AvNeil FF : You Again Chapter Ten

Sorry guys for being late . I am really lazy person so could not translate yersterday but anyway here it is

Avni was sitting near rhea . Now its almost night and till now rhea has not got her conciousness . Avni was now getting really worried for rhea . She was about to go when she sees rhea eyes fluttering . And rhea opens her eyes . She tries sitting up so avni helps her .

Avni : rhea tum teek ho ( rhea are you alright )

Rhea : haan mein teek hoon . Kiyaa huwaa tha ( yeah i am alright . What happened )

Avni : tum behosh hogayi thi . Sabko tension dey diyaa tumney ( you fainted in the function everyone was so tensed for you )

Rhea : engagement

Avni : woh hogayi ( that already happened )

Rhea : kaisey ( how )

Avni starts explain what happened in the engagement . When avni finshes the explanation hetal enters the room and sits near rhea .

Hetal : beta tum teek toh hona ( dear are you alright )

Rhea : haan maa mein bilkul teek hoon ( yeah mom i am alright )

Hetal : pakhaa ( sure )

Rhea : haan maa pakhaa aap tension math lo ( yeah mom i am sure you dont worry about me )

Hetal : teek hai mein tum dono ki khana yaha bejh thi hoon ( ok i am sending food for both of you )

After few minutes their food arrives . Avni feeds food to rhea . Rhea feels the sister love from her she doesnt know why when she is always with ananyaa she feels she knows her . Rhea puts her thoughts aside and also feeds avni with her hand . They finish their food by feeding each other .

Avni : ab so jaao . Tumhey rest karnaa chahiyai ( ok now take some rest )

Rhea : tum bhi mera saath so jaao mujsey ziyadhaa taki toh tum lagarahi ho ( you also take rest by the look of your face peole wil say you are ill not me )

Avni obey her and lays next to her

Rhea : thank you ananyaa meri itnaa help karney kai liyai . Mujey aisey lagrahaa hai meri avni di wapas agayi hai tumhari roop mein . ( thank you annayaa for helping me i feel like my avni di is with me )

Avni gets shocked when rhea compares her to avni little did she know that her avni di was really back and was taking care of her .

Avni : i am also glad that you are in my life . “again” she adds that in her mind

They both falls asleep . The next morning avni wakes up when she feels someone poking her . She opens her eyes and sees a scary mask . She screams and gets out of the bed quickly. When she clams she hears two peoples laugh. She looks at the culprits .

Avni : tumlogo nai mujey daraa hi diyaa ( you people scared me )

Rhea : amol yeh prank bohoth achaa thaa . Uski shakal dekhi tumney . Kitni dari huwi thi . ( amol this prank was a good one look at her face she looks so scared )

Amol : haan rhea ananyaa di ki cheheray sai asey lagrahaa thaa isney koi bhooth dekh liyaa hai ( yeah rhea by the look of ananyaa di face it seems she saw a ghost )

And they both burst out laughing .

Avni was shocked and happy that amol has called her di

Avni : tumney mujhey di kaha ( you called me di )

Amol : haan apko buraa toh nehi laga ( did you feel bad )

Avni : bilkul nehi mein hamashey ek bhai jathaa thaa jo aaj mujko mil gayi ( no not at all i have always wished for a brother now that wish is fullfilled )

Saying this she grabs a pillow
Avni : par iskaa matlab yeh nehi hai mein badlaa nehi loon gi ( but that doesnt mean you guys are forgiven )

They realises what avni was going to do so both runs and they also grabs a pillow and starts fighting with each other . Their laughter was echoing in the room after few minutes there was feathers every where as they have tore the pillows . The trio gets exhaust and lays down beside each other . Avni on the middle while rhea was on her left and amol on her right . They were still laughing.

Avni looks at both of them

Avni ( in mind ) : i am so happy . Meiney apney aman kai sath time spend kiyaa . Aman mein toh dayawanthi ki koi ansh dhikaai nehi deyrahi hai . ( i am so happy that i got to spend some time with aman he not anything like dayawanthi )

Avni : achaa mein ghar jathaa hoon ( okay i will leave now )

After saying that avni packs her things and leaves for her house . She arrives in her house and sits in the sofa for a while then goes to bathroom to get freshen up . After getting ready avni comes in te kitchen

Avni was really lazy to cook and she didnt have any fruits , cornflakes or anything which she can have for breakfast .

