Hello friends… This is Aishu with a new story.. This is my first story on AVNEIL.. I love them a lot.. So its totally different plot with same characters…
Ananya Verma :- A beautiful , cute and lovable girl….anyone can fall for her.. good by heat and she loves to help others but emotionaaly weak…
Neil Khanna :- A handsome , smart and intelligent cop… everyone falls for his charms…

Ananya Verma is the daughter of Ashish and Ayesha… Ayesha left the world when Ananya was five years old… She remember that her name was Avni but after her mom’s death her dad took her away and changed her name as Ananya.. She doesnt know the reason behind and she promised to her dad that she would never say to anyone about being Avni.. Little she knows that her mom was pregnant and she was happy to get a sister or brother.. But her daad said to her that both mom and baby died.. She had a baby brother but the god snatched from her… Her dad took care of her.. he was her family.. Avni is Ashish’s superstar.. But one day her dad also left her alone in this world… Avni/Ananya lost everything …. Ali is her best friend whom she trust a lot.. Ali is staying with Neelama but Avni stays alone…

Neil Khanna is the son of Prakash and Swetha… Neil Khanna is an honest IPS officer.. He is ver smart in solving the case but he took this job only becuase of his past.. He doesnt want any innocent people to get injustice… So he started his job with full respect but his past made him more responsible and he forets to laugh sometimes because of it.. His favorite person is his Bebe… He loves her a lot… He always shares everything with his Bebe…

So this story revolves around how Avneil meet eachother fall for eahother ??? Avni’s past adn Neil’s past??

STAY TUNED…………… šŸ™‚

  1. Sweetgirl7

    Aishu hi this is Samiksha. Call me Sami. Do upload it on wattpad andmessage me there. I am SSamilovesAvNeil there

    1. Sweetgirl7

      Sorry SamilovesAvNeil not SSamilovesAvNeil

  2. Awesome ?
    Update soon

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