on thoughts thinking about their kids

Bebe went to shweta and touched her shoulders. Shweta looked at Bebe

Shweta: Bebe u needs anything she said hiding the emotional mother inside her

Bebe: y can’t I come to u just like that.

Shweta: no its not like that

Bebe: leave it u probably think I’m one of those mother in law who give Their Bahu to do things every time

Shweta: Ofho Bebe it’s nothing like that

Bebe: leave it I know u very well. By the way I’m going to one of my friend’s house as she is ill so I will be back till dinner time.

Shweta: ok Bebe what shall I make for dinner

Bebe: u r going to cook ?

Shweta of course Bebe I do cook well

Bebe: really ?

Shweta : Haan remember I cooked when Neela and her family came over u even came to the kitchen that time

Bebe: ohhh I thought it was the maid who cooked? Ok then u probably cooked well since we all survived she said jokingly while shweta pouted..

Shweta: come on Bebe I am not that bad at cooking besides everyone loved it

Bebe: ok fine stop making this sad face and make whatever u want to I will leave now

Shweta: ok Bebe

Once Bebe was gone shweta decided to call Neil and finally he answered when she called him the second time

Neil: hey mom

Shweta: tillu forgot about the hi and hellos and tells me what shalls I make for dinner tonights

Neil: mom u called me to ask this?

Shweta: haan what’s wrong in that

Neil: nothing he said laughing

Shweta: so tells what shall I make

Neil: u can make whatever u want as I will have dinner outside

Shweta: outsides? When did u plans this tillu

Neil: at Ali’s cafe we all r going

Shweta: alls as in?

Neil: as in me ali Riya and avni

Shweta: even Avni is coming she said getting happy

Neil: haan y?

Shweta: nothing tillu u guys enjoys and no need to comes homes early take your times. Neil got suspicious about shweta behaviours

Neil: mom y r u saying that? U normally don’t say this when I normally got out…shweta bit her lounge and quickly thought of an excuse

Shweta: tillu u and your police minds I just said it like that sinces u r always busy with your cases that’s y…Anyways I have so much works I’ll talks to u laters

Neil: ok mom bye. He cut the call and started to look at case file but his kind kept going back to the jungle scene he didn’t know y he was thinking about Avni but the thing that kept coming into his mind was how Avni reacted When he asked her about her father

Neil: there surely is something. Miss ajooba surely is a mystery the more i try to get to know about her the more she becomes a mystery .

Dd: who sir jee? Dd heard Neil speaking when he came to Neil

Neil looked at Dd

Neil: nobody

Dd: nobody? Then.y did u say she becomes a mystery.

Neil: Dd y did u come here?

Dd: to work sir. Neil rubbed his forehead

Neil: thanks for telling me now can u please tell my y did u come to my cabin

Dd: oh I came to tell u that the murder case which u r investigating has a witness.

Neil: what? Who is it

Dd: its the dead girl mother.

Neil: call her in. Dd nodded while the lady came in and Neil started asking her question. While dd was recording the statement

Meanwhile. Riya had come back to the cafe

Riya: baby where is Avni

Ali: she probably is in the cabin

Riya: ok Riya was about to go when Ali held her hand and bought her closer

Ali: where do u think u r going

Riya: to see my sister

Ali: really and what about your fianc

Riya: baby u did propose but technically u will be called my fianc once u ask for my hand in front of my family and when we get engaged

Ali: well at least I can get a kiss

Riya: absolutely not …now move… she said pushing him and went to the cabin while ali stared at Riya going with a smile.

Avni was looking at something on her laptop when she suddenly saw Riya pop in

Riya: hey babes

Avni: hello again … she said concentrating on her work.
Riya shook her head and went towards Avni and closed her laptop

Avni: Riya I was working on something y did u have to do this?

Riya: babes u don’t have a deadline that u r worried about finishing your

Avni: what do u want Riya

Riya: some girly time. Avni closed her eyes

Avni: Riya do I have to

Riya: of course u do

Avni: but I can’t leave as for the past Few days something keeps happening where i haven’t spent time at the cafe properly and ali has to manage everything. Alone

Ali: so? I had been away for a couple of times and u had managed the cafe alone so y can’t I? said ali who came inside

Riya: bad manners ali… but he also right Avni. Please na come

Ali : Avni go and enjoy

Avni: wait first tell me u had a meeting right how did u come back suddenly

Riya: well I did have a meeting but it got cancelled and since I was up to date with my work I was allowed to leave … now if your questioning is done can we please go

Avni : ok ok fine she got her bag and both the girls left

Diksha was busy at her salon and was talking to one of her customers when she heard the salon door open she casually turned to see Riya and avni walking in.

Riya and avni sat down on the couch while waiting for diksha to finish talking to one of her customers once she finished she went up to her two nieces and sat down next to them

Diksha: what a pleasant surprise. She said giving Avni a side hug and then Riya

Riya: thanks I had to force Avni to come along with me.