Avni : mein woh sab kareedhnaa kaisey bhul gayi ab kiyaa kaaon ( how could i forget to buy thise thing )
She was really hungry so she decide to eat in a cafe . She writes nearest cafe in her phone and drives the car . She comes in a familiar route a route which she can never forget . After few minutes of walk she reaches chamko cafe . She remembers her childhood memories with ali . She walks inside everything was different. Now there are no tree instead there were tables but one thing was same the lake . Avni come toward the lake .

Avni sits near the lake it and puts her hand in the lake when a fish comes and swims around her finger . Avni smiles as her chanko recognises her .

Avni : hey chamko . Kaisi ho ( how are you )

The fish jumps making avni laugh

Avni : haan mujey yaadh hai agar tum jump kartey ho toh iskaa matlab answer postive hai . Aur iss answer ka jawaabh hai tum teek ho right ( yeah i know when you jump your answer is postive so for this answer it means you are alright )

The fish again jumps .

Avni was sitting there admiring chamko .

Ali who was working in the counter see chamko jumping comes there when she sees a girl sitting near the lake . He comes and stands behind her snd clears his throat

Avni gets startled when she hears it so she quickly stands up and looks behind

Ali : tum kon ho aur yaha kiyaa kar rahi ho (who are you and what are you doing in here )

Avni : sorry woh yeh jaga bohoth achi lagrahi thi toh mein yahaa agayi . ( sorry this place is very beautiful )

Ali : haan yeh bohoth achi place hai lekin yaha ana mana hai ( yeah you are right but you cant come here its not allowed )

Avni : kiyu ( why )

Ali : kiyuki yeh mera aur mera best friend avni ki jagaah hai ( beacause this is a secret hideout of my best friend and me

Avni gets shocked when she realises that she is talking to ali . She wants to run and hug him and tell him ” ali tera kiyaa hogaa ali ” ( ” Aloi what wil happen to you “) but she controls herself and reminds her about her mission

Avni : you know you should have tables here its is really beautiful it will attract more customers here . Wait a minute

After saying that she brings a two chairs and ask a waiter to bring a table .

Avni : beto yahaa ( sit here )

Ali : kiyu ( why)

Avni : experience karo nature kai sath khanaa kaisey kiyaa jathaa hai . Kitnaa mazaa athaa hai .( Experience how good it feels when you eat food in a place like this its really relaxing and fun )

Ali obeys her when he should object her every saying but he knows that she is rught so he obeys her .

Ali : waisey tum kon ho ( by the way who are you )

Avni : Ananyaa

Avni ( in mind ) : sorry ali jhoot bhol nai kai liyai lekin yeh ladaai mera hai aur isey mujey ladna hai . ( sorry alo for lying to you but this fight is mine so i will fight alone this time i cant make same mistake again )

After a while their food comes . Avni becomes happy seeing the poha . And starts eating it .

Ali : i am glad you like the avni-ali combo

Avni : yeh bohoth achaa hai ( This is too good )

While they were talking nanno enters the cafe looking for ali . When she sees him sitting near a girl so she goes towards them .

Nanno : ali

Avni gets emotional when she see her nanno . She misses her so much . She wants to run and hug her it takes her all her might to not run and hug her .

Ali brings a chair and nanno sits

Nanno : yeh kon hai ( who is this )
Ali : yeh ananyaa hai ( this is ananyaa )

Nanno : bohoth achaa naam hai . Kiyaa karthi hoon ( its a really good name what do you do )

Avni : mein london mein ek party aur wedding planner hoon . Mera kudh kaa ek comapny bhi hai . Abhi kuch din peheley yahaa ayi hoon kuch adhuraa kaam puraa karney kai liyai ( i am wedding and party planner in london . I have my own company . Just came here few days ago as i have a unfinished business which need to be taken care of )

Ali and nanno looks at her but didnt ask as it will invade her privacy

The trio talk for a while when a waiter comes ask ali to come .

Ali : mujey jaanaa hogaa ( i have to go )

Avni : mein bhi jaathaa hoon bohoth late ho gayi hai ( even i will be leaving its getting late )

Avni pays for her food and leaves from there. Ali and nanno watches her leave from there .

Avnj sits in her car and puts her head in steering wheel lets her tears follow freely . She was sad that she couldnt hug her nanno and cry her heart out . Tell her how much she missed her . She cries for few minutes after that she wipes her tears and leaves from there .

Precap : avni meeting shwetha and she invites her for dinner . What will happen in the dinner


A/N: avni is wedding and party planner and really famous one in london . On her own she has opened her company which is “AH wedding and party planner ” . The company is named after Ayesha Haider

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