AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 1

Neela was getting the table ready for breakfast when she called avni

Neela: avni breakfast is ready

Avni: coming mama she said shouting from her bedroom once ready she went to the breakfast table and hugged naano from the back and kissed neela on the cheeks before sitting down.

Neela: bacha on your way will u be going to the metha house

Avni: yes mama I will go and see dadi and then meet Ali at the cafe.

Neela: ok then… I have made halwa for everyone do take it.. I would have gone but I have to meet my friend shweta

Avni: ok

Nanno: when is aman coming back from his trip

Neela: he will be coming back in few days maa. nanno nodded and all continued to have their breakfast.

Avni: ok mama I will leave now… bye nanno

Neela: avni don’t forget dinner is on u today

Avni: mama it was meant to be your turn.

Nanno mumbled: here they start again

Neela: don’t forget it was your turn yesterday but since u was late I made dinner and also breakfast

Avni: ok fine now I’m going bye

Avni sat in her car and went to the metha house first

When she entered she saw dayawanti sitting on the couch talking to someone on the phone. She went to the kitchen and gave the maid the halwa when she was coming out she bumped into diksha

Avni: hey diksha bua she said hugging her.

Diksha: hey baby. U ready for the party tomorrow

Avni: what party?

Diksha: avniii . She said giving a *stop pretending* look… avni laughed

Avni: come on bua can it be that u throw a party and avni Ayesha metha doesn’t attend.

Diksha: that’s like my girl. Ok baby I have to go need to make last minute arrangements for the party so see u later she said kissing avni cheeks and left.

Avni went back to where dayawanti was and sat down next to her waiting for her to finish speaking on the phone once done dayawanti looked at avni

Dayawanti so finally my granddaughter got time to meet me

Avni: sorry dadi was really busy at the cafe that I hardly got time.

Dayawanti: fine I forgive this time but a phone call is a must.

Avni: done

Dayawanti: by the way where is neela she didn’t come

Avni: nope mama had to go and meet Shweta aunty so she couldn’t come and told me to giv u the halwa that she sent.

Dayawanti: at least I will get to meet her and Fatima ji at the party.

Avni: ok dadi I have to leave to go to the cafe bye. She said quickly running off before dayawanti could stop her

Dayawanti: this girl never takes a min break she said to herself and went to her room

Avni was on her way to chamko cafe. she reached there in 20 mins and when she reached there she bumped into a guy who was leaving. She was about to lose her balance but the guy pulled her up.

Avni: can’t u see where u r going she said looking at the guy angrily

Guy: I can see where I’m going but maybe u can’t. On top of that I helped u so that u dont fall and instead of saying thank you to me u r shouting at me

Avni: thank u my foot she said glaring at the guy and went inside the cafe while the guy turned around and looked at avni going with a small smile on his face

Avni walked in to see her friend Ali but also saw Riya sitting with him…she went up to them

Avni: aww love birds together she said teasingly

Ali: oye as soon as u come u start your usual teasing.

Avni: so it’s my right to tease u…anyway madam what r u doing here she said looking at Riya

Riya: y can’t I come here?

Avni: u can but don’t u need to go work today

Riya: well I did but I took a day off and its good I did as I got to meet Ali’s friend

Avni: Ali’s friend?… Ali excused himself and went to a customer

Riya: yeah he came 30 mins ago and just left few mins ago. His name is Neil in fact even U should have come a bit earlier.

Avni: and y do u think that

Riya: so that u could of met him… be friends with him. God Avni Im telling you he was handsome.

Avni: aww poor Ali I think he needs to know that his girlfriend finds another guy handsome

Riya: shut up she said smacking Avni playfully.
So chapter 1 done… thank u for the lovely comments for the intro/concept it really means a lot and I hope u guys do like this different type of story

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