Diksha: so what can I do for my two beautiful girls.

Avni: nothing bua we just came to see u

Riya:nooo we didn’t come to see u in fact we came here so that we can have a haircut and also get manicure and pedicure done and… she was about to continue when diksha stopped her

Diksha: in short u want everything done

Riya: yeah kind of

Avni: but I don’t need to get anything done In fact I’m fine. Riya u continue and i will sit here. She said about to sit on the couch. Riya was about to protest when diksha spoke

Diksha: not done darling. If u think u can sit here without getting anything done then u r wrong.

Avni: but bua

Diksha: don’t bua me. U seriously need a haircut and don’t worry I know how u prefer to get it cut she said quickly as Avni was about To speak

Riya: Babes u just be quiet and just do what we tell u To do instead of making it complicated.

Avni: erghhg fine do whatever u want to do.

Diksha: so what do u both wat to get done first

Riya: hair… Avni rolled her eyes

Diksha: ok then Sheetal u do Riyas hair and I will do Avni

Both sat down on the chair Riya was looking at hair style magazines while diksha was looking at avni hair so she could cut it the way Avni would prefer it.

After about 3-4 hours they had got everything done. Avni didn’t want to but Riya and diksha forced her too.

Riya: so how much is the total bua

Diksha: I’ll slap u one if u say that again

Avni: but we can’t just go without paying for anything

Diksha: do u also want a slap? Did I say u have to pay me no right
Riya: but

Diksha: just consider it a treat from My side. Avni and Riya smiled and both hugged diksha together and the left from there

Riya :Babe it’s about 3pm let’s get something to eat.
Avni: hmm

They both went to get something quick to eat from McDonalds

Roy: now only one thing is left

Avni: what?

Riya: shopping

Avni: come on Riya u have so many outfits where one of that for dinner

Riya: no way babes I’m not going to wear something i have worn before for a special occasion like this

Avni: Riya we r only Going for dinner

Riya: exactly. This dinner is special for me and Ali… Avni smiled

Avni: fine left go.. Riya got happy and hugged Avni and both left from there

Time went by quickly and it was around 6:30pm

Avni and Riya were at the metha house. Avni applied light make up while she got ready she looked at her dinner outfit and for the first time she smiled seen herself look in the mirror like that. Riya who came out of the washroom saw Avni adoring herself

Riya: awww my babes looks so beautiful. Avni got alert and looked at Riya as if she got caught doing something wrong

Avni: Riya I actually was no I mean… she didn’t know what to say. Riya placed her hand on Avni shoulder

Riya: babe relax y r u panicking

Avni: no I just…she said giving a weak smile

Riya: it’s not a crime to look at yourself in the mirror like that

Avni: come on hurry up and get ready we don’t want to be late right she said changing the topic.

Riya: yeah… Riya was lost in thoughts while looking at avni.

Riya and avni came down.

Dayawanti, diksha, hetal and ketan who were sitting downstairs talking saw the girls walking down.

Diksha: wow u both look hot. Riya gave *I know I am* look while avni smiled

Ketan: enjoy and make sure when u r on your way then do give us a call

Riya: don’t worry dad we will now we r going Ali and Neil r waiting.

The girls said their bye and left.

Around 6:40 Neil reached to the restaurant and started searching for 3 familiar faces when he spotted one of them. He went up to ali and tapped him on his shoulders who was busy on his phones

Ali: finally u came I was getting bored over here he said looking at Neil who sat opposite him.

Neil: y? Hasn’t the girls come yet

Ali: no yaar besides they r girls so they will probably come late as they would be busy with their make up
and looks. Neil smiled seen the way Ali was Moaning.

Around 6:50 Avni and Riya entered the restaurants Neil casually looked toward the entrance and stopped talking to ali … his eyes wasn’t able move from the sight in front of him.

Ali who was talking to Neil saw him looking somewhere else. He followed Neil’s gaze and saw Riya and avni there . He waved at the girls which caught their attention and both started to walk towards the table where Neil and Ali wee sitting

Ali slightly turned his head to look at Neil who was still staring at avni. Ali smiled and spoke abbot Loudly

Ali: Neil..Neil..Neil… neil came out his staring mode and looked at Ali


Ali: what were u thinking about? He said pretending as if he didn’t see him staring at avni

Neil: nothing I was thinking about a case

Ali. Well the girls r finally here. Neil looked at avni and Riya and then looked away.

Neil. What the hell neil what’s wrong with u he said in his mind.

Ali and Riya hugged. While avni hugged Ali Riya hugged Neil and then sat down next to Ali who also sat down along with Neil while avni was the only person standing

She cursed ali and Riya in their mind as she had to sit next to Neil… Neil looked at her face and smirked knowing what she must be thinking. Avni looked at Neil who was smirking at her and without arguing she went and sat down next to him

